Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm OFF......

....to Portland!!

I'll be in touch!! :D
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Hair-Raising Haircut!!

You might remember that recently Big Daddy and I went to that auction for our town's Symphony. Well, in addition to the fantastic necklace I got....I won a silent auction for a $100 gift certificate at a salon here in town. And since I am going out of town on Tuesday to head for my first Creating Keepsakes Convention for the year, I decided it was time to get a haircut
and start chipping away at that $100 I have to spend.

So, I called the salon and was given an appointment with Judy, who I was told was available to do the haircut. Well, I wasn't too worried, even though Judy does sound like she could be an older lady. But, really, doesn't that just mean she's "more experienced?!"

Well, everything was just fine, until I walked in the door of the salon.

Everywhere I looked, I could not find anyone that was anything less than 20 years older than me. Including Judy, who right off showed me the picture of her latest grandchild, who is a month old. I was a bit alarmed, but I figured, how bad can it be?!
(well, the 65+ year old in the next chair was getting her hair set for her weekly "hairdo" before going to sit under the dryer....should have been the thing that assured me I was COMPLETELY OUT OF MY ELEMENT HERE!!!!)

So, as I sit in the chair, Judy asks me if I want a wash, haircut and a set.

A set?!?!

Um....oh my gosh, no!!

So, Judy opts to spray my hair with water, rather than wash and set, and then cut it.

So, she asked me what kind of haircut I'd like.

So, I explained to her that I'd like it just like it was....long layers, layered around the face. Shorter in the back and longer at the bottom of the face on each side.
(and I did fix my hair before going, so she can see what it looks like......)

Well, she asked me questions about how to cut it.

Um....I don't know. Isn't it YOUR job to KNOW THAT?!?!!?!

(I could have told her it's similar to Victoria Beckham's, but she probably only knows
what Betty White's hair looks like!!!)

At this point, I started to panic.

The entire haircut, I sat there about to have a complete heart attack. I couldn't just jump up and run, although, I actually thought about it!!! You see, these people knew who Big Daddy is, so I have to "behave" when I'm in situations like that. So, I knew I had to be calm and be brave.

So, at the end of the torture, I mean haircut.

She asked me if I wanted it to be "styled."

Oh my Gosh, NO!
(I can't even imagine what my hair would look like if Judy styled it!!)

Good thing, too. Because when she asked my how I "fix" my hair. I responded a straightening iron (which they didn't have) or a FAT barrel curling iron, depending on my mood. (well, after looking for about 10 minutes, they found a curling iron that was a bit bigger than a normal small curling iron! Good Grief!) After that, I just said, well you can just blow dry it.....
after all, it's 30 degrees outside and I am still a bit sick, so I didn't want to leave with wet hair.

So, she proceeds to get out the hairdryer and the mousse.

Mousse?!? Do they still manufacture that stuff?!

Yep, they do. And she coated my hair in it. Yummy!

So, at the end of all this fun....I was just ready to GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!

At this point she offers me some hairspray, so I say sure.

I think to myself, "at this point, if I have hairspray...I can finger place the hair where I want it until I get home later and can wash all this crap out of my hair."

Well, good idea, but the minute she offers me the hairspray, she brings out a can of "Aqua Net" look-alike and proceeds to spray the crap out of my hair.

I about freaked.

So, at this point, I wanted to just go.

So, I get my purse to take care of the charges.
How much can this be?

Well, $18 for the haircut and $8 to blow dry my hair. Not fix it, just blow dry.


So, I give her a $6.00 tip, because isn't it 20%?!

$32.00 gone from my $100.

And, I'm only going back to get a bunch of Matrix shampoo and a pedicure......
how can they screw that up?

Thank goodness, I have the name of another hairstylist to go to next time!

*I realize this post is useless without pictures! I promise to post one later!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here's something really cool!!!!

So...I have really enjoyed the work of Teresa Collins for a while. (she loves crowns and pink/black....so, of course, I love her!) She used to teach classes for Rusty Pickle (at CKC's and Scrapbook Expo - just like what I am doing.) She used to design for Junkitz. She designed their "Extreme Boy" line that I loved so much! (I mean...it's perfect for all 3
of my boys!) So, that's really how I discovered her work, and
I've followed her work since then.

But, as you've probably heard, Junkitz is no more. :(
(I think I may have even said it on this blog...)

