Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Interview Me.....Tammy's questions!

Interview Questions for Rox

What do you think the wildest thing you ever did was?

You know my family reads this blog, right?!?! What are you trying to do to me here.....

Well, in the interest of being "real," here ya go: Well, there are really so many to choose from.....the funny thing is my "wildest" is probably considered to be quite "mild" compared to some......

But, I'd have to say that probably Big Daddy and I having $#x in the airplane bathroom on our flight to Charleston for our honeymoon! That's right we are members of the " Mile High Club" and we think it's awesome!!!

And following that one up with having $#x in a lifeguard stand at the beach at night. Don't worry...we were very one knew what we were doing except for us...... I mean really....can't you get arrested for that?!? Public indecency or something...... But we were young, in love......what else can I say?!?!
(sorry Janet...just pretend you didn't read that......)

How do you want to spend the rest of your life?'s too early for such difficult questions......

Well, if I can get these children raised and help them become productive members of society and help them reach their full potential.....I would have everything I need in life. (do you realize by the time Marinne is old enough to leave home - meaning college graduate - I will be almost 60!!! OMGosh....I really didn't need to consciously know that!!!!!!)

So, after that.....I just hope to have a calm life with Big Daddy enjoying our Grandchildren!!!

Do you regret anything at all and would love to change it?

Seriously, you are killing me with these "deep" questions!

Well, one think I regret for sure is not having MLP as my Maid of Honor in my Wedding. That was so dumb. I didn't use good judgement in that decision.....and I will forever feel regret for that decision. Although, she knows how I feel and has accepted my apology for this more than once...... I will probably always wish I had made different decisions. Thank God this girl loves me and I love her. As far as friends go, she is my soulmate.

I believe I will always regret not being there for my mom, due to my fear during her bone marrow transplant. You can read about this in detail here.

What time period do you think would have been great to live in?

The only time period I want to live the here and now, baby!!!!!

1. For 12 weeks 3 meals a day you can only have either PBJ or Tuna Fish...what would it be?

This is a no-brainer. PB&J..... I like Tuna fish, but only when I am in the mood for it.......

2. Junk Mail or NO Junk Mail? Do you love it or hate it?

No junk mail.....hate it......waste of my time going thru it.......but I can't just throw it away (the anal part of me speaking there.....)

3. You get an UPS Package that does not belong to you and it has something great in it..something you wanted DO YOU keep it or give it to your Neighbor...Why am I asking this? I have a friend who recently got rugs delivered to her that belonged to someone else and she keep them..for real. The UPS Drive even came back to say he left them there at the door and they denied it...Ok this was a long question.

Oh my gosh....I can't believe you know someone that would do that......that is so dishonest!!! I know there are laws that say (or did I dream this....) that if you are delivered something that you didn't order you can keep it. For instance, you are sent a book along with a bill that says "if you choose to keep the book then remit payment of whatever $$ ......but if you didn't request it in the first place, you can keep it and not return the book and not pay for it..... But seriously, to keep someone else's rugs and completely LIE about it......... what is this person teaching her children?!?!!?!? (you know I am asking you who it was when I talk to you, right?!?!)


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Tam said...

hehe I know you will ask about that heheh..
Sorry for the deep questions but great answers. Yeah I know we will be 60 P is even younger that M. heheh lol

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