Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I suck....

I want to post, but I am just so overwhelmed by everything these days, it seems like just another thing on the "to do" list. I have lots to share and I hope I'll find it in myself to do it tomorrow.

Forgive me, ok?!

And by the way, Happy 2009!!

I, for one, hope it it's a thousand times better than 2008 was to us!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


...why don't you ask my brain that?!

Because I woke up for the second morning before 5:30am and I CANNOT shut my brain off.


I have all these crazy (and not so crazy) thoughts swirling around in my head. My gosh, there is so much to do/remember/think about when you move across the country. I am so petrified I am going to forget something obvious.

So, I know you are thinking, "Hey Roxann...why don't you make a list?!" Well, of course, my friends I have done that. I have 3 pages of notes in a spiral notebook. But, I am worried I have forgotten something. And considering, we aren't "completely moving" at this point, it makes it a little different this time.

You see....after doing this cross-country move 2x before, we decided that this time, we just can't stand to be apart. You see when we moved to Georgia, Ike went first and the kids and I stayed for about 5 weeks with Ike living in Georgia without us. It was HARD. So hard, that we moved after 5 weeks and all of us lived in a 1 room Marriott hotel for 3 weeks. Yep, that's 5 people in a hotel room...including a toddler. Ask me how fun that was?!?!? Ha ha!

When we moved to Kansas, again, Ike moved without us. This time was even harder because we had another child (baby girl) and she was only a week into her 2nd year when daddy left. This time we made it 4 weeks apart and then moved to KS and lived in our house with no furniture or anything for almost a week. (yep, slept on the floor on a blow-up mattress, which was great until on the 3rd night Jensen's cat dug his nails into it and then the mattress was a lost cause!!) At least we had heat!! Because it was freezing in Kansas!

So, this time, we decided that we were all going together.


So, we were committed to making that happen. So, we are moving into corporate housing. We will be taking only the bare essentials with us. (ya know...clothes, personals, important papers in the safe...that kind of stuff) We just can't take it all right now. There would be no place to put it. We are moving into a 3-bedroom condo and it looks really nice on the internet, but we know that with 6 of us, we know it's still going to be cramped.

So, for me, I know I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T live w/out my scrapbook stuff for up to 4 months (which is how long we could be living in this least, this is how long Ike's company is paying for it....while we try to sell our house in Kansas.) So, I am trying to pack the BARE ESSENTIALS....meaning my basic supplies....and then some MUST HAVE stuff.
But, if you are a designer like me, the thought of not having access to my beloved supplies is about to give me a fit! But, the reality is, I can only take a SMALL PORTION of my STASH! Which completely sucks!!!! (ha ha ha! poor me!!!) And this is giving my panic!

Many people are asking can you just move and leave you stuff behind. (not just scrapbooking stuff, but all your stuff?!) Well, it's quite simple. We've learned the hard way, that being together is more important than the stuff.

After all, it's just STUFF!!

If someone stole our stuff, would I be upset. Well, of course, I would. But, again, it's just

It can be replaced.

Our family and being together is what it's all about.

And considering Big Daddy starts his job on Monday, Dec. 22nd, the thought of spending Marinne's birthday (the 23rd) and Christmas and New Years apart, was just too much to bare. So, we just AREN'T doing that. We are going...TOGETHER!

Besides, we have two of the nosiest neighbors ever, who as annoying as it's been while we've been here, will come quite in handy now that we are leaving all our stuff! (Seriously, we call one of the ladies, Mrs. Kravitz...ya know, the nosy neighbor on the classic show Bewitched!) So, she will keep an eye on things...and she'll tell my friend Kelly, who will keep me informed and who has a key to the house, so she can keep an eye on things! It will be ok. It has to.

Ok, well, I've chattered on for over 30 minutes and it's 6:30am.

Time to wake up the sometimes moody 7th grader and get him movin'!

Talk to you soon, my lovelies!
I miss you.

Monday, December 15, 2008


.....this is my current state of being. NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!

I absolutely CANNOT believe that we move to OHIO in 4 days!!!!!

It's been a crazy last few weeks! And it's been very hard to keep up everything on my blog updated. (sorry about that!) But, parts of it I couldn't help. For instance, I couldn't let on that Big Daddy was interviewing for new jobs....because that could have jeopardized his job here. So, I had to keep my mouth shut. (which believe VERY hard for me to do!! Just ask my dad....I'm famous for it!)

