Sunday, September 9, 2007

Really, there is a good reason my scrap area looks like THIS!!!!!

(Don't ya just love the unpacked bag from the Creating Keepsakes Convention and the Pizza Hut coupons I used to order dinner on Wednesday night because I spent 9 hours scrappin' and I was working on a deadline.)

Nice mess! BLAH!!!
The price of creativity is a big, fat mess!!

The papers are Foof-A-La Hall Pass.

And the result was these adorable altered clipboards I was hired
to make.......

......aren't they stinkin' cute?!?!?!

I was really happy with how they
turned out......

....and even better, the client was overjoyed!!!


*** hunzer *** said...

Oh my effin' hell...those are freaking GORGEOUS!! Kick ass Roxann!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL.. you did a super de duper job on them!!!

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