Thursday, March 27, 2008

My 1st NATIONAL Scrapbooking Classes!!!

Without further delay, I want to tell you all about my first 2 "national" scrapbooking classes! THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!!! And I loved every single minute of it!!

I thought my biggest challenge was going to be stage-fright. I mean, a room full of 50 women, who are supposed to be intermediate to upper-level scrapbookers..... well, they are going to expect a lot from you. And well, 50 women. Well, that's a lot.
The most I had ever taught in a class before was like 14 or 15.

So, I was scared.
But, I figured I'd be fine.

Next challenge was that I had only gotten the 3rd layout on the day before the class. And I was writing the "directions" in the car on the way to teach the class!
And it's realllllllllly hard to discect a layout that you didn't yourself design.
(since many times the layers need to be done in order not to mess up....and
it's my job to make sure that I teach the women the correct order.)
So, this was stressing me out.

Then, just as we were driving the 5 miles from the hotel to the Conference site....
I was filled with panic.....


And we had rescued some other vendor's whose van broke down and let them ride with us, so there was absolutely no way we had time to go back and get them!


But, what could I do?!?!

I did what any other professional would do, I sucked it up...
...because this show was going on regardless.

THANK GOODNESS I had actually done the other 2 layouts!!!
SO, I actually KNEW them.

And I did a great big "wing it" job!
And nobody knew.

I was scared to death.
And nobody knew.

I rocked it out big time.
And I was relieved. And HAPPY!!!!!! are 2 of the layouts. The 3rd one, I never even took pictures of, because I was just too, too busy! So...bummers.

Here is my version.......and the original layout is below.
I only had a small picture to go on and I did take some creative liberties.
A simple day at the park....

I did take some creative liberties with my layout.

For instance, as you can layout is in complete reverse of the original.
That's because my pictures that I wanted to use were facing the completely opposite way of the original version of the layout. No biggie! I made it work!!!!
(and I LOVE how it turned out!!!)

I also added Stickles (my favorite thing) to the centers of the flowers.

And, I added ribbons to the tags that I liked that matched.
And the little tag that hung from the picture....well, mine said something dumb.
So, I flipped it over, used some rub-ons and made my own sentiment.

The original layout:
(Oh, and in this layout, the circle pics are printed onto transparencies.
Cool look, but I had already had mine printed at Walgreens before I ever knew.)

The second layout was called "Precious Time"
I really like it a lot, but even with this one, I put some of my own spin on it.
For instance, I added Stickles to many of the places on my layouts.
I hope you can tell in the pictures.

And my favorite thing I added to the layout, is the large journaling flower that goes
into a little pocket in the strips on the left bottom corner of the left page.
I really like it a lot!

And the original layout:

By the second day when I taught the class the second time...
I was so afraid something terrible was going to happen.
After all, I had pulled it off on day 1, despite the mounting odds against me.

But it didn't and....


I wasn't near as scared.
And I had my notes.
But, I didn't use them...AT ALL!!

Winging it the day before had prepared me for Day 2.

And my "teacher's pet" even read me a few things off of the REVIEWS each
student had the opportunity to fill out......


YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

One said, "Roxy Rocks!"

Another said, "My favorite class I took! So fun!"

And since I came home I was overjoyed when I found these 2 reviews online:

"I loved the Taste of Scraptique class! The layouts were wonderful! Scraptique was very generous when it came to the products in the kits. We received 3 kits for 3 double-page layouts. The teacher was wonderful, too!"

(hey...the teacher....that was ME!!!)

And a comment left on the Scrapbooks 'n Stickers Blog:

"Hi Roxann! I took your class at the Bay Area Expo and I just wanted to say how fun it was to be in your class! You are a wonderful teacher! I was the one at the end of the Saturday class who said you were very easy to understand. It was nice meeting you and again, you are a great, FUN, happy teacher" ~Evelyn

busy week.....

I'm so busy.
Lots of deadlines.
Been scrappin', creatin' and paintin'.

I have pics to upload later tonight.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Best week ever!!!

I just want to give Big Daddy a shout out!

What a great, great week!
I love you so very much.
You know you rock.

This one's for you....

Some Easter Funnies!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Peep Show!
So wrong....but, so funny!

An oldie but a goodie from last year.....

I laughed out loud! What a ho! Right, Amber?!?