This morning it's 3.7degrees here in KS. The wind chill is -17 below. And it snowed last night. As a parent, I think that's reason enough to cancel school....but alas, the kids still have school. Ridiculous, in my book! I think if it's single digits, then school should be cancelled! But, that's because I don't want my babies to be chilled to the bone!

The house is on the market for one week tomorrow. We had one showing the first day, but nothing since. (although, the realtor says we've had some hits online that have asked for more info....) I was disappointed we didn't score any showings on Sunday. But, it is a week and 1/2 before Christmas, so I don't know why I am surprised. Hopefully, it will sell w/in a few months!!! PRAY that it will. A house sitting on the market 850 miles away, will be a HUGE stressor again (since we just did this less than 2 years ago....that time, the house in GA was on the market 6 months! OUCH!!) I just want it to sell, so we can get a house in Ohio quickly.

As most days leading up to this move, I have a busy one today. I have a doctors appointment in 52 minutes at 8am. Then, we have the Chem-Dry carpet cleaners coming at 10am, so the fun part of that is keeping Miss Priss out off the way while the give the carpets a once over. Then, at lunchtime, I have a meeting at Logan's school with the school Psychologist to get his "gifted" testing records, so we have them before we go. This should help make his transition a bit easier!

I start packing/loading tomorrow. It's hard to decide what we absolutely need to take NOW and what can wait until our next trip home to officially MOVE. But, bottom line, it doesn't really matter, as long as there is Target and our family is together. Things don't matter, but THAT does.

Alas, due all this crazy, I probably won't get Christmas cards done....and I'm taking some time off from my scrappin' DT's. It's hard on me. Because it's such a huge part of me. But, I am thankful that I work for some super understanding people. (can you believe I haven't scrapped in over a month!!!!!) I miss it so.

And speaking of scrappin'....I owe everybody my final "travel" update from the CKC-Seattle show. I really need to get that on here. I promise to try to do it very soon!!! (as if I don't have other things to do...)

And last but not least....I miss you guys! I hope everyone is doing GREAT!



Thursday, December 11, 2008


The time has come when we can finally announce where we are moving......

Columbus, Ohio!!!!!!

I am excited!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The season for Birthdays!!!

For those keeping track, Jensen just had a birthday in October, Griffin's is in November and Marinne's is in December. It's a very busy time for us!
(and obviously, you can see that Big Daddy and I must be super amorous in the Spring...just like the woodland animals!! Hee hee hee!!)

So, this child had his Sixth Birthday in mid-November.
Logan made him this birthday was a layered cake and it didn't work out so well.
(at least it tasted good!)

Some facts about Griffin at 6 years old....
...He's 75%-ile on weight and height.
...He is funny, always keeping us laughing.
...According to his Kindergarten teacher, he's absolutely perfect!
(exactly where he needs to be in school!)
...He has a crush on Miss Anderson, his Kindergarten teacher.
...He has a wild imagination for story-telling!
(He told me he had a substitute teacher one day because Miss Anderson bazooka barfed in the computer lab and had to go home....that DID NOT happen!
But, believe you me, his story was quite convincing!)
...His favorite color is green. Especially bright green.
...His favorite food is pizza.
...He is a *FANTASTIC* KID!!!!!!!

Make a wish, Big 6 Year Old!
The birthday hat came from Miss Anderson at school!

The cake gets the big *thumbs up* from Griffin!!


On the weekend before Griff's birthday, his teacher sent him home with Max and a giant backpack full of fun things for him to do. There was a journal, which we had been instructed to fill out about Max's adventures with Griffin.

There was also books along w/ read-along tapes. And a book of Science experiments to try out. So, we set out making the plans for the weekend w/ Max.

We decided first to try a Science experiment. Griffin picked one with apples.
We were to take an apple and cut it into pieces. We made a chart to place them on. One apple was supposed to be left alone. One was to be sprinkled with water. And the last one, we were to sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, we were to check the apples in 3 hours. And then, in 12 hours. So, we did the first one a dinnertime and checked it at bedtime and there was very little change. Except the apple left alone was just barely brownish.

