Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random thoughts on a Tuesday....


On my mind today has been my home state. Oklahoma. And the 16th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. It hardly seems that it's been 16 years
since the day America first changed.
I was teaching in my classroom, when word came down that we were on "lockdown." The concept was there, but we certainly had never had to use it. And it wasn't long before Big Daddy was summoned to the news station and told to "bring a bag" because he was going to Oklahoma City and it was unknown exactly how long he'd be gone. This was one of the hardest things he's ever had to do during his 20 year long career. While he was gone, I was consumed with watching the coverage, 24/7 when I was at home. And I cried. Alot. And I took photos of all the amazing signs all over my town.
I didn't know anyone that died. But, we knew of people who lost someone. And really, everyone lost something that day.
Always remember. I remember.

I am damn, sick and tired of these damn migraines. Yep, I said it. Damn migraines. I. AM. SO. OVER. THEM. I've been trying to get totally detoxed from Diet Pop, so I have to wonder if that's not part of the problem. Part of the problem is probably
weather/allergy related. And lastly, it's probably just me. My lack of good health, overall. So, I did cave today. I had a large Diet Coke from Wendy's and guess what? Migraine gone in an hour. Grrrr!

Today we had a thunderstorm that reminded me of Oklahoma.
I really miss a good ole' crazy-ass Oklahoma thunderstorm. The kind that has lots of lightening and thunder. And even a few random twists in the clouds for good measure. The kind that makes your hair stand on end and the kind that are sure to cause damage. Yes, the kind that are so amazing to watch, you stand out on your porch watching, even knowing there is a risk in doing so. (this is what drives stormchasers.....and yes, it is sort of like the movie Twister, but not as hard core) Even though, I've had a tornado right over my head and it ripped the roof off my apartment building and slammed a dumpster into my car....and yet, I miss it. It's just part of me. Bring it on, Ohio... Bring. It. On. (I guess there's a possiblility of thunderstorms tonight....WOOT!!)

I feel like I'm drowning in laundry.
Piles of both dirty and clean laundry. The laundry of 6 people is ca-ray-zee!

I'm dreading going to the dentist tomorrow. Not like some people do, but I have my certain amount of dislike. I never
realize how much I hate it until I'm sitting in that chair and realize how I'm gripping the arms of that dental chair like a madwoman. And worst of all....I know she's gonna yell at me. (well, maybe not YELL, but certainly lecture.) Both the hygenist and the dentist. Why? Because I have gum disease. Fabulous. Last time they gave me some special mouthrinse to use to get rid of inflammation. Did I do it? No. Shoot, by the time I get to bed, I brush and fall in. Dead. Tired. So, I'm getting yelled at.

Damn. I just realized I'm out of gas. Forgot to fill-up today. Shoot. And unfortunately, the cost of said fill-up will be something like this! $$$

Big Daddy has to work late tomorrow. Or perhaps, I should say, later. Darn, I hate those nights.

One of my positions is Secretary of the Elementary PTO. And today I looked for like an hour for the minutes I wrote last month to type up for tomorrow's meeting. I had put them in the bag I took on our Spring Break trip, thinking I'd be "ahead of the game" and get them done a few weeks ago. What was I
thinking?! Like that would really happen! Ha Ha! And due to my trying to plan ahead, I was behind. Darn it. Luckily, I found them and got that done. Along with 100 ice cream cut outs today. (500 to go) And also 64 Easter teacher gifts. (only have to stamp the tags and tie them together now.

I guess I should tell you that I am not currently traveling and doing my job. Why? Mostly, no work. And my lack of motivation to search out a new job. I loved my job. But, it was a hardship on everyone. But, most of all, me. If you've flown in the last few years, you know why!!
I miss teaching. I miss seeing my travel buddies. But, I don't miss the kiddos crying because "mommy's going out of town." Again. The best thing about this aside from being home all the time? I might actually scrapbook for myself. Shocker. I have things brewing around in my head, so you just never know what I might do next. (and if you need a personal scrapper....give me a call.)

I have a new addiction. Coin Dozer on the iPhone. You know the game at Chuck-E-Cheese, filled with all the coins and you insert a coin and it flips it onto
the base and a little "pusher wall" comes out and slides the coins forward and you try to make them drop off the end? Yep, that's the one. Well, now I can play it for free. And I've sucked Big Daddy in, too. I'm embarrassed to say that we each have 5 versions of the game and we have a constant need to "do our Dozers." Oh geez, we need therapy. Clearly.

I'm attempting to get more healthy and lose weight. If you see me or talk to me, encourage me. It's realllllllllllly hard.

A friend lost her husband last week. He was 41. Four months younger than me. TRAGIC. It's been hard to watch this friend and her children hurt. And I often don't know what to say. I hate that. This is the second time this has happened to me in the past
14 months and both times, I've been at a loss of words. What can I say? Nothing. Nothing is going to make it go away. Nothing is going to make them feel better. And I hate it. Please say a prayer for both of these strong women. KC and DG. Darn, downer again.