Happy Easter!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So....who wants to hear about San Francisco?!?!

So, the night before I was to leave for San Francisco, guess who got sick?! Yep, it was me! Now I know that it was food poisoning, but at the time, I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew I was severely ill.

Ike kept telling me there was no way I could go. But, I wanted to go. I had to go.
I had a non-refundable plane ticket and I had 2 classes to teach. So, I took a handful of Immodium AD and one of my $39/a pill, anti-nausea drugs left over from my pregnancy with Marinne. (yes, slightly expired, but I was desperate!!) And I got on a plane to Denver.

When I made my connection in Denver, I was still ill, but feeling better.
The medicines were working. My main problem was that I had only slept a total of 50 minutes before we left at 4am for the airport. I was

So, I tried to cut my layover time down and get to San Francisco a bit quicker by trying to get an earlier standby flight out of Denver. So, I sat at the gate wondering if I would make the earlier flight. I was literally the last person given a ticket. And when I went aboard, I was OVERJOYED to find out this was a HUGE airplane and they had given me a seat in

So, as I am sitting there getting settled into my nice, cushy reclining seat. (with lumber support and a massaging feature, I might add!) I had so much room, I couldn't even touch the the seat in front of me with my feet!
It was awesome!!!!'s the only way to fly!

And before taking off....the CAPTAIN came back to First Class to introduce himself to us. I was so impressed. So, I took a pic w/ my phone.
Here he is...
...the Captain of my flight!!

So, this flight was fantastic. I didn't sleep, but I did rest.
And I was super comfy! And they fed me breakfast! Yay!
(I didn't even know they fed people on planes anymore!)

So, when we got to San Fran....I had beat Amber and Aly there.

So, I sat and chilled out while I waited for Amber.

And we had made plans with Leah for My Scrapbook Nook. So, Leah picked Amber and I up and gave us a wonderful tour of the city while we waited for Aly's delayed flight. (delayed by like 4 hours!)

First, we went by the Pier. I really enjoyed the boats. I really wish some had their sails up, that would have been even more beautiful.
And of course, I had to see the Golden Gate Bridge.
I know, I know.
A totally tourist-y thing to do...but I was so excited to see it!

And here are Amber and Leah......before the trip to CA, I thought they were just online friends from the Nook. Turns out, they grew up together! I just hadn't heard the story before. So, that was nice for them to get to catch up on old times and family news!
(note: isn't Amber's baby belly just the cutest?!?!)

And, here I am on the beach.. was FREEZING!!!

And, as a shout out to my boss... ode to Scrapbooks 'n Stickers for bringing me to CA!

And here are Amber and I sitting at the edge of the beach.
It was so beautiful there!!

The next place we went was called the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. You can read about it there by clicking on the last tab that says PFA History. It was the most beautiful place!!
So peaceful. So gorgeous. It's one of Leah's favorite places and I can see why!

  • And, of course, I have to have some silly pictures, too...
In this one I was going for the girl in the dancing with the rose in her mouth.... It seemed funny at the time, but now just appears goofy!
At least it's a good picture!!

And this last picture is for my darling, Logan!
It's of the turtles on the bank. He loves turtles!!!
Now after all that, Aly finally made it in and we all went to The Scrapbook Nook store!! And we were so busy drinking in all the scrappy lusciousness and SHOPPING...we didn't take one picture at The Nook! Duh!! But, Amber got some of the most yummy giant Prima's in a can and I got some Stickles (adding to my collection--I couldn't buy much, as my suitcase already weighed 50.0 lbs when I left Kansas!!) and Aly got some of the most gorgeous October Afternoon paper (which is what I would have bought if I had room to bring it home!) If you haven't seen it, go thee to the October Afternoon website and check their stuff out. I love it!! Anyway, it was so much fun to shop at the Nook! It's a big LSS and it's jam packed full of goodies! So, if you are in San Francisco....go to the Nook! You'll love it!

Then, we all went to dinner at Red Robin! It was yummy!
And we decided we should probably head to Pleasanton. (1 hour drive)

So...the Scrapbook Expo show was great!
Here are some pics of the booth!

