Sunday, September 9, 2007

Frustrated with Blogger.....


Recently, I've been having a lot of trouble w/ posting on blogger. In fact, it's really hacking me off and wasting a lot of my time.
(which I really don't appreciate!!!!)

So, tell me about your blog host.....

...are you using blogger and having trouble, too?

....who do you use and do you like them? why or why not?

....who is supposed to be the easiest host?

I am seriously so over blogger, but change scares the crap out of me.......but, I'll think about it!

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Sherry said...

You know I use Vox, and I like it. The only thing I 'think' I don't like about it, is that you have to register for an account in order to post a comment. But I'm not completely sure about that. I've never had a post 'eaten', it's easy to post pictures from my computer, etc. I think typepad is good too though. ??

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