Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interview Me.....Beth's Questions!

Questions for you -

What do you like best about being a Mom? like the least?

Well, thanks for giving me an easy one. Ha ha! I seriously had to mull this one over for a few days.

Obviously, I love being a mother. As a young child I would dream of the family I always hoped to have. Although, I never thought I'd have 4 kids. In my mind, it was always 2 children. And based on how horrid my pregnancies are, no one thought we'd have another one after our first.

So, the thing I like best about being a mother is the incredible amount of love that it produces. Love from within my heart towards my 4 babies and the love I receive in return from them. Even when I am frustrated or angry with them, the love is always unconditional and constant. It's the one thing in life that we can all count on.

The thing I like the least about being a mother is a particularly bad day when it seems none of the 4 are behaving and I feel overwhelmed. I also hate having to be "hard" on them, but it's a necessary evil.

What was your favorite childhood vacation?

I am a very lucky girl....I have been on so many childhood vacations it would be extremely difficult to choose just one.

My dad worked for American Airlines for 35 years and that gave us many opportunities to travel many places. I have been really cool places: Hawaii (2x) - St. Martin/St. Marteen in the Caribbean - Mexico City (2x.) But surprisingly, not all our vacations were by airplane.

Many of our vacations were by car. (which was insane because both my brother and I get carsick!) But, we had a travel trailer and some of my most wonderful memories involve that tiny travel trailer!

I can remember my dad parking it on the beach at the Gulf of Mexico and listening to the waves roll in as I lay in the top bunk. The smell of salt in the air. And the sound of the sea birds. It was fantastic.....

I also remember our "cross country" trip from Oklahoma to Florida to go to Disney World. I can remember going thru Georgia and stopping on the side of the road because my mom saw cotton fields and wanted to show us how cotton grows. I can remember going thru the town where Jimmy Carter was from. I remember bringing my roller skates and skating in the lot at my Great Aunt and Uncles house in Florida.

Like I said, I was very lucky.

For posterity, even though it's slightly off topic, I want to make a list of all the states I've been to. Here it is...

New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

Wow! I've never done that before.

Thanks for the questions....Beth!!


Life of an Army wife said...

i think im gonna make a list of all places ive been to too....makes you think!!

Beth said...

Neat travels! I made a page in each of the boys' travel scrapbooks to mark the states and other countries they have been to.

I answered your questions in my blog just now.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Girllllllll did you FLY into Maine or Drive.. cause if you drove.. you HAD to come to NH!!!!! YOU GOT TO VISIT!! GOT TO!!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Well....when I went to Maine it was to visit my dad's family. (they are all from there and my dad was born there.) Well, I was a baby, so I don't quite remember, I have only seen pics. But we lived in Oklahoma and that would be one heck of a drive with a baby....... So, I'll have to find out from my dad.

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