Yummy KaiserCraft rub-ons and acrylic paints and Prima Crystals!
Grungeboard and new Teresa Collins paper! Closeups of the my new friend, Teresa Collins' lines! They are Splendid! FYI Teresa.....Journal It was gone on the first day and Bella Girl and Damask were nearly gone by the 2nd day! People love it!!!! YAY!
(In fact, it sold so fast...I didn't get any!! Boo Hoo!!!)

And my favorite stuff....Bind-It-All and Glue Gun Max!!!!
And then there is the story of my classes......
which will be detailed in my next post!!

It was so awesome, it deserves it's own post! :D

More "GREEN" projects.....

So, if you've been by the WorldWin Papers blog this month, you know that we have been focusing on "Green" projects. Because as you probably know, at CHA in Feb. we made the BIG announcement that....
WorldWin Papers is a "GREEN" company.

Check this out....

Ok, so I thought that I needed a sign for the recycling bins in
our home! So, I broke out the Crafty Board and the "green" papers and got busy with my craft knife!

Trust me, that symbol looks simple, but in reality
it's much difficult than it looks to make.

(and, of course, the hanger is a recycled Walmart sack!!) :)

So, while I had the green out...I started playing with these green papers and some punches that I had out. Before I knew it, I had started layering and layering. Then, I added the Stickles.
Now, the color I chose was Lime, but I was not too happy with the large amount of gold which was in it when it dried. So, I also added some Eucalyptus Stickles, which was much better.
The bottom photo is to show you the dimension and layers in this card. And I broke out the QuicKutz Squeeze to add the "Hi." I just love the QK Vixen font. It's so fun!

Friday, March 21, 2008

BIG NEWS to report!

When I returned home from Portland, I was met with some of the most exciting news! It seems that my WorldWin Papers Design Team has been asked to be
the new Design Team for:

Apparently, the owner of The Paper Mill , Brian Cowie, has been following the work of the 2008 WorldWin Design Team and he has liked what he has seen. So, he asked us to join forces with his company as his design team.
It's really an exciting opportunity!

The Paper Mill carries paper from 17 different paper mills, one of them being WorldWin Papers. And apparently, The Paper Mill website had over 1 million hits last month!! This is a BIG DEAL!!!!!

So, without further adieu, here is our
The Paper Mill Design Team page.

How exciting is that?!?!?!

But, I think the coolest thing about this company is it's commitment to protecting our environment. You can learn more about this here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yeah.....I'm back.

Our kids are gone.

First time in 5 years.
Yes, 5 years!!!!!

We have NO KIDS!!!

We may never leave the bed again.
(well, until this weekend when we go get said kids)

Thank goodness Big Daddy is fixed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm in California....

...and I forgot to tell you I was going.

Lots to say.

But, will have to do it when I get home.

Miss ya guys!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some St. Patrick's Day fun schtuff!!!!!!

You know....St. Patrick's Day is sneaking right up on us, so here are a couple of little things to get you in the mood!!

First up is this card.
I'm sorry, but I love how this card turned out and I'm gonna take a minute to show myself some love!!! I started out with 3 shades of WorldWin ColorMates cardstock. Added some white and pulled out my WestTrim green wire to play with. I have always loved writing with wire!!! For me, it's fun! The longest word I ever attempted was "Responsibility" and it turned out great! (hmm...I may have to find that page in Logan's album and photograph it to put up on the blog!! But, I digress....)

Anyway, making that shamrock (or is it a clover? and what's the difference, anyway?! I guess it's a clover, because it's a 4-leaf clover...... But, then, what is a shamrock?!)

Making that shamrock, was much harder than any word I've written with wire. It was a bit tricky to get it to look right between the leaves and the center...but I was finally able to get it to the way I liked it, albeit it took me two tries!! I added the Making Memories, Me.

Simple and coordinated....just the way I like it! :)

The second thing I made was a variation of what I did 2 years ago. I made a zillion of a treat bag similar to this and used Andes mints (for their spectacular green wrappers) and handed these out to teachers, friends, and our pediatrician and his office workers! They loved them!!! And I loved them, too!

Try throwing together some of these treat bags!

They are fun and YUMMY!!!! (and easy!)

Overheard in my house......

So, Ike was playing with our puppy, Barclay, tonight.

He's playing with him, getting him all wired and riled up. It's hilarious to watch, because Barclay thinks he's so much "bigger" than he is!

