Sunday, September 23, 2007

Interview Me....Stacy's Questions.....

Okay........let see?? This is just a start. I'm going to think of some really good ones this weekend, but for now........
he he he

1. Who do you identify with the most out of the Snow White's seven dwarfs.

Is there one named PMS-y? (seriously, I would fail a question on naming them......) Let's see there are 7: happy, sleepy, dopey, doc, sneezy, wheezy??? cheesy?? I GIVE UP!!!!

I guess out of those....I'll go with HAPPY!!!!

2. If you had to change Christmas to a different date that's not in December, what day would you pick?

This one is easy....I'd go for late-March. By then, I could have my taxes filed, have received my refund and had enough time for shopping.

For us, this is the most expensive time of the kid with a birthday each month: October, Novemeber and December. Then: Halloween (costumes and candy to buy,) Thanksgiving (have you seen the prices in the grocery store?) and finally Christmas!!!!!

Late March would help us spread it out a little!!!

3. Are you a Ginger or Marianne kind of girl?

I'm a cross between them....

Well, I am like Ginger. A diva. A princess. A little spoiled. High Maintenance. (but not rich and famous)

And I am definately like Mary Ann in these ways. Naive. Sweet. Kind. Helpful. (but NOT a country girl, AT ALL)

4. If scrapbooking supplies were to stop being manufactured and you only had 100.00 to spend on supplies for the rest of your lifetime, what would you buy?

Well, since I have enough paper to last a lifetime and I have a backlog of Creative Memories albums to fill. I'd have to say....a ton of adhesive and LOTS of rub-ons (letters and icons - my current obsession!)

5. If you could design and buy a car what is the top 3 or 4 features you want?

Well, I'm a pretty simple girl. But, I'd want an SUV that can fit all my kids and gets low gas mileage. (you said I could design it)

And, it would definitely have to have a DVD system in it.

And cruise control.

6. If you could meet anyone in the world that has made history, dead or alive, that lived in the past 150 years who would it be. why?

I would have said Jesus, but since you said they lived in the past 150 years........

hmmm....I would say my mother's father. He was a real piece of work and I'd love to nail him to the wall on how he could be such a jerk and make such bad decisions.

7. What 3 pieces of advise would you give Britney Spears?

My 3 pieces of advice to Brit-Brit would be...

#1 - Get thyself to rehab and stay there so you clean up your act and PROPERLY MOTHER those children. Go take some parenting classes. Stop partying and get involved and invested in the care of them. You are wasting valuable time that you can NEVER get back, no matter how much money you have.

#2 - GET RID OF THAT WEAVE!! I know you shaved your head, but I also know your hair is long enough to "make your own style!" That weave looks like crap. And it's time for it to GO! People would respect you more if you "owned" your choices, rather than attempt to "cover it up."

#3 - Quit trying to be a sex goddess, it's not working for you! You are not that girl you were before children. It's one thing for you to be a sexy mother, but you can't do it like you did before you had children. No one will take you seriously. (and you'd think she'd know that.) Quit letting your post-preggers butt hang out of your clothes and go shopping for some dignity.

(and for all those that said she was "fat" at her comeback performance for MTV....whatever, she WAS NOT FAT! Again, she is just not going to have the same body she did before 2 kids in 2 years....and certainly not in the clothing she chooses. I seriously feel sorry for this girl...if you think her life isn't hard....look at this.....

Can you imagine your every breath, every word, every move being watched and over-analyzed?! I could not live like that. I'd be in the looney bin for sure!!!!

However, she does bring a lot of it on herself by the choices she makes....but I seriously think she doesn't know any better. Getting all the attention is all she knows. This all comes with being a "child" star. She literally doesn't know how to escape it.

But, with the collapse of her career, may come the forced reality that she must re-invent her life.

Let's hope so. It's her only hope to survive and become the person/mother she could be.

8. What is your favorite dessert to make?

Crap! I have to make it?!

Well....ok then, probably Sex in a Pan! (you asked!)



Kerry said...

Sex in a pan, huh?

Stacy Armstrong said...

What the heck is Sex in the pan? Okay sistah, ya can't just post that and leave us hangin like this!! Do I even want to know what the ingredients are??

You did great with the questions!! You're awesome.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Sex in a Pan...neither of you have heard of it?!

It's a divine dessert consisting of homemade crust (not like pie, crunchy crust....) and it's filled with chocolate and cream cheese filings and whipped cream. It's fantastic. My husband loves it!

We have a family cookbook and it's in there....I'm not sure where it originated...


KTluvs2Craft said...

That isn't a real recipe! Where are the step by steps? We need details! lol

Stacy Armstrong said...

Looky hear Pmsss-y dwarf....I want the recipe!!! The ingredients sounds pretty good.....Just wondering where you add the sex to that.....or is that after its made!! How about posting step by step dircetions!


Tam said...

You need to eat that Sex in the pan as you drink a Sex on the Beach!!!!

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