If you know me, I am not good at landscaping. Which is ironic, since I am an artist. Well, here's the proof that I am a moron. (THIS IS WHERE HILARIOUS PICTURE OF MY LANDSCAPING WE STARTED GOES.) We started putting in this gorgeous border, not taking into consideration that our yard
is sloped. Yep, straight to the side as it goes across. Our border looks ridiculous. And if it ever stops raining, we'll be pulling that out and redoing it with more of a retaining rock. To our neighbors, sorry you have to look at it!

I just took a shower. And as my thoughts distracted me, I conditioned my face. Yes, hair conditioner on face. I guess it should be silky smooth. But, if I look a little greasy tomorrow, give me a break.

Public Service Announcement: SUNSCREEN IS GOOD. (or perhaps a hat!) Remember, that if you part your hair in early Spring after a long Winter, wear a hat in the sun.
And give me a break if you see flakes in my hair. Yep, my scalp is peeling. I know, I'm awesome.

This post is dedicated to my DZ Sisters, who according to the posts on FaceBook, miss my blog! I was asked to "come back" and that makes me happy!! I love you guys......

And I just realized there was a lot of "downer" to this post. Sorry about that. I guess that's what's on my mind today.

Well, crap, I just deleted the cutey-cute signature, too. Figures.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is it possible?

Has it realllly been a year?!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm so excited to announce...
I'm a new Design Team Member of

How exciting is that?? (Pretty stinkin' exciting!)

TWO CHICKS is run by a wonderful girl named Christie and she sells all the cutie-cute Scrapbooking shirts that you see at the scrapbook conventions!

This is the next t-shirt I want to get! It's so cute!!
But, if this one doesn't suit you....then pick one of the many, many more!

So, I am so excited about this.

Because....I get to start creating with some of this fun stuff just released at CHA LAST WEEK!!

The whole collection is called Chicken'N Stuff!

And individually known as Chick'N Noodles:

Which is a collection of single color ribbons, both print and solids.
Chick'N Noodles has over 12 yards of trims, cords, ribbons, laces and fibers to use for all your crafting needs. And being that I am addicted to ribbon, this product is right up my alley!!!
(or would that be down on my farm?!)

Next up is Chick'N Feathers:
Which is a collection of all kinds of soft embellishments for your page! These could include flowers, padded appliques, crochet flowers, real feathers, and more!

And last, but certainly not least is Chick'N Feed:Now, for being chick'n feed, this is some darn good stuff! (ha ha!!)
I just love this stuff! This could include rhinestones, including flowers, sequins,
glass pebbles, acrylic accents, brads, clips and buttons!

And, just for the release there are some Limited Edition Rainbow Chick'N Stuff!
If you're interested in those, go thee here and check them out!

I love them all!

So, stay tuned! Soon, you'll be seeing some new creations by me for Two Chicks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, darn blogger...

Sorry I took so long to Post....

So, I typed up a huge post...and stupid blogger WILL NOT let me copy and paste it! I am so irritated. I tried to copy it a few days ago, but couldn't get it to do it. I assumed I WAS doing something wrong. Well, nope, Big Daddy confirmed it wasn't me. ARGH! I am so frustrated.

DARN! I have to retype the whole thing!!! Boo!!

So....without further adieu...this is the other days blog post:


I have to admit it, I've been intimidated to start blogging again. What? Me? The girl who used to document her whole life is hesitant about blogging again? Doesn't that seem a bit dramatic? But, honestly can you blame me? (and if you know me at all...drama is to be expected!) I haven't blogged on a regular basis since we left Kansas over 13 months ago. Will you still love me and my blog? Will you still read and comment? Or have you moved on without me? Will you care if I come back?

Truly, I have tried many, many times to pick up where I left off, but it was just too hard. Trying to decide how to start again. And how to explain where I had been and why. I mean, my blog name is "The Real Roxann" and I pride myself on being real. Being honest. And I always try to blog real...meaning a real, true and honest look at my life and my feelings...the good, the bad and the ugly.

There were some serious situations going on in our home during the end of the year 2008. Life felt very uncertain: hard, scary and way stressful! It started the end of October and continued for several months after we moved to Ohio on Dec. 19th, 2008. The things that were going on were so serious. And we couldn't talk to anyone about it. And so I couldn't blog about it. And keeping it all inside was so, so hard.

As our daily struggles became weekly struggles and then became monthly struggles, I didn't want to blog. I just couldn't use my blog as a constant place to whine and moan about how much life sucked then. I didn't want to do it and I figured that no one would want to hear it.

Believe me, I know that despite our struggles, we have it pretty good. But, that doesn't mean it's all sunshine and roses. The past 15 months have been some of the hardest times so far. Sometimes rocky. Sometimes filled with fear, uncertainty and the underlying questions of whether or not we had made the right decisions and how to deal with the complications caused before and after the said decision.

And I just couldn't bring myself to blog about it. And then, there is the privacy issue. Since much of this revolved around my husband, I had to be very careful of what I could say. Because in his business, you never know who is reading.