Well, they are playing tug of war with a mitten found abandoned on the floor. And once Barclay finds something we want him to give to us, he thinks it's great fun to play "keep away" or "tug of war" with us!! Sometimes, he gets so excited, he'll growl when we try to take it.

So, Ike says, " Oh, Barclay...your so vicious!!"
To which Marinne replies, "Momma, Barclay is so DELICIOUS!!!!!!"

No, my darling daughter...
...YOU are the one who is DELICIOUS!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Scrapalicious cards to start the weekend!!

Can you tell who's ready for Spring?!?!!?
(made from WorldWin DoubleMates! I just love this stuff. It's got two colors, one on each side of the paper. This particular paper is called Morning Mist. And it has a white on one side and black on the reverse side. That's why the ripped part looks so cool!!!!!)

(FYI: Did you know that if you wet the DoubleMates paper, you can
actually peel the two colored sheets apart?!?!)

I was obviously in a girly mood, because when I looked at the Stampin' UP! tab punch, I realized that it really looked like a purse. (and I've looked at this punch a jillion times before and never noticed that) Anyway, I decided to make a purse and cut the strap from matching cardstock. This card is made from WorldWin Cascata. This paper is like cashmere and I love it!! This purple is so rich and divine!!!!!

Yep, definately in a girly mood! My stepmom gave me this Stampin' Up! striped pattern paper. So, I started with it and started pulling colors from it! She had the EK Success scallop punch, so I decided to try to punch my own scalloped papers. Not bad for a first try!!! I love how these Prima's coordinated perfectly with the paper. And the rub-on is TLC, generously given to my by my girl, Tammy! And again, I used WorldWin Cascata! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you find some!!!
It's so worth it!!!!!

And after all that girly goodness, this mother of 3 boys decided to do a card that was primary colors and could be given to one of my boys! I'd been hoarding these bling stars and decide to pull them out. Some WorldWin Ruche and DoubleMates made this card perfect!!! I stamped the background and sentiment with SU stamps/ink.
Hope you enjoy these ideas and they inspire you to make something fun this weekend!

So far this morning....

...I've taken care of a sick puppy.

...I've taken said puppy out to potty/poopy 3 times.

...I've changed 2 diapers. (one of each kind :P )

...I've checked backpacks, signed notebooks, checked for lunches, got 2 kids dressed
and ready for school and to the bus stop on time. (with teeth brushed, too!)

...I've taken a shower, gotten dressed and ready.

I've checked email, replied to email and enjoyed the pretty snow falling.
('s snowing....AGAIN!)

...I've called and made appt. w/ pediatrician for this morning.

...I've gotten a 3 yr. old girl dressed and ready to go.....even though she reminds me
every 2 minutes that she's big and she can "do it by myself!!"

...I've talked to my boss on the phone, making me run late for pediatrician.

...I've called and moved pediatrician appt. back by 15 minutes, so I don't leave w/ wet hair.

...I've taken J to the pediatrician and found out his finger rash is excema that is
extremely irritated and now infected.

...I've taken J & M to the drive-thru at McD's to feed them breakfast before running J
to school.

...I've taken J to school, talked to the principal and his teacher, all while dropping him off.

...I've dropped off 2 prescriptions at the pharmacy for J's finger.

...I've come home and played with M and watched Dora with her.

...I sorted M's laundry and started washing all of it.

...I've cleaned off my scrapbook table and started to organize my piles.

...I've scanned thru a DVR'd American Idol from 2 weeks ago to see who got booted. (yes, I am
2 weeks I've sheltered myself so I don't know from others what's happened.)

...I've made M and my lunch.

...I typed this mundane list.

It's no wonder I can't get anything done!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've been tagged by Lain Ehmann!!!

So, my new friend, Lain tagged me on her blog right here.

So here it goes....

7 Random things about ME......

1. I worked as a waitress in a college town dance club that was opened by one of Ike's frat brothers. I thought it would be fun, until some guy grabbed my booty! I slapped that dude across the face and never went back w/out big daddy!!!

2. I suffer from major anxiety. I am on medication for it, which helps, but I still have to work very hard to keep it at bay. It's not fun.