But, shortly before this, Teresa decided it was time to follow her
heart/dreams and she went out on her own. And just last week, she debuted her new lines at CHA. AND THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

And, apparently, she created quite a buzz at the show!

Well, one of the super cool things she has designed
(besides all her beautiful new papers) are these
really cool acrylic rings that you can "scrap."
Well, she had a RAK on her blog....and guess who won one?!


WOO HOO!!!!!!

So, that is totally awesome!

When you get a minute, go check out her blog...
...IT ROCKS!!!!

Teresa Collins Blog


We joyfully announce the

adoption of the cutest puppy ever,

Adopted into our lives on
Saturday, February 9th, 2008.

Barclay is a AKC registered Maltese puppy.

He was born on October 5, 2007.
He is 4 months old.
And he weighs almost 5 pounds.

He's super loving and playful. If you hold him and pet him, he will kiss you all over! He loves the kids and will play with them for hours! He loves his chew bones and is doing really well on his potty training! He's sleeping thru the night a bit better....although we had a rough few nights! He isn't a bit afraid of the cat and I honestly think he thinks he's bigger than the cat. (the cat is 22lbs!) He'll take on that cat and wrestle with him! It's hilarious!!! He's not a bit afraid. He loves riding in the car. Surprisingly, he doesn't bark often. Only when he wants out of his crate! (and then he barks and whines, A LOT!!)

On our way to pick him up....we were trying to come up with a name for him. Everybody was throwing out ideas.

Of course, Big Daddy wanted to be ironic with his name....
...something like Killer.

Seriously, could you call

Me, neither!
So...I rejected that one real fast.

Logan and Jensen suggested lots of things, but nothing that sounded "right."

Griffin wanted to keep his name, Charger, but I didn't like it.

To me, this dog is fancy. He needs a "fancy" name.
Something that sounds regal....something that is not ordinary.

From the carseat, we hear Marinne say, "I want him to be named Cereal!"

(why don't we just name him Captain Crunch?!?!?)

Although, I do think it's hilarious she came up with Cereal all by herself,
I told her I think we'll try to think of another name.

But, as I sat there thinking.....I did find a massive amount of humor in the fact that would could incorporate 2 suggestions and name him...

(wait for it.....)



And I actually considered it for about 2.4 minutes, before I thought better of it!

Back to the "serious" names....

Sebastian (nope, that the fish in Little Mermaid)

Christian (isn't that a boy?)

Riley (can't use that....Ike's bosses dog)

Chase (kinda too funny)

Then, I suggested BARCLAY.
(pronounced: Bar - Clay)

But, the kids said it like..... Bark - Lay.
Which they thought was hilarious....because Bark is in his name.
So, it was decided.

And Marinne pronounces it like...
Bark-A-Lee. (sorta like Broccoli)
It's so funny!


BARCLAY, it is.

After bringing him home for a few days, we've thought of some
other names that might have been fitting.

VC....for vacuum cleaner (since he eats anything off the floor!)

High Maintenance (self explanitory)

Lover (he's such a little lover)

Pain in the a$$ (um....let him keep you up
whining for hours and you'll understand!!)

Baby ('cause he's such a little baby!)

Piddle (umm....how many oops have I cleaned?)

Money Bags (what he's gonna cost me....after $109 vet bill yesterday)


Welcome to the family, Barclay.
(or whatever your name is!)

De'ja' Vu

It's seems like I've made this post before.......


I am better. Thanks for all the "get-well" wishes!

This one was bad, real bad!

But, the good news is I am on the mend and doing much better!!

Just making up for lost time.....

...like I said,

De'ja' Vu

Friday, February 15, 2008

So, guess where I went today?!?!

...that's right, I went to the doctor again.

Why, You ask?

I AM SICK AGAIN! (or is it still?!)

I started feeling bad again 2 days ago. Then, 2 nights ago, I came down with a wicked cough. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and kicking me in the chest when I cough. It's stinks so bad!!

So, after 2 nights of little to no sleep, I decided to go back in to the doctor's office to see what's wrong with me now. And the verdict is...I have Bronchitis and some sinus infection.

SO, I was sent home with an inhaler, my second antibiotic in a month and some major decongestant/cough medicine stuff. ACK!!!!!!
I am so, so tired of all of this! It really does suck!!!!!

So, it's Friday and I'll be spending my weekend trying to get better.

