Monday, October 27, 2008


Right now I am struggling.

For my design team assignment, we are emphasizing breast cancer awareness.
We've teamed up with Melissa Frances and I have some of the most beautiful and fun papers,
ribbons, stickers, embellies and rub-ons to work with. But, they have a breast cancer theme.

And as much as I try to push myself to "think outside the box," all I can see is the "breast cancer'dness" of these products. I find myself sitting at my desk for hours, doing nothing but looking at the papers and thinking of my mom. (you see, the box, although beautiful was my emotional cop-out of not really scrappin' a picture that means something to me)

And the other line is called "thankful."
Well, I'm not thankful I lost my mom. I hate it.
The only thing I'm thankful for is that she didn't have to suffer longer than she did.

So, for now, I have sick kids.
A husband who is out of town.
And a deadline Friday for at least 2 more projects, a month-end report and lots to upload.
(usually, it's just not this hard.....)

And I'm struggling.......

A Beautiful Memento Box

What do you get when you take
WorldWin Cardstock from The Paper Mill,
add some patterned paper from the Melissa Frances Thankful collection
and use the Crafter's Companion to form it into something?!


So, if these photos make you want to see more...go to
The Paper Mill Store DT Blog
and get the step-by-step directions

to put this fantastic box together.

And once you've walked thru it once, step-by-step...
you'll want to make a million more boxes! It's just so fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Tally for the Week....

2 kids w/ strep throat

1 kid w/ Fifth Disease

1 dog w/ vomiting and diarrhea

1 husband who claims he's getting sick

and me, who somehow pulled a muscle in my chest which is making me further believe in the statement, "better living thru pharmaceuticals!!" Thank goodness for pain meds!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


....more like LAME-O!!!!!

So, Jensen had a birthday.
(can you believe he's 10?!)

And for the past 4 months, he's had one request for his birthday.
He's wanted to have his party in a LIMOUSINE and take all his friends to
McDonalds in the LIMO and then they'd cruise up and down the street while they eat their food and chill out in the LIMO.

Well, the last time I rented a LIMO was before Jensen was born, so I really had no clue how much it cost, but I thought I might be able to rent one for about $150. And, that's about what I would have paid for his party, anyway, once it was all said and done. The money would have just been spent a little differently than a usual party.

So, I set out to find my baby his LIMO.

Well, as you guys know, I live in Kansas. And although, I live in a city in Kansas, it's not one of the huge ones. I mean, we don't even have an airport here. (which reduces my pool of LIMO options, because we have no "airport" limousines that may have been an option in a bigger city.)

So, I consult the phone book.
(there are just some things that nothing beats the
yellow pages for)

Well, as you might guess, there is not that many to choose from, but there seems to be 3 companies and so I begin my phone calls.

The first company I call, answers...."Hello?"

(this was my first clue that this one might not work out...)

I say, "Um, is this xxxxx Limousine?!?"

"Uh, YES it is."

"Oh, ok...I thought I might have the wrong number."


"You don't. What can I help you with?"

Well, I explained what I was looking for and he explained to me they have 2 traditional, one stretch H2 Hummer.
And then he drops the bomb.
They rent for $135/hr or $145/hr.depending on which you choose.......

2 hour 20% tip to driver.


That's a total cost of over $300!!!!!!

THAT was my reality check.

I asked if they ever considered renting the LIMO for less than 2 hours.
After all, the kid only wants to go to the McDonalds drive-thru and wants to long could that really take. I mean, does he really need to drive around for 2 hours? Well, I'm thinking we get the food, eat and then go to the house to open presents and have cake.

I was quickly told that WAS NOT an option.


So, I call the next company.

And again, I am met with a similar scenario.

Then, I call the last company.

(I am starting to feel the desperation of a mother on a budget and the thought of having to see "that face" on my child and possible tears when I tell him that there is no way he'll be having his LIMO Party.)

So, this one, a woman answers.
And, I can tell she's on a cell phone. And she's at home.
AND I can hear loud, noisy kids in the background.

Ah, GOOD!, I think to myself. She's a MOTHER.
Someone who can understand my plight and what I have now come to believe are the unrealistic birthday wishes of a child.

So, I ask about her LIMO's and she gives me the list of the 2 she has and then begins to tell me the prices. Well, her LIMO's are a tiny bit better in price....$125/hr.....2 hr. minimum.....20% tip to driver.

Still....way out of budget!

I begin to explain my dilemma to her.

And she, calmly explains to me that there is no way she could do that.
After all...she says....even if you take the car out for an hour, not 2, I have to pay $100 to have it cleaned.

What exactly was she thinking we were gonna do in this LIMO
that would warrant a $100 cleaning bill?!?!?

