Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's 4:08am....

.....and I have a stinkin' migraine.
(it's you and me, Kerry)


So, I've taken some Excedrine Migraine (because if I take my prescription migraine medicine at this hour....I'll be comatose until after noon.....and heaven knows, I need to be up and ALERT to watch the wild pink monkey ~aka Marinne~

and protect my home and my scrapbooking area at 7am, when she will be up!)

So, let's hope it kicks in VERY SOON!!!

In the meantime, some thoughts.....

Number 1 -
WOO HOO! I rocked it again at Weight Watchers!!!

I lost 3.0 pounds this week!

Uh HUH! Oh Ya! Uh Huh! OH YA!
(that's a victory chant!)

Number 2 -

I've really been thinking of some things I miss about Savannah.....

~my girl friends!!! (need I say more?!)

~the outlet mall w/ Carters and the bookstore outlet 5 min. from my house

~Houlihan's (right, Tammy?! mmmmm.....creme brulee')

~my log cabin pines that surrounded my house

~the possibility to decide to go to the beach and pack the car, the kids and be on the beach in an hour (I've got all these beach toys I paid to move to Kansas....what the heck was I thinking on that one?!?! I paid to move them to a land-locked state! Idiot!)

~my pediatrician (have I mentioned recently, I luv Dr. Seibert?!)

~my job at Savannah Scrapbooking (could this be so I can replace my ruined cat's eye chalk inks at 25% off?!?!)

~scrappin' with the funnest people on earth

~the marsh (I know it can be stinky, but it is pretty....)

~high and low tide (that always amazed me)

~downtown Savannah

~River Street

~the mild winters (could this be that 12 days ago we were in our pool--which was freezing--and today it's 51 degrees?!?! seriously....can you believe that 51 DEGREES?!?!)

Number 2 ~

Have you seen Yo Gabba
Gabba ?

I know a lot of mom's where bashing it when they first started playing the previews....but dang it, I love that show!! My favorite one so far is called Eat. (no, not because I want to....)
It's just so dang cute w/ these catchy little ditties, storytime, dancing (which M loves) and
even some "celeb" visitors.....and since I'm a "secret celeb obsessor" .....I love it!

Well....crap....can't figure out how to post my video.....see next post......

Anyway.....Yo Gabba Gabba is very cool, hip-hop and FUN!!!

Marinne and Griffin LOVE IT!!!! (momma, too!)

And it's got "Biz's Beat of the day..."
(Biz Markie....remember him?! ........ You, you've got what I ne-eeed.
You say he's just a friend, you say he's just a friend......)

**again, see next post for video**
(why can't I figure this out....possibly that it's 5am?!)

And the guy that does the "drawing segment" ....Mark Mothersbaugh....
he's from the 80's group, Devo!

(the 80's girl I am....I MUST SUPPORT YO GABBA GABBA!
I'm glad these people have work again! It sux to have no job!)


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Savannah misses you too!!! Hugs girl and keep Rocking the WW!! Way to go Roxio! I weigh in on Tuesday. I think I've lost about 13lbs this month......woo hoo.

Kerry said...

Congrats on the WW!!!!
Way to go!

Tam said...

Yeah Rox the GABBA whatever is like the new kid crack...they stop they stare and wow they are hooked. Wiggles is the old kid crack and this is the new harder

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