And if I can feel a bit better, I hope to get some scrappin' done. I had some cool valentines stuff started, but I only got it partly done because of being sick. (my time to work is late at night after the kids are in bed, but when I am sick, I can't stay up to do anything. I just have NO energy!!

So, now I have to start my Design Team projects over for the month! Doggone it! So, I hope to get a bunch done this week!!

What are YOU doing this weekend?!?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's NEWS to ME!!

So, Marinne informed me today that she was going to school to see her teacher, Miss Mary.

Ummm....that's news to me!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A CHA sneak!!!

Well, well, well.....look at this!!!

This is the WorldWin Papers Booth at CHA!! These are a few of the papers from our
super cool Caribbean Colors line. See it here. But, below the 4 sheets of paper, is MY CARD I made for my CHA assignment. I was assigned to use the Caribbean Colors line and my assignment included making at larger size card with a matching envelope.

(thanks to my co-design team member, Linda Beeson...for taking the pic and sending it to me!)

So...since it's kinda hard to see above. I can FINALLY show you the card I made.....

(**for those who don't know....CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association, which is the largest unveiling of the newest scrapbooking products to the industry. It happens twice a year: Winter and Summer. It's going on right now in Anaheim, California.**)

Scrappy Schtuff!!!

Here's a little custom mini-album I did for a friend for her 10th anniversary....I was really pleased at how it came out. Jodi chose the wording for the title, but I designed the rest.... One of my favorite parts is the "K." It's chipboard, which I inked w/ 2 different black inks (Stampin' UP! Classic - black and ColorBox chalk ink - Charcoal) Then, I covered the entire surface w/ Crystal Effects to dress it up! It really looks cool IRL, but it's hard to photograph the effect.

This pulls out from behind the cover page. It's for a photo of them at their
anniversary dinner.....
These are for them to document their gifts to each other (which I happen to know Jodi got a blue diamond ring....lucky girl!!) Just wanted to give you a look at the heart embellishment I made. I took black glittered acrylic paint and mixed it with clear glue. Then, I shaped it into a heart and let it dry. And ta da....cool crinkly handmade heart...... outlined w/ Stickles! (my favorite!)

Some pages for Looking Back.....a wedding photo.

and Today.....family photo.
And with the years of marriage, came the blessing of their children
(included in the next 3 pages of the album.....)
(don't laugh at my stick person!!!) And lastly, Looking to the Future........Best of wishes to you, Jodi and Joe. Congratulations!!

Not a good picture.......(camera phone by 11 year old kid....)

...but, I still think I need some glasses to be cool! What do you think?
(besides that I am a big dork......) I have wanted glasses since I was a little girl! But, I have perfect eyesight.

Now at age 38, I know better than to complain about that, so I won't. But, when my eyes finally decide to fail me....I'll be getting me some wicked cool glasses, sorta like these.....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Symphony Ball

As part of Ike's job, we often need to attend community events. So, we were lucky enough to attend a ball for the symphony in our town. Here we are just when we were preparing to leave. (photography by Logan)
You know, it can be fun to get all dressed up and be something other than a mommy from time to time. And, fun, it was.

They had a silent auction and a live auction to raise money for their events. And it's nice because you know it's going to support the arts, which we all know are so important. It just kills me that the arts have become less and less of a priority in school. I can remember the days of music and art being a regular part of my curriculum. (and I can remember in elementary school when our Music teacher Mrs. McKenzie used to always have her room like and ice box....to keep us awake, she used to always say....but I can remember it just like it was yesterday. Her room was always like 10 degrees colder than the rest of the school! Back then, I didn't know about it, but now I personally think it may have been that way because she was in menopause!!) Anyway, the Arts in school used to be a priority. But, now everyone just wants to "save money," so they cut our funding to our children for these important programs. And its sad, just very, very sad. (man...who gave me a soapbox....?!)

Well, we don't usually take part in these auctions, because really, we need to spend our money on our own children. But, I saw there was a $100 gift certificate for a salon in town, and the bid was at $60. And since I haven't had a haircut since July....I could see that being a good deal. I should be able to cut 2 or 3 haircuts for that. (or I may even splurge on a pedicure!) But, that was a good deal...so I'm glad I won that auction!

I also placed a bid on Family Zoo Passes (which came with a stuffed giraffe and zebra--because it was something we will really use when Spring and Summer come.) We had the high bid on that and it was under the value. And at the last minute someone came in and sniped the bid. (big meanie!)

