Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can you say bad day?!?!

You know that a post that starts with an x-ray....can't be good.

Yep, Logan broke his arm tonight. He wiped out on his scooter right in front of our house. It was a pretty bad wreck. I was right there. I was giving "J" a haircut. There was nothing I could do. He wiped out, face first and landed on his arm and his stomach flat on the sidewalk. It was awful!

So, since I was watching my neighbor's daughter, I went rushing to the ER with 5 kids in tow! Talk about crazy! Then, the neighbor came to the ER and met me and took home her child and 3 of mine, so Ike could meet her at the house! Thanks, Kelly! That made things so much easier on me.

That's the thing about being somewhere's hard when you don't have family to fall back on and call for reinforcement when something like this happens.
But, Kelly is fantastic. She steps right in and asks what we need. And does it.

Now, why was I doing a haircut? Well, over the Summer, I had shaved the boys hair. So, when they got home from school, I said, "Lets go get your hair cut." (afterall, tomorrow is school picture day...) But both boys insisted that I do it again. (why oh why...I don't know. I have no training and each haircut is really just a crap-shoot how it will turn out!) So, that's why I was cutting their hair.

Right before that....I had seen the men trimming the trees out of the power lines
in my back yard had been butchering my trees. My trees used to look lush like this: Now....they look so bad. Butchered. (I'll try to take pics tomorrow.) So, that makes me in a bad mood. They even ask my permission to bring some "bucket truck" make sure they can "really cut them back." GREAT....just cut down the only thing that makes my backyard look so forest-like. Darn it.

Just before that....I have to take a key
downtown to Ike...because he accidently locks his keys in his car (Ike's bad day) at the police station downtown, where he is at a meeting. (you'd think he could get some "professional" help....guess not) Anyway, I have to rush a key downtown (where I've never been) to him....and they have the streets blocked off with a wreck the way he tells me to go. And long story short....

I am 15 minutes late picking up G from Pre-K. (a big no-no!) CRAP!!

Directly before this happened, I had decided to go shopping, instead of rush home and put M down for a nap. While I am shopping, I begin to feel the stomach churning of a girl who is about to pay for her bad food choices over the past few days. Oh crap! (literally...sorry...couldn't resist that one....) So, I rush to the bathroom at Big Lots....only to find it locked. By this time, I am sweating and I have goose bumps up my arms. I wait and wait and wait. I am sick. I am getting desperate. I look at the men's room....could I? No...disgusting. I wait a little longer. I pace. I try to concentrate on something else. I can think of nothing else. Is the person in the ladies alive. (I hear no movement or signs of life.) I wait another few minutes. I quietly answer.....I knock a little louder. Check the door again...definitely locked. I am really, really hurting now. I glance around and decide there is no other choice. I grab M from the buggy and rush into the men's room. (OMGosh, I can't believe I am telling you this. But it is making me smile just remembering...and after my day, I need to smile!!) I'm immediately met with the stench. ( are pigs) I put M against the wall and STERNLY tell her "DO NOT MOVE"!!!! She sees I am serious and does not move. I quickly cover every inch of that seat w/ toilet paper...........and I barely make it in time. I flush and turn on the hottest water I can bare and scour my hands with soap. Then I wash M's hands. Then, I quickly rush from the men's room w/ M and I am met by the smirk of some gruff, woodsy bearded guy....with a strange look on his face. All I can do is avert my eyes and "act natural." And I fight the urge to say "Do not go in there...." ....if you know what I mean. (in the ladies room, there is probably some fruity spray....but, not in there....TRUST ME! The men's is no frills....and a special kind of nasty. (plus seriously, we are in Big's not like Dillard's or Macy's bathroom. It was a serious kind of nasty. Seriously!)

Ok...enough about that.....

Prior to this, I realize it's G's turn to bring snack. I've got to fit in running to the store. And if I have to go to the store...we may as well eat Subway for lunch.

So, I run to the bank and call Big Daddy to treat him to Subway w/ some cash I earned scrapbooking...... M hears me and gets excited.

We get to Subway....and I call Ike to tell him to meet us (it across the street from his work.....and I don't have time to pick him up because we must go buy snack, too.) He says he can't come. I tell G and M that daddy isn't coming. And M bursts into tears...chanting...."daddy, daddy, daddy." Well, great......this is great! I call him back and just said, "come have to come....M is crying." So, he comes. But, of course, because he has things to do and work on his mind...he's kinda there in body, but that's about it. Normally, our lunches are not like that.....but today, just kinda blah.....

Then, I rush to the grocery store with the two kids. We grab two huge bags of pretzels, which are on the "approved" snacks list for the Preschool. We pay...and go. But, of course, doing anything w/ 2 kids in tow takes time.

Griff is late for school. By 10 minutes. (another no-no) Great.

Before all that....I get up, feeling like crap because both G and M were up last night. G with allergy issues keeping him awake. And M who was awake and asked for a fresh diaper at 2:45am. Then, she insisted on climbing in bed with me and daddy. He had no idea. She was sprawled out on my head. I couldn't sleep. So, finally I convinced her to go back to her bed. But, all total I was up for 2 1/2 hours.
I was exhausted when I got up and my throat hurt like hell.

So that was my day....all and sucked.

I hope yours was better.


TAM said...

Not much better day here. I am fallen in the shower and bruised my foot knee and every other part of my body you can think of. I feel like I was in a car wreck. H brought me the phone at least as I sit on the shower floor trying to decide just how I am going to get my big butt up. I got it up I hurt but at least nothing is broken like poor L Boy. Send him hugs and hugs..he is to old now for kisses..

Anonymous said...

I found a bunch of mexican's on my porch this morning, mooching off my power to make burritos. Oh, and the ant infestation I woke up to yesterday in my bedroom. Oh and that the construction crew has been using my water from the outside tap this whole week, for the house they are building next door to me. NOt as bad as yours though, I think you got me beat.

Karen said...

Awww...girl that does suck. I think it is sucky day week...ours is today. The couple interested in our house went with one that is older, in need of repair, further away from Savannah and more expensive and then the uhaul wouldn't start and I had to go home and get a new one with B. Argh!

Life of an Army wife said...

what a day! Nice big lot stories it only happens to you!!!!!


Trish said...

I agree, it is a bad day week. Took Joel to the dr. today and he has croup. I was diagnosed with high blood preasure last week. no broken bones though, so you win. how long in a cast?

Amber said...

holy cow!!! i sure hope Logan feels better! and hang in there Roxy. i think we are given bad days so that we try to remember the good ones more often.
don't really have anything to complain about today- sorry. hope tomorrow is better! :)

Beth said...

Bummer - but isn't breaking a bone a rite of passage for childhood?!? At least you took him right to the doctor. When I broke my foot playing basketball with the family in 9th grade, my parents did not take me until the next day. It was just a fracture but my foot swelled as big as a canteloupe.

By the way pumpkin lessons would be great.

Mandy said...

wow! What a day. I hope things get better soon!

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