3. I have tried to learn to knit about 3 or 4 times in my life, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. But, I still really want to learn. Then, my step-mom Janet, taught me how to crochet, which I can do. Although I started a blanket, I never finished it. And know it's been long enough that I don't know if I know how to do more than the starting chain stitch.
Anyone want me to crochet you a super long string for Christmas?!?! LOL!!! :D

4. I have a terrible bad habit. Biting my cuticles. It's bad. I can't seem to stop.

5. I love the look of well-maintained sculptured nails. And I used to have them. Before kids. Well, I had them until I had 2 kids, but it just got to be to much trouble for the maintenance. I loved the look, but I HATE the actual process. The filing and the filling and the filing and the brushing! ACK!!!! It makes me want to jump out of the chair and run away! I don't know why I hate that process so much, but I really do. And the result always made me so happy, I would just suffer through all that other. And when I am getting my nails done, it's the only time I don't bite my cuticles. Go figure.....

6. I am a super scaredy-cat. If I hear something weird around my house or if I see someone weird outside, I call 911. No questions asked. The last person I called the police on was a guy taking a picture of my house. Turned out he worked for the city and it had something to do with them refiguring our home's value.

I don't care. My daughter was sitting in the window looking out, so he got a picture of her and I was FREAKED OUT!!!!! I told the cop that next time that guy comes by...he better get his butt out of his car and ring my bell before he takes a picture or I'll call 911 again!!!!!

7. Hell just froze over. I've been actually enjoying my mother-in-law these last few months. Will it last? I don't know. But I have a feeling that when I stood up to her last really made a difference. I just don't understand her, but I think she actually respects me more now for saying all the things I said. And I had to say them. I could no longer keep that stuff in. So, for now, I am enjoying it.
But, I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now....I have to tag 7 people:

1. Tammy
2. Amber W.
3. Hunzer
4. Beth
5. Catherine
6. Michele
7. Stacy A.


Where Do I Even Begin to Describe my time in Portland?!

The entire trip was surreal!

Yes, I know I’ve done this before. I worked for Kim’s company,
twice before. My first time was in Tulsa back in August of last year. And I can assure you that Kim had no idea before I showed up to work in her booth that I would soon become a permanent fixture!! But, I am so happy that it has all worked out like how it has!!

Kim and I really mesh well together. She’s a completely different personality than me, but somehow we seem to relate pretty well to each other. The things I like about her are her high business ethics, her generosity and her willingness to accept me, for both my strengths and my weaknesses. Believe me, she is seeing all sides of me. When we go to these conventions, we all see the best and worst of each other. Why? Part of it is the incredible amount of time we spend together. We are up at the crack of dawn, so we are ready to work at no later than 8am, usually and we work until 10pm. This is very hard and tedious work. There are so many things that have to mesh perfectly to execute putting together and dismantling this booth, and also the sales days in the middle. In a word, it’s exhausting. But, I loved every darn minute of it. (well, except for when a very full and very heavy box fell on my head!!)

But, aside from that, IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!

Here are some of the highlights for me:

~ Got to see my girlie, Kara! And the sweet thing brought me that cutie-cute scarf.
Although, she did sell it off me. TWICE. And I came home with no scarf.
I think I'm going to be forced to charge her commission for being a walking advertisement!
Ha ha! J/K, Kara.

~ “Officially started my employment with the awesome Scrapbooks ‘n Stickers team!” There’s no “I” in “Team!” Right, Kim?!!? (This woman is unstoppable! She runs her online store, homeschools her 3 kids & is a very busy “baseball mom.” She organizes her design team and store blog, manages her business for her online store and also, travels an incredible amount of days a year to run her booth and teach her classes. She even has an injury right now that should prevent her from lifting heavy stuff, but she insists in doing it, saying “she won’t ask me to do anything that she won’t do herself.” Including lifting the boxes she is not supposed to be lifting!! (she’s real stubborn!) But, for the record, I prevented her from lifting boxes every single time I could!!

Now all of this must seem inconsequential, but when you consider how often people suffer in jobs that they hate. Jobs that make them miserable. Finding this job like this makes me so happy!!!! I love it and plan to do this for a good long time! I am really a lucky girl!!

~I met Lain Ehmann, Contributing Editor for Simple Scrapbooks magazine, as I already mentioned in my last blog post. But she’s such a sweetie, decided to mention her again! (I even ran into her this morning at the airport…) And I'll be doing a *TAG* that Lain gave me very soon!! Hi Lain! Glad I met you Lain! You are so sweet and so cool! I hope I get to know you better and better!!