Then, in the morning, we checked them all again. The apple left alone was completely brown, the one with water was slightly browned and the one in lemon juice was still almost completely perfect. Then, we talked about why it would be this way.
Griffin thought this was so cool!!!
On Saturday, Max got to ride in the car so we could go to Chuck-E-Cheese as part of an early birthday celebration.

I think it's safe to say, Max really enjoyed himself!!!
When we left CEC, we went to Toys R Us because they had sent him a giftcard for $3.00. So, of course, Griffin picked a giant box of Nerds candy.They gave him a birthday crown and a balloon to wear while doing his shopping.
So, this worked out well for when we were having him look around to make his birthday list of things he wanted. (it was a good thing his real birthday was still a few days away! We had some major shopping to do!!!)

When we got home, we had a tired boy and a tired bunny!!
Goodnight Griffin and Goodnight Max!!

Then, on Sunday afternoon, Griffin and Max were going to read/listen to the books on tape...which seemed like a good idea, until the tape player ate the cassette tape.
(Now I remember why CD's and IPod's are AWESOME!!!!)
So, Griffin kinda freaked out, but I told him I'd offer to pay for the tape so Miss Anderson could get a new one and then he was happy.

All in all, I think Griffin and Max had a great weekend!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

TEN Years Old?!?

How in the world can this kid be 10 year old?!?
And in true form of a ten year old...he wanted McDonalds for his birthday lunch.
It wasn't fancy, but it was exactly what he wanted. Well, minus a Limo.
We decorated the living room with streamers and balloons and we tied yellow balloons to his chair. We even covered the door of his room with streamers, so you had to break thru them to get out of his room! Hilarious!!! And as previously discussed in this post, he had wanted a limo. But, when that didn't work out he had chosen to go to Chuck-E-Cheese for his party. So, we went there for dinner that night. It was our family, Mimi and Papa and our best friends here,
Kelly and her kids C, C and O. It was super fun!

We pigged out on pizza, salads and pop before we went to play the games!

And believe me, we had plenty of tokens!!
(this was only part of them....
) J's favorite game is Skee Ball. And his sister tried to keep up with him.
Hilarious, I'll tell you! She doesn't get the "roll" the ball, rather than "throw" the ball!
And then, it was WISH MAKIN' time!!
Too bad for him we used trick sparkler candles!! Heh! Heh! Heh!

(Logan made the cake...he's insisted on making all his sibs cakes this year!)

Then, it was on to the gifts!
Of course a new WebKinz was in order....
AND a pile of Nintendo DS games.
He was a HAPPY CAMPER!!!

Then, it's time to cash in tickets.....He looks pleased with his loot, wouldn't you say?!

Happy Birthday Jensen! We LOVE you!!!!

*Paper Mache'*

Curses to the 4th Grade teacher who made us do the Paper Mache' project!!!!!!!! Yes, Jensen had an assignment to make a paper mache' animal based on one of the animals from the book, Bunnicula. So, his choices were a cat, a dog or a bunny. Jensen chose the cat, of course. (his favorite) And yes, it was his assignment, you know who was in charge of this project. Ya, me! (Big Daddy was in until the going got rough.)

So, with no paper mache' experience...I had no real clue what to do. but, I hate Elmer's glue, so I was hoping we could avoid that. Thank Goodness for Google! I quickly learned that flour and water could be used to make a "glue." And that sounded good to me. So, we began to cut strips of paper and mixing up the glue. And then the FUN began!

And by FUN...I mean we needed to Paper Mache' each other!!
Serious mess!

The drying cat base.... made from 2 balloons, some toilet paper tubes, newpapers, masking tape and the flour/water glue. It took over 24 hours for this thing to dry!!! Talk about down to the wire!! And then, the painting... And finally, "Chester the Cat" is finished!
(after 3 days work!)
Not bad, if I say so myself!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creating Keepsakes Convention - Kansas City

(don't ask about the's a message for Alex Ann!)
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

CKC - Kansas City was *crazy fun* !!!!

Of course, this is my "home show" now that I live in Kansas, so it was fun just for that reason. It's fun when you know you will see someone that you know.
And I did see a few people I know from Kansas.
But, I met some new people, too.

