Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Bad Day.....

The boys started the day by missing the bus. Since Logan has a broken arm, he's moving slow. He was almost to the bus when the driver shut the door and went on anyway. JERK!!!! Now Jensen, he honestly missed the bus. When the bus driver left Logan.....Jensen was still looking for his shoes. And because the kids came in thru the garage last night with their dad, Jensen left his shoes in the garage. He couldn't find them when it was time to go. He was so frantic, he started crying and ran into the wall while running and busted his lip open. By mid-morning, it was clear I was gonna have to call my in-laws to see if they could babysit. Ike has a work function we need to go to. Our normal babysitter and our backup (my neighbor) are both busy. So, we are out of I called and asked them to come up. And after some thinking....they decided to.

Well, I have to clean my house!

So, I've been frantically working on that today.....

And while I was doing laundry, Marinne and Griff had followed me downstairs. Marinne went into her older brothers room and fed the turtle....

Well, #@&#*PICKLES@&#&*!!!!!!

Then, when the big boys finally got home from school.....they went downstairs. Then Jensen came upstairs and burst into tears. One of his mice was dead.

Now, if you know me....I was against this mouse thing from the beginning. Big Daddy allowed this "mouse" thing happen while I was out of town last month.
Yep, he bought Jensen 3 pet mice. I was not happy.

This is Wheels. (cause he's fast)
So, because these damn mice are all males....they are constantly trying to "out pee" each other to prove they are the "Alpha Male" mouse. house smells like mice pee and I'm done with it. So, just this week....I had said the mice have to go...... Sorry, but

As I have previously said, I hate mice.

Well, Wheels is dead and my poor 8 year old is devastated.

So, I have to comfort him but I am secretly glad one is there are only 2 left to worry about. I know. But, I can't help it. I hate them.

But, I do hate that my child is so upset. He cried and cried and cried.

So, we had to dig a mouse grave. We had a mouse funeral.
I made a cross out of sticks and a piece of string I found on the grass. It was so sad.

I felt bad. But, not for the mouse. Only my little boy.

In Memory of "Wheels" who passed to mouse heaven on Sept. 28th, 2007.

Like I said, another bad day..........


Just Call me T said... is the cat acting with you having mice in the house...or did I miss the story on what the cat. Sorry J's mouse is dead but I agree with you I think I might even have to make sure the other 2 got loose in the backyard or something...while he was at school. hmmm Poor J.

Stacy Armstrong said...

Poor Jensen! My heart hurts for him!! But you can't live in a stinkin house!! Get him a beta fish....they don't smell if you get a tank that has a filter.

And poor you! You don't need that guilt trip. But its all part of growing together as a family. It really is a big 'ole growing pain!

Hope you have a better week!! Oh, and mine missed the bus twice this week! but we are lucky they can get on the at another stop just down the road....i just have to get dressed real quick and throw the kids (litterally) in the car.

Tam said...

Hey how was ww today? You have had a tough week. I hope you still got to go because you now the meetings sometimes are uplifting after the week you have had. You know when I went to WW there was the best Ice Cream Parlor next to I need to say more..heheh It killed me every time. ;+)

Anonymous said...

Eeeew...we did the mouse thing too...ugh! Black and white, just like yours, and you're right they frickin' STINK!! So Daddy took them to 'live at the hunting club' if ya know what I mean. (There's probably a rattlesnake with a big smile on his face somewhere near Bulloch County.) hee hee!

Tam said...

OK Rox why has the cat not eaten the mice yet....hint hint hint You know the kids are at school all day...DO you still have that CAT? The story goes like this...the wild hot pink monkey sneaks in the room to free the poor caged vermin and poof... the cat eats the poor you say. Then years later M and J can just hash it all out in Therapy because J blamed M all these years but of course M has no memory of such offenses against her big brother....and then one day Mom will finally leave the story in her journal but make sure they find really really late so they do not stick you in a nursing home...Are you smiling yet? Still trying to make you forget your weigh in..ok

Mandy said...

I can't belive Logan broke his arm. The poor boy and then Jensen and his mouse. You guys are having a run of crappy days. Maybe the sun will come out next week!

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