~While working in the booth, I was doing some “make ‘n takes” and I looked up and there was Ali Edwards! Yep, THIS Ali Edwards. (see book below) As Griffin would say, “Oh. My. Hotdog!!” (oh my, that sure made me miss him!) Anyway, Ali Edwards was watching me work and doggone it, I was so busy I didn’t even get to meet her and get a picture with her this time. (but, there’s plenty of opportunity to do that later!)

Hee Hee Hee......Hey, Ali Edwards, can I show you the Bind-It-All? How about the Glue Glider Max? LOL!! Yeah, right? As if she doesn't probably have every single cool scrapbooking tool known to creation already?!?! I mean, c'mon, it's Ali Edwards, for goodness sake!!!!!!

And, then last night, we were eating dinner at the hotel and she came in. She was staying at our Marriott! (And Lain was, too!) Welcome to Scrap-Celeb central!!!!!

~Speaking of Bind-It-All’s….holy moly, I love this thing!!
I have thought of about a thousand things I could bind up with the nifty tool!

Bind-It -ALL!!!!

I got one of those and a Glue Glider Max to bring home with me! I brought so much stuff home with me! In fact, I had to bring another suitcase home and my original suitcase's weight was so over limit, I had to empty some of it out when I tried to check it!

Which leads me to my sad, sad story from my trip.

So, when I showed up at the airport, I had taken things out of my big suitcase to make sure it's below the weight. I knew it was close, but thought maybe it was under. Nope. Over by 3.6lbs. Bummer!
So, the lady asked if there was anything I could take out to make it below the 50lb. limit.
I was a bit stressed, as I didn't want to pay a dime to send the suitcase home. And the huge line of around 75 people were impatiently waiting behind me to check in, as well. So, I hastily grabbed out my super-cool, hot pink WorldWin Design Team bag and slung it over my shoulder, I wanted people to see it anyway because it is so, so cool. I was planning to shove my purse in it to only have 2 carry on items in security. So, she weighed my bag again and it was now 49. 8lbs. Boy, I barely made it........

Then, I was to go from there and deliver my bags onto a separate screening area to get them checked in to head to the airplane. This was taking so long, I was starting to stress, as I only had 40 minutes to get thru security and get to the gate.

So, I ran to security and stood in the huge lines over there. I was s.t.r.e.s.s.i.n.g.

So, it finally is my turning, I'm ripping off my shoes. Taking off my sweater. Taking the laptop out of the laptop bag. Laying my hot pink bag up there. I walk thru the metal detector and it goes fine. So, I go to the end of the belt and begin redressing. Well, I look over and see my pink bag being put back thru the x-ray machine a 2nd time, then, a 3rd time.

And all of the sudden I realize what the problem is.

When I flew out, I checked this bag because it had Fiskars soft-touch scissors in it.
And a CutterBee Retractible Craft Knife.
And a Making Memories Paper Piercer Deluxe.
And in my haste to hurry and get through there not to miss my flight,
I completely forgot they were in that hot pink bag.

Well, apparently in the eyes of the TSA, these are the tools of someone up to no good.

And the TSA doesn't like them one bit.

So, they confiscated them.
She did apologize to me.
But, it hurt no less.

I felt like an idiot.
I was upset.
I just told her to do what she had to do.
But, I didn't watch. I couldn't.
But, I had no time to do anything different.

It sucked.

And by the time the "security fiasco" was over....
I ran to the gate where they were already loading my flight.

I flew into Tulsa to pick up my 2 youngest children.
I was so tired.
I passed out.

Then, I was to drive home on Monday morning.
And I woke up to sleet and snow.

So the drive home was slower than I had anticipated. But, I made it home at 4:06pm, just 2 minutes before my oldest child gets off the school bus and only 20 minutes before I pick #2 child up from tutoring after school. It was busy......but I was glad to see all of them.

Monday night, hubs and I went to bed early. We were both exhausted.
I missed him terribly. Him holding me was well-received by me.

Tuesday was my slug day. I unpacked part of my stuff. I laid around a bunch.

And today, I had a meeting at the school for child #2 and unpacked some more.
I gotta get my booty in gear and get my scrap work done.
I really want to do it, but I feel guilty doing that before my "house" work is done.
So...tomorrow, I hope to do that while doing laundry!! :)

Missed all of you!!

And I leave again in a week.....

My Art