So, I hang up...defeated.

For Heaven sakes Lady...have a heart.

Rent me the limo for an hour




FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point, I'm thinking...
"How can I call a funeral home and ask in a socially correct way
that if no one has died and their LIMO is just sitting there,
could I rent it for an hour for my child?"

But, in my mind, my fear is...all my birthday photos of the
LIMO will have xxxxxx Funeral Home on them.

Photoshop, anyone?!?!

Ha ha ha!

In the end, I gave my son a dose of "real life."

Me: "Sorry, sweetie. We can't afford it.
I know you're disappointed and I am, too.
But, we need to come up with another plan.
How about a bowling party?!"

Jensen: "I want Chuck-E-Cheese."

Well, FAN-Stinkin'-TASTIC.

Someone kill me now!
(Just run me over with a LIMO! I can give you the numbers!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So...this is my life....

*a pre-teen who has a gnarly case of strep throat
(the pediatricians words, not mine)

*a 3 yr. old girl, who was woke up early due to all the excess unexpected noise due to situation with dog. (story to follow later in list) This girl came outside w/ no pants on (but carrying them) because she wanted to come outside w/ me and the dog. And now, who is sitting on her bed upset because the girls at the bus stop laughed at her for having no pants on.
(mind you, it's 48degrees outside)

* a kindy kid and a 3rd grader, both of who stayed up too late messing around and neither of which want to get up.

*a dog who is puking and has the big D, too!
(hence the 6am discovery of said fact and the following bath, crate cleaning and then disinfecting of everything within
a 30 yard vicinity of the dog and his crate!

*me, dry heaving, because I don't do icky animal anything
(this list includes, but is not exclusively limited to animal vomit, poop, eye boogers, slobber, snot or any animal smells. Seriously, a trip to the vets office, where the smell is concentrated can upset my stomach for a few hours!!)

*a cranky husband because he helped with the dog and now is running late to work and stressed because of this fact.

* the kindergartener just realized he left his backpack at home....running back from the school bus stop.... screaming, "mom, I forgot my backpack!" the whole way!
(I'm sure any neighbors who might be sleeping in really appreciated that!!)

*a headache, probably due to all listed above, but mostly
due to lack of sleep and stress

It's 8:19am....
...and I'm exhausted.

It's a glamorous life...but someone's gotta have it.

Don't be jealous!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy Crap!!!!

(is it wrong to say that on a Sunday?!) all know how much I admire the work of Emilie Ahern.
To be honest, I can't even remember how I came across her work in the beginning, but once I started blog stalking her, I couldn't stop. Between her inspiring work and her awesome personality...."she had me at hello!" (remember what movie that's from?!) So, time passed, and as it did...I began to feel like I knew her. And I started leaving comments. And eventually, she left me comments on my blog.
And so began our online friendship.....

If you don't remember Emilie and I got to meet back in August at the CKC show in Valley Forge, PA. I knew we'd be friends. (read it here!) She was wearing the same shirt I own and had worn the day before we met! Kindred spirits, I tell ya!

So...imagine my surprise when I found THIS, this morning!
(although, she had sent me the pic of the LO a few days ago...
I had no idea it was going on THE BLOG!!)
So, color me happy!!

(Isn't it amazing this LO is Hybrid? It looks like it has so much dimension to me!)
That just goes to show you just how much talent Emilie has!

Thanks, Emilie for making my day! Your the sweetest!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

QuicKutz Silhouette FOR SALE!!!!

So....are you in the market for
a digital craft cutter?!

Up for sale is my
QuicKutz Silhouette!

I truly love this machine. The trouble is...when my laptop died, Big Daddy bought me a new one and it's a MAC. Well, the Silhouette is only MAC compatible with the use of Adobe Illustrator. And anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have the computer skills of a Raccoon! (do not ask me why I chose raccoon, but you get the point!) Point's just sitting!

And that makes me sick.

This wonderful machine has been sitting in it's box unused for over 9 months! So, I've decided to sell it.

I have the original box and all packing material. I have all the manuals and cords and supplies that came with the machine. (shoot...I only used it less than 10 times, total.) I even have the little QK Pick-up tool, that helps you remove the shapes from the adhesive mat after you've cut them. (which I'll just throw in to be sweet!)

I paid $300 for this machine and it's been barely used.

If you are in the market for one or thinking of treating yourself, let me know ASAP. If not, it goes on ebay this weekend.......
(I just wanted to offer it to you guys's nice to get something used from someone you know and trust!!!!)


That's right, we are having a fantastic contest over at Scrapbooks 'n Stickers!

Join in on our scavenger hunt and fun challenges for the chance to win the BRAND NEW ~ PINK ~
Bind It All v2.0!!!!!!!