But, I have to admit there was something that really caught my eye....a 7-diamond "Journey" necklace, valued at $1400. It was breathtaking.
The hostess was wearing the necklace as she worked the room before the auction started. And since the hostess' boss is Big Daddy, I got plenty of opportunity to see this necklace up close.

Now, you see, the last jewelry Ike had purchased for me was over 5 years ago. The gift was diamond earrings. (which I absolutely loved!) I wore them non-stop and barely removed them, except to clean them from time to time. Well, long story short, when we went to the hospital to have Marinne in Savannah, I was wearing my earrings. Well, since they are screwbacks, I didn't really worry about losing one. (after all, screw backs are supposed to keep that from happening!) Well, after I gave birth to Marinne I had been moved to the new room and that night when I was going to sleep, I realized that one of the earrings was missing. So, ask me where I was the night Marinne was born...... Yep, while Marinne was getting checked in the nursery I was down in my birthing suite 10 hours after she was born, on my hands and knees looking for a missing diamond earring. I was just sick about it. Just sick...
Well, I never did find it. So, now I only have one earring, so it isn't worn.
(I decided to take the remaining earring and when Marinne turns 16, we'll have it set into a necklace for her. Won't that be cool?!?!)

So, as Ike was talking to his boss at the side of our table, they started the auction for the "Journey" necklace. The started the bid at $500. And, NOBODY was bidding. NOBODY. So, they dropped it to $400. Still nothing. (remember, this is a $1,400 necklace....) Finally, he dropped it to $300 to start and by then, I was about to have a conniption. When else would you be able to get a deal like that and be able to write it off as a business expense/charity donation?!?!?! So, I got Ike's attention and pointed out what was happening. He was like, do you really like that? I thought you were kidding about liking it.... UH, WHAT?!? It's diamonds and gold....what's not to like?!?! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! (although, I will admit I prefer white gold to yellow gold.....the only fault of this necklace.....a fault I was willing to overlook due to the situation!) :D

So, by this time, someone had bid $300 and with $50 increments, it was at $400. So, Ike jumped in on the bidding. I'll have to admit it was sooooo exciting. We just figured it would go higher than we wanted to pay. Well, when the bid hit $600, we were wondering if we should do it. So, the other people bid $650. Well, Ike hesitated.....while the whole room of 200+ people waited to see what he'd do. And at that point, he said to me, "Do you really want it?"

So, how do I respond?!?!

I grab his face and lay a great big kiss on him while the whole room watched. (and yes, they had us on camera on the big projection screen, so everyone could see...!!)

When I released his face, he held up his bid card and yelled, $675!!!

And the entire room errupted in clapping and loud cheers!!!!

$675 going once....

$675 going twice....

Sold to #129 for $675!!!!!!

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! And I was so happy!!!!
(and yet, I couldn't believe what we had done........)

So we got this necklace for less than half of it's value.
But, the story gets better......

After I got it home, I found that the chain was really too short. It felt like it was choking me. (I still love it, but it was choking me.) So, I called the jeweler to see if I could exchange the chain and pay the cost difference. He was super nice!! He said, "Oh, I think they make those standard to fit a 90lb. woman. Come on in and I'll give you a new chain." Well, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! So, I went in the following day and the owner was busy. So, I was talking to another worker and told her we had won it at the auction, it was too short, and confessed to her that I wished it was white gold, instead of yellow gold. Well, this lady told me, that they could very easily accomplish this by having it dipped to make it white gold. I had never heard of that....but I wasn't wanting to spend more money than we already had.

Well, as we started the chain exchange process, she measured my neck and we determined that a chain 2" longer looked just right. Well, she want to the case and if you can believe it.....they were completely out of yellow gold chains, the length I needed! So, she suggested to the owner that they give me a white gold chain and dip the pendant for FREE and he said YES!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I was sooooooo happy!!!!
It worked out perfectly and I got everything that I wanted!!!

So, as soon as I have a chance, I'll photograph the necklace, so you can see how much more beautiful it is in person!

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

Thanks a lot, Big Daddy.....even if this is my Valentines, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas Present!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008


...or little shop of horrors!?!?! OUCH!

I think we can safely say....I was a good sport!! :)

Coming out of the fog.........

....I'm baaaaack!!!!

Finally, feeling better again. But, another 6 days of being sick really stinks and really makes one run behind!!!

So, how are all of you?!?!?!

Been busy this week....