First of all, there are all the wonderful women in my classes!
I swear I have never met anyone that wasn't nice since I have lived in Kansas and it was the same way at the CKC Convention! Such nice girls!

Classes were fantastically fun! I just so love teaching!!

The biggest *fun* and the biggest challenge were one in the same. Alex Ann and I worked this show together, just the two of us. (Remember, you met Alex Ann here.) Yes, we had 3 booths and I was in charge completely for the first time. (nervous, I was so nervous!) But, we had trouble finding local help, so Alex Ann and I were on our own. But, we still rocked it! (normally, we hire local women to help in the booth....but this time, we had no one respond to our adds looking for workers) So, AA and I both rose to the occasion and really made it work the best we could. And it was GREAT!
She and I make such a good team. We really work well together and
we just had the BEST time!!! We are like sisters of something. We laughed so, so much! I totally love that girl!!!! cool thing was that we had the BRAND NEW Glue Glider Pro adhesive gun by Glue Arts! This thing is highly sought! And if you haven't seen it... here it is!
It's so stinkin' cute, isn't it?! And it's so easy, too. All the cartridges are interchangeable. To switch to a different type of adhesive, you just pop out the cartridge in the gun and pop in the desired one, lickety split!
How cool is that?!

So, on the first morning of the convention, I'm working in the booth when a lady asks me about the Glue Glider Pro. I turn around to find....

Oh. My. HotDog!!!!!!

Cathy Z is asking me for advice/info about something!

So, after deeming her as ~famous and fantastic~ ...both of which she graciously denied....I told her everything I knew about the new GGPro and she decided she had to have one! (and why not, Scrapbooks 'n Stickers has them bundled w/ the gun, and one of each of the 3 refills for 20% off the total price!) So, Alex Ann took a picture w/ my Blackberry to document my awe!
FYI...Cathy Z is so nice and completely down to earth! REALLY enjoyed meeting her!! Take her class some day so you can meet her too!

Another highlight of the KC trip was meeting this fantastic chick!
Even better was that I didn't realize she was't she the darn cutest thing you ever saw?! Yep, she is. Even cuter in person! And SO NICE!
So, this is Charlotte. I met her online at Scrapbook Nook message board. She is friends with my *bestest girl* amber and therefore, my friend by association. So, I am working, demo'ing Bind-It-All and this cutey-cute girl came over and said, "YOU must be Roxann!" (well, I looked at her and she looked familiar -- so I figured she must have been in my was Charlotte from Scrapbook Nook!) WOO HOO! I was so excited!!!
I was so happy to meet her...and she was so super nice! We are trying to get a time to get together to scrap...and I hope we do very soon!

The most nutso part of the show was that we had a shoplifter. Not just us, but us and 7 other vendors were victims, as well. They got 2 packs of $4 KaiserCraft brads from us. (good stuff, she chose to steal...but reprehensible behavior, to say the least!) So, I am working hard, but all of a sudden I am approached by the head of CK and he asks if I can come with him for a moment. I could tell he was serious, so I was inside sorta freaking out. Well, as I followed him down the aisle, I leaned forward and said, "Did I do something wrong?" He turned and said, "No, we have a shoplifter." Well, if you know me, I really started freaking out. I hate cheating and stealing and it makes my stomach hurt! I'm just such a goody goody, that anything like that gives me a serious stomachache. So, I got the pleasure of identifying our merchandise and then identifying the accused. Then, I had to give the police officers my personal information. And the whole time, the accused is sitting right there, handcuffed in a chair, not 4 feet from me. Showing absolutely NO remorse. Apparently, this wasn't her first time. All and all...a nerve wracking experience. But, it mad me MAD, really MAD.

I worked so hard and on Saturday night, my hands, feet and ankles were so swollen, they looked like this....OUCH!!!
I couldn't even get my ring on! The signs of hard work and not enough water!

The big thing I learned this weekend was about this:

Obviously, I've heard of The Office. I've seen the commercials. And of course, Ike has seen it a few times and has told me how funny it was. Well, Alex Ann is a huge Office fan, so she was making jokes from the office, that I really didn't get since I have never seen it. So, after hearing her talk about it all week, and knowing that Ike likes it, I bought Season 1 of The Office on DVD and brought it home to him. (after all, his job has been very stressful,so I thought it would be good for him to laugh!) And we got addicted to it. Over then next 3 weeks we watched every season, every episode of The Office.
I thought since I'm just a mom, I figured I wouldn't be able to relate or think it was funny. I was wrong. This show is stinkin' hilarious! So, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! Rent it today and start the laugh marathon!

