Saturday, September 22, 2007

The LAST MINUTE project.....

So....I've had this "paid" work I've been very busy with lately. I knew I still had one more project scheduled for a "Fall" basket for a school auction.

Well, I was told there was no rush on it.

Turns out there was a deadline and I found out at 7:30pm tonight that they need it tomorrow morning, so it can be
taken to Kansas City so they have it on Monday.

Ask me if I had started it? Ask me if I had done any shopping for this? Ask me if I had any specific ideas?




So, now I had tonight to get it done to deliver in the morning. Good thing I work well under pressure!!

7:58pm - finish dinner and run out door w/out makeup or hair done to go to Michaels (my only option at this late time) to buy supplies. (specifically: paper and ribbon)

8:01pm - silently pray on the way to Michaels that I don't run into any of the handful of people that I know in this town and especially none of Big Daddy's employees.

8:06pm - Have made it to the scrapbook paper aisle and realize that I am screwed. Only 2 "Fall" print papers. One is butt ugly. One is ok, but the worst kind of scrapbook paper...blank in the middle w/ decoration around the edge. Hate it! But, because I am "creative" think of a way "it could work. But, must find other papers to match.

8:17pm - Find fantastic paisley print in Fall colors perfect for this project. Try to think what may be in stash/scrap pile at home that may coordinate with said paper.

8:23pm - Continue to stress over lack of choice. Wonder if idea in head will actually work when scrappin'. Sweat. Swear to self. Sweat some more. Stress for way too long.

8:32pm - decide there is nothing else to do but run with it. Try to pick out a dark burnt orange for pumpkin, realize all orange and brown paper is picked over because of upcoming Fall holidays. Arrgh!

Head to ribbon aisle and start looking for coordinating ribbons. Do happy dance that some of the ribbons are on sale.

8:43pm - checkout at Michaels and have to run out to the car because the bill is $4.61 and I have $4 cash and no change in my wallet. Great! Like I have time to do that..... Now really sweating.... (doesn't the weather know that Fall officially starts this weekend?! It was 90 degrees today...and still warm outside now....)

8:45pm - Finish paying. Rush to car & drive home.

8:49pm - Pull in driveway. (silently thank the Lord that house is close to everything I need)

8:51pm - Hug & kiss little ones who were put in bed while I
was gone. Stop off in restroom. Grab Diet Coke (definately needing caffeine now) and hop down stairs with Michaels bag in hand.

8:58pm - clean off desk from earlier scrappin' today.
(hey...i also did some laundry, did the dishes, cooked a meal, put hung some clothes and took care of all children who call me mommy.....)

8:59pm - sit down and just get comfy and realize I need paint that is upstairs in storage. Beg L to run up and get 20lb. tote full of paint for momma.

9:01pm - Try to relax for a second. Take giant swig of Diet Coke. (must get inspiration somewhere...)

9:05pm - Begin searching frantically thru paint praying for a brown that will work. Find one that is acceptable.

9:08pm - Start painting clipboard.

9:12pm - Beg 2 older boys to hush.
I have a headache from the pressure and their noise. (why are they up anyway? oh yeah, the weekend. darn weekends.... I mean, yay, weekends!)

9:13pm - beg L to run upstairs to medicine cabinet to bring me 2 Excedrine Migraine tablets. Throw them in mouth. Swallow with Diet Coke chaser.

9:14pm - Start playing with papers and decide I hate papers.
Search stash at home.
Find another paper that help it work better.
Realize I am still going to have to use paper I bought.

Start coming up w/ design in head. Start cutting and
manipulating papers. Ink everything. Make handmade pumpkin. Decide one of the purchased papers is just "too much" but not until after I have cut it up and are no longer able to return it. (of course) Choose ribbons and fibers ans start tying them around top of clip. Start putting everything together.

Admire how it's coming together, despite really bad odds.

10:44pm - Finally, sit back and admire work.

Then, go upstairs and take pics.

Then, post to blog.

Sorry pics suck...
the colors look washed out.

And the pine branches I stamped on in Versamark
...they are watermarked and not all glowy how they look in the's the flash reflecting.

I liked this saying, so I decided to add it....

And my favorite handmade pumpkin....


Trish said...

Did you ever get any sleep? Hail coke products!!!! (me hailing coke zero). I think it turned out great considering the timing. You look great too by the way. Your face is so much thinner. When it your next trip here? Did you hear that we was moving to Buffalo and that Chris is getting deployed in November? Life is crazy sometimes.

Life of an Army wife said...

way to go!!! Under preasure sure is great!!


Beth said...

Love the pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Really like the pumpkin.

*** hunzer *** said...

You are an all-star! VERY cute finished project.

(BTW ~ I want to ask you interview questions but I am soooooo exhausted and cannot come up with anything)

FlipFlop Mom said...

YOU are amazing... I LOVE the homemade pumpkin... can you make me one... LOL LOL LOL

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Thanks for the compliments on the pumpkin!!! I can teach you guys how to make one....who wants lessons?!?!

No...I had not heard you were moving! Big changes!!!! Get thee to the doctor and make sure you have plenty of support!!

Thanks for the compliment on my face. Can you really tell a difference?

Hunz....BRING ON THE QUESTIONS! I'm not skeered!!!

Kerry said...

I LOVE your blog, lol. You are so funny!
I"m sorry I've been MIA but I'm having a ball catching up. Thanks for the laughs.
Your clip board is gorgeous!

Kerry said...

Oh, and working under pressure is the only way to go.

KTluvs2Craft said...

Wow, great work. I love the pumpkin!!! When are you posting the lessons????

Tam said...

Rox you know you are creative...It looks great. Hey have you sold any braclets lately? They rock also!!!! You need your own website and sell all these neat things you do. Just DO IT! Diaper cakes, Braclets, Scrapbook pages, hmmm tons of all those things you have always wanted to do and now you have a little more space than you did here in GA!!!!

Tam said...

OK and for you have I mentioned...mommasong...hehe it is dedicated to you...why you ask...I do not know yet but when I figure it out I will tell you

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