So, head on over to for your chance to win the Pink BIA and a prize package worth over $100!!!!

Are you feeling lucky?!?!? Then, go to NOW!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look for new updates tomorrow!

I have so much stuff to catch you up on......

CKC- Hartford, CT

CKC - Hartford, CT
Oct. 1st - 5th, 2008
Scrapbooks 'n Stickers Booth

Hartford is so beautiful. I really am loving the New England states. They are really filled with so much beauty.
As we were coming in for our landing, I couldn't help but snap a few pictures out the window of the airplane. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed because I had expected some better color, but after talking to the locals, I'm about 2-3 weeks too early for the really good color.

Once I was at the baggage claim, Aly was there waiting for me!
We hugged hello and went to hail a cab.
(geez, I feel so New Yorker!)

I had to snap this pic of Aly and I in the cab,
because I've not been in a cab since I was a small child (and I don't have a picture of that, I just remember doing it once on the way home from the airport in Tulsa.)

The Scrapbooks 'n Stickers booth looked really nice. I am really in love with my Bind-It-All section. I seem to have it down to a fine art now.
And more booth pictures....
Yummy Fancy Pants!
And KaiserCraft....(with Aly and Alex Ann!)

After my class on Friday, Angie from Boxer was the next teacher in my room. So, I had to get her to take a photo with me!
She's such a nice girl! She and her mother work and travel together and I've had the pleasure of getting to know them while traveling this year. Angie's teaching this dog bone chipboard album class that is just so stinkin' cute!!!

When I came out of my room after class (and wasn't in such a hurry) I noticed the fantastic view out the window in the upper floor of the convention center. I told you it was pretty!
After that it was back to the booth to take on my role as the Bind-It-All Queen! Ha ha!

Well, during explaining the fantastic features of the Zutter Bind-It-All...I made some new friends. But, I can honestly say this story is abou the funniest thing that has ever happened during my demo-ing. These girls were thinking of getting a BIA and they wanted to know if it would punch a clipboard. (which of course is a wood) Well, I went and got a piece of clipboard and let them try it. Well, they were so impressed...they could not believe that it could cut it. So, she wanted to see if it was really hard.....and she cracked it in half!!! (But, she didn't mean to. It embarrassed her. It surprised me. And her best friend really gave her a hard time!! So, they decided to use the 2 halves as keychains. (after all, we've already punched the holes in it with the Bind-It-All!)
So, we decided to take it all the way, adding Best to one half and Friends to the other half!! And of course, they broke off a piece for me to keep!!! Ha ha ha!
(Hi Nancy and Lisa!!!)

And then, they bought the Bind-It-All!!!!
(of course they did!!)

The next day before we left, we received
the sweetest thank you card
from some ladies from the crop the night before....and look what is says on the inside...... ....ahhhh, how nice is that?!? Thanks, Ladies!!

Now, when I travel, I often don't have time to shop and when I do, I am often looking for something specific. Now, you know you are a scrapbooking sicko when you get super-excited over
your purchase at the convention and it's THIS!!!!
Yep, it's an entire box of Kokuyo Dot 'n Roller refills!!
(I'm sick, I'll tell ya!!!!!!!!!)

So, that was my purchase 5 minutes before the show closed!!

The next morning, (Sunday) I caught my flight home. It was early, really early! And I got this shot before landing in DC.
How pretty is this photo?!

And then, when I was on the ground in Washington, DC...I looked out the window at the airport to see the Washington Monument!
(See it thru the fog?)
How cool is that?! I was so moved, I almost wanted to miss my flight home and go sightseeing instead! I've always wanted to go to Washington, DC and now I know I must go there someday!
And I really want to take my family to see it.

Anyway, Hartford was a blast, but I was glad to go home for 2 days before I started it all over again! I leave for the next CKC on Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm off.... CKC-Hartford, CT!!!

This is me at Gate A-8 at the Kansas City Airport.
This girl has the weight of the world on my shoulders. As much as I love my job, I am seriously wishing I was staying home today. There are just times where you feel like you need to be home. And this is one of them.

But, I will go. And I will do my job to the best of my ability. And I will have a great time. Because that is me. And how can I not have a great time doing what I do? I just wish I was going into this trip as the happy-go-lucky girl that I normally am.

If you can't tell....I am exhausted! I slept one hour last night.
Big Daddy might have slept a total of three. That is not enough!! Big stuff going on in our lives. Can't really go there yet. Have to be careful what we say. Because you never know who's reading.

I'm sorry for the cryptics. But, it's what I have to do. If your a friend who has my email address, shoot me an email and I'll fill you in.

For now, call me overwhelmed.....


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