"That's what SHE said...."

Lately my life......

....has been over-the-top, out-of-control and generally way too busy.
And way too much "serious stuff" going on.

My somewhat cool blog has turned into a ghost town and I have highly neglected it. But, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Know what I mean?! is everyone?! I miss your comments.
(of course, if I don't post...I deserve it!! Ha Ha Ha!!!)

So, I'm gonna try to play some "catch-up" today. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

I voted. Yes, I did.
I took photos. Yes, I did.
No matter which way the election was to go,
this was History in the making.
And I was part of it.
I hope you were, too.

What an awesome thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



....why does Barbie dress so sleezy?!

Now, I am sure you are thinking, "What the heck?!"

Well, you'd understand if you've met my little angel. You see, when she had her 1st Halloween, she was only 10 months old. Of course, she had no choice, her Halloween
outfit was completely up to her momma. (that's me)

Well, considering I had a bee costume that ALL 3 of her brothers had worn at one time or another, so of course, she HAD TO wear that. The problem? Well, it was clearly a boyish bee costume! (You see, it all started when Logan was a baby...he was called "busy bee" by my mom and my dad. So, when I saw the bee costume, I knew he had to have it.) Well, down thru the years, the costume was passed down.

So, I did what any crafty, scrapbooking mom would do.....I remade the costume and ramped it up a few notches to the girly side! Alterations included, ribbons added to both sleeves and, making them into a ruched look. Then, black lace which actually had a bee pattern weaved into it was added to the bottom of the legs. I sewed a tulle skirt that went around the costume and made a fantastic bee crown and my darling was the Princess Bee. (the direct descendant of the Queen Bee...ME!)
Don't you just love her crown, bee antennae and her matching bracelet w/ bee charm?
(again...all made by me!)

Fast forward to Marinne's 2nd Halloween. She was 22 months old.

In the interest of being money start...I had purchased and adorable and
SUPER GIRLY good witch costume on clearance at W-Mart for like $3 on clearance! Yay me! So, as Halloween approached, I pulled it out to try it on the Princess and although, she was wiggly, I got it on her and it was perfect. (and Adorable!) But, she was very vocal, that she didn't like it. "No Mommy. No dress."

Well, GREAT..... (but I honestly thought she'd change her mind when she
saw her brothers dressing up and she'd go with it.


She refused to wear it....

No Mommy. No dress. NO THAT DRESS!

So, this is what she wore...and you can see...she was not happy, either way!

So, as Marinne's 3rd Halloween approached, I was really getting excited. Within the past year, she had really started showing a preference of PINK, PINK, PINK and GIRLY! So, I was really looking forward to costume shopping.

So, after checking out the offerings at every single store in town, we ended back up at W-Mart. I really loved all the beautiful, super girly costumes. I especially love the Fairy costumes, but she wouldn't have anything to do with them. Finally, she picks a costume that was smooshed up and even missing the paper that shows you "what it is" and declared, "This is the one I want to be!"

Well, I still don't know WHAT it was, but she did look cute!
What was she anyway?

A Fairy?

A Butterfly?

I'm still not sure. But, she loved it! So, that's all that matters! forward to this year.

We started looking at costumes as soon as they hit the stores.

And as the days went on, every time I went to ANY store with costumes, I'd take her and the boys to look. (well, Logan thinks he's too, he was just along for the shopping!) And the bigger boys were quick to form their dress up opinions...but Marinne would commit to nothing!

Finally, about 10 days before Halloween....she made a choice.
It was a blue Princess Dress. The problem? It was 1 size too big. But, it was the only one and she really insisted that was the only one that would do. So, we bought it and I figured I'd just take it in so it would work.

Then, suddenly, 4 days before Halloween.....She no longer wanted to be a Princess!

She NOW wanted to be a Mermaid.
(she has been a bit obsessed with Mermaids and fish lately...I blame Barbie again. They have recently released some new Mermaid Barbies. And between that and the Dora Mermaid merchandise, specifically in the form of little girl panties...
she wants to be a mermaid.