....wishing both my dad and my best friend, Michele Happy Birthday this week (ya know I love ya both!!!)

....enrolling Logan for MIDDLE SCHOOL! (eek!)

....running errands (must be done!)

....doing laundry (never ending!!)

....single momming while Ike works insane-o hours (Bluck!)

....trying to catch up on DT scrap projects (far behind...)

....working on a Mini-Album (custom job for a friend...)

....making dentist appointments for all (they can't get us in until AUGUST....can you believe that?!?!?!)

....got 10 inches of snow on Tuesday night, into Wednesday morning (that's alot of snow...the 15th for this year!)

....shoveling the walk and playing with kids in the snow (not fun when you are sick, sick, sick!!)

....kids have snow day (and drive mommy crazy being wild!!!)

....dealing with issues at school with both older boys (one appears to have forgotten that he's not to talk when the teacher is teaching and the other is being tormented by rotten girls --
anyone have advice on how to keep M from being one
of "those kind" of girls?!?!

Well, that's pretty much it!
But isn't that enough?!?!?!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Too Cute!

So, we are sitting at the table and Marinne says,

"Mommy, when I get big I want to be a bean-a-reena!"

Me: "You want to be a ballerina?"

Marinne: "Yes. A pink ballerina."

Oh...to know she has dreams......what a gift. (and so cute!)

(remember she just turned three at the end of December...)

Sunday, February 3, 2008


So....here's the thing....

I am sick again (or should I say still, never fully recovered, although I had been feeling better!) I cannot believe it. I hardly ever get sick like this and this is 2 times in less than a month!


Anyway, I have been laying around being completely unproductive yesterday and today. And all I have is my tv and my laptop. And no one leaves me a comment ALL DAY LONG!

(and my site meter tells me as of right now, 46 people have read my blog today, but no one leaves a comment!!! WAH!!!)

So, I have stuff to tell and pics to post, but I am not gonna do it unless at least 10 of you, quit lurking and leave a comment!!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

So....comment away!!!!!!! :)
(and thanks to my faithful commenters...
you guys know who you are!!!)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

He belongs to an exclusive club!!!!


Stacy Baum, Executive Director, The Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Television Journalism
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 4:56 PM
To: iwalker@xxxx.tv
Subject: Kneeland Project

Dear Ike -

Good news doesn’t take long to tell: I’m happy to share that you have been accepted as a participant in The Carole Kneeland Project's 2008 News Director 2.0: Understanding, Embracing, and Managing Opportunities for the ‘Advanced Media’ World. You were selected from a large and outstanding applicant pool, and we know that you will be an excellent contributor to the program.

Now, I know this probably makes no sense to most of you. (except our "news" friends) Heck, I didn't even realize how important or exclusive this is.

But, it is. Only 18 News Directors nationwide are selected for this program.

It's a BIG DEAL!!!!

So...the back story......

It was suggested that Ike apply for the Carole Kneeland Project. So, he did. He had to fill out an application, send a resume and write a essay on "why he should be chosen to attent the CKP." (remember, with the competition for these spots...this is a key part to the process) And, because the CKP pays for the tuition, hotel and food for each person...the only thing left to be paid is travel, which is typically covered by your news station. So, it's all earned as part of being chosen.

You see...Carole Kneeland was a fantastic journalist who died of breast cancer in Jan., 1998. But before that, she took a stand in her news leadership. Carole had an idea that news reporting should take a responsible stance on crime reporting, rather than the sensationalist "if it bleeds, it leads" way of crime reporting.
(which coincidentally, Big Daddy hates!)

With her responsible philosophy, news stories were subjected to hard questiong when being considered for airing. Questions such as, "Is there an immediate threat to public safety?" or "Is there a threat to children?" or "Is there a crime prevention aspect to the story?" or "Will the crime have a significant impact on the community?" Answering these questions helped determine which stories were run and which were scrapped. Ms. Kneeland was considered a pioneer in her news philosophy and with her commitment to making things fair in the newsroom, she was highly respected as a newsroom manager.

After she passed away, a program was set up in her name to teach others her newsroom management philosophies and continue her crusade for responsible television journalism. Her Carole Kneeland Project for Responsible Television Journalism is highly regarded as some of the best training a news director can get.

(now mind you, this is all based on information I can gather as wife of the news director and is accurate as I understand it to be...)



Congratulations, honey! I am so proud of you!!!!!!

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