Monday, September 3, 2007

How the heck did that happen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

My baby boy is going to PRE-K!!!!!!
So, here he is w/ the teacher and the girls, choosing his symbol for the year. This symbol will be used to mark his circle time spot, his cubbie and other personal items/spaces at school.

Griff chose the boat for his symbol. And he was happy about it!

The first thing they were supposed to do was go in and find the "mat" which displayed their "symbol" and sit on it for circle time.
G found his right away and sat on it.
The teachers introduced themselves and told them the schedule for the "practice day."

And then it was time to play....but Griff looked around, kinda taking it all in.

In this picture, he looks so sad to me. So apprehensive. So afraid. It broke my heart. After all, he says he wants to stay home and go to "mommy school." And I'm the mean one who made him go to Pre-K. He didn't want to come.

But, I gave him a moment and he began to venture out....he was checking out the manipulatives when.....

I helped him remember to say,
"Hi! My name is Griffin,what's your name?"
"Would you like to play with me?"

(Isn't that at least half of what Pre-K is....
learning social skills and mastering them?!?!)

So, while the boys were doing this.....

Marinne was doing this.......

Poor baby wants to go to school so badly.... She stands at the window every morning watching the big brothers get on the bus and says, "Oh no, Mommy! I miss the buss again!"

It is really so pitiful!!!!

Then, the new friend went elsewhere and G got to check out some things on his own. He liked these little colored sticks.....

....and I hope I can always remember when
his hands were so small!


Meet Your Teachers, Griffin!!!!
Miss Sheryl, Miss Felicia and Griffin
August 29th, 2007

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Pre-K Year, My Love!
Mommy will miss having you at home with me!!!!
But, do your best and learn a lot and makes lots of new friends!
I love you so much!!!


mandy said...

It is so hard to let them go isn't it? G looks so grown up with his hair cut and his out fit on. And how exciting to already have met a freind! Stevie started school this year too and he is doing great. The teachers asked us to wait 6 weeks before going into the class room to take pictures and all that good stuff. This is week two so it will be a while before I get some "first day of school pics."

Nikki said...

I know this comment is way late but I haven't been able to read any blogs really because of our internet issues and our vacation - I just wanted to say that he looks so adorable and all grown up! It's great that you take all these pictures. I always forget my camera! I guess that's just one reason why you are such an awesome scrapbooker! It's wonderful that your children will always have these moments captured they way you capture them.

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