So, we looked everywhere in town for a Mermaid outfit....with NO luck.
(all I could find were size 8-10 or bigger...Marinne wears 5T)

So, finally, after one last trip out....Marinne picks out a $30 Barbie Cheerleader outfit. It's Hot Pink and it's sparkly....what's not to love?!

Let me just tell should have been name Barbie the inappropriate cheerleader!

For heaven's sake, I had to get a size 4-6 because that's all they had.
(my point was actually bigger than her actual size.)

Well, we took it home and tried it on my sweet little baby was showing off

Like 3-4 inches of middriff! immediate job was to figure out what she'd be wearing under it.

And then, I had to decide how I was going to keep it ON her, because it was too big!

So...moving on to Halloween!

On Halloween Day, I decided to take Marinne Trick-Or-Treating at one of our local malls. So, when I went to dress Marinne in her cheerleader outfit....she wouldn't do it. Seriously! She kept telling me she was "scared" of it. Argh! So glad I spent that $30 on it!!! Ha ha! So, I said, "Ok, we don't have to go. And she brought her last years "unnamed" outfit and said, "I want to wear this" that's what she did!

Although, this has been in the dress up box for the past year and you can see that the headband, which she INSISTED she HAD TO wear...was no delapidated. So I took the remaining tulle pieces and tied them in the back of her hair and put the headband on w/ out the tulle ribbons on it! Little Stinker!!!!

We did this....but the mall was much smaller than I had thought...and it didn't take too long. For that can see that some of the "candy people" weren't being too friendly, so we got out of there!!
(she looks grumpy, huh?)

So, then we went across the street and went Trick-Or-Treat at Daddy's tv station.

(mainly because I wanted her daddy to see
she was not wearing the $30 barbie outfit!)

I slipped daddy a lollipop to put in Miss M's Princess bucket!

(don't worry Big Daddy, I knew you wouldn't be prepared, so I got your back!)

On to the BIG NIGHT............

Who knew it was the last minute she decided to be the
Barbie Cheerleader! (I swear...this child is gonna kill me!) :)
PS....nice cheezy smile!
(and since I took the pictures in the dark...I couldn't see her expression!)

And mommy did her part to return the inappropriate costume back to something appropriate for a 3 year old to wear on Halloween! Yay mommy!

Honey was a Star Wars Guy of some importance.
Don't ask me which one...I have no clue.
Something like an Imperial, Grand Storm Trooper something or other!
All I know is that he's stinkin' cute!

Jensen recycled last years Ninja outfit.
(notice his hole in the knee of his pants....this has been a well-loved "dress-up" outfit)
The only thing added was some new killer Ninja swords that were on his back!

I wonder how much longer he'll still want to dress up. He just turned 10.
Next year he'll be 11. (i know you can do math...i'm just talking to myself!) Anyway, last year Logan turned 11 and he determined he was "too big" to dress-up. But, he was also in 6th grade at 11. Jensen will be in 5th grade next year. I guess we'll see.

Speaking of Logan...he didn't dress up....and every single time I tried to snap his picture he zoomed away on his scooter that he spent a few days trickin' out with LCD lights so it would be lit while we went around T or T'ing. So, I have no pic. (stinker!)

Daddy came home from work early.....and in about 45 minutes hung orange lights in both trees, put up the spider web stuff, put "woody" aka Jason
out on the porch and intalled the black light and the strobe lights w/ scary sounds on! Not bad for a quickie decorating job!

(Well..Woody was made last year. The boys and Big Daddy made him. He's made of 2x4's and old clothes, shoes and a hockey mask. He has a machete' but it fell. And this year a girl told me they weren't coming because they thought Woody was real! They were convinced he was gonna jump out and scare the fire out of them!

I love the random Trick-or-Treating picture....

And I had to include this one for a few reasons:
#1 - It's like the big brothers are one on each side of sister, protecting her.

#2 - It kills me how M is actually looking into the house like, "where are you?"

#3 - And lastly, click on the picture to make it big and notice the giant safety pin I used to hook M's skirt to her shirt, so it wouldn't fall off. Now, that's classy! :)

And I had to include of this one of the wicked decorations on this house around the corner from cool is this?!?!
Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC Halloween!!!!

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