Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scrapbooking Show-N-Tell

My Dealing Myself a Losing Hand
Challenge Cards

I have been working really hard to get caught up on these....

these are my latest creations!!

The 5th card prompt:
Create your card and show or tell what gift you will give yourself when you’ve reached your goal. And…..don’t just give yourself new clothes. You SHOULD get that regardless. Give yourself something REALLY special that will motivate you that much more!

The 6th card prompt:

Scrap one word to describe your journey and use a Monogram for it somewhere on your card. It doesn’t have to be a positive word….it can be HARD. Be honest….this is YOUR album. What you are doing isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

The 7th card prompt:
Use the theme of TIME somehow on your card. Anyway you want. For instance, Shanna used TIME to get Healthy. TIME to get into old clothes again. TIME to get my body back. TIME to improve my self-esteem. TIME for change.

(the clock is at 4:00 to symbolize my 4 children...
so I'll be alive to enjoy them!!)

The 8th card
Create a card about the scale! Do you use it? Is it your friend or do you hate it? How do you feel about weighing yourself? I personally deny I am gaining weight if I don’t weigh myself. So, to keep myself on track, I weigh myself every Tuesday morning. It is what works best for me and my continued success.

My take on this.....

(anyone who takes this info and uses it against me is in BIG TROUBLE!!)

The 9th card prompt:
Your favorite healthy snack! Some of you are doing Weight Watchers, some are watching calories, and some are following other plans. On this card, you want to highlight a favorite snack or two that you can turn to when you are hungry, low on points, or want to avoid making a bad choice. Thanks for the fun challenge, Roxann! (yep, this one was my idea....)

The 10th card prompt:
What's your favorite comment that you've received about your weight loss?

(And a great big thank you to my online pals, who don't "see" me, but who follow my story and encourage me right along!!! You guys rock!!!!)


Last but not least.....

Here is the "new & improved"
(read: not ruined, completely re-done)
after the unfortunate incident....

Baby Meg's Baptism Frame....
Can you believe it took ELEVEN coats of acrylic paint to cover up the hunter green chalk ink fingerprints
on the back of it!!!! ELEVEN COATS OF PAINT!!!!


FlipFlop Mom said...

GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is AWESOME!!!! I love it!! absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Stacy Armstrong said...

All of these are so stinkin funny! I'm diggin it!! #8 is my favorite! Oh yeah....to hell with them all!!

Patter Cross said...

Oh my goodness, your cards are turning out just spectacular!!! Love the scale one and the "gift" one!!! Wonderful! And HUGE congrats on the weight loss! You are doing GREAT!

Kerry said...

Beautiful, beautiful, just beautiful!

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