Anyway, as things started to get a bit easier as the months go by. I really wanted to blog again. But, I could not figure out where to start. Should I explain where I've been? Should I share the things you missed? Should I tell you about the changes in our lives? Should I tell you about the struggles?

Bottom line, if I am who I say I am. Real. Then, I have to.

Towards the end of our time in Kansas, we were facing some very troublesome conditions. Big Daddy’s job situation was horrible. The management at his station didn’t know what the hell the were doing and managed to dismantle nearly 2 years of blood, sweat and tears he had put into that station. He was turning that place around and they came in and ripped it apart. It was horrible and a blow that he took personally. (although, it had nothing to do with him. When you work for a family-owned business and you are not part of the “family,” you can often be taken for granted and disrespected. And, that along with the fact that Ike’s boss, the General Manager was fired with NO warning and her job, along with his own, was dumped into his lap, for a measly $10K more a year. (his boss was making mid-6 figures!) With that addition, the stress level in the workplace had become unbearable and the environment had become hostile. It became clear that we had to go. For my darling husbands sanity, it was not an option to stay. (my sanity, too!)

So, we began the job search again. Not believing we were we “doing this again.” For heaven’s sake, we hadn’t even been in Kansas for 2 years.

In short time, the job interviews were coming in. Some seemed interesting, some seemed downright frightening. (hello…job in Bakersfield, CA?!!! Um, no thanks! I don’t want to move to the “armpit” of California!)

Anyway, after some interviews and some opportunities…
The job in Columbus, OH was the front runner.

So, the house was listed and within weeks of the decision to “move on” we were moving! Between that and trying to maintain some sense of normality and not let anyone know of our plan to leave, it was a difficult time.

At first, Big Daddy was going to move without us, as we had done before. But, it became clear to make it through these trials, we needed to all be together. So, in a last minute change of heart, the decision was made that we’d all be going!

Key the calls to the new company to request a bigger corporate apartment and new arrangements. Then, key Mama to take care of all the details for everyone to move in less than 3 weeks!

And 2 ½ weeks later, on Dec. 19th, 2008, we moved the 900 miles from KS to OH, with 2 completely loaded cars. We had us, the 4 kids, the Winter clothes, the Christmas presents, the dog, the cat, the 5 fish (loaded in a makeshift “tank” constructed of air tubing and an empty milk jug.)

The journey was exciting and progressing fine, until we stopped at a roadside motel, looking for a decent place to stop and rest. And after paying, Big Daddy deemed it disgusting and we were moving on….. Then, Marinne got sick on both ends. We ended up just pressing on and driving all night long to get her settled.

We arrived in Columbus at 5:30am and so began our new life here.

It was hard, those first months. Everyone was terribly homesick for Topeka, for we loved it so much there. We missed our friends. We missed our life there. This was a hard adjustment!

And then, the depression set in. For everyone, from Big Daddy all the way to the baby girl.

After all, we were a family of 6, downsized from a 2000 sq. ft. house to a 1100 sq. ft. apartment, in the middle of Winter.

But, as Spring came, we found ourself with only a few weeks left in our Corporate apartment and our house in Kansas still on the market after 4 ½ months. Talk about scary.

But, we progressed with house hunting on faith. And we found a beautiful home. See PHOTOS of HOUSE here. And we closed on March 27th…with just a few days to spare on the timetable. And within days, we closed on our house sale in KS. It was awful, we lost a TON of money, but at least it was done.

And since then, we’ve very slowly tried to find out new life. Over the Summer, we spent parts of June and the entire month of August in Oklahoma. We were really missing home.

It wasn’t until Fall, that we really started settling in.

We’ve been working on getting furniture for a formal dining room, we’d never had before. And now, we are preparing to replace the furniture that we’ve had for over a decade, that is completely falling apart. That’s the plan for later this month.

And finally, we are finding a new “normal.”

Ike is very stable in his job. He’s already received 2 promotions in the year we’ve been here….and just completed an excellent score by the General Manager of the station in his 1 Year Review!!! Way to go Big Daddy!

Ike bought a motorcycle he’s been re-doing and that takes a lot of his time. And he’s doing honey-do’s around the house…which amounts to putting up more storage and building a room for Logan in the basement!

Logan is excelling in 8th grade, despite the fact he is carrying 3 classes that are high school level. Poor baby has hours of homework every night! He's got a 3.844 GPA!! And just last week, he’s been chosen as one of 15 students in the entire school to join the Science academic bowl team! Woot!

Jensen has finally settled in nicely. Loves his teachers. And they love him. Really making progress in reading. Made scads of friends. And if he has his animals, he’ll be just fine. (he’s just like his Aunt Sis.)

Griffin is progressing great in First Grade. He’s reading like a champ and has made a good friend who lives on the next street over. (unfortunately, John is moving to New Zealand next year!) He’s found a love for Lego’s this Fall…and got almost nothing but Lego’s for his birthday. (his choice!)

Marinne is getting big. I decided to keep her home and home school her, rather than send her to preschool. She knows letters, colors, shapes, numbers and she can do most of Griffin’s first grade Math. She’s on a path of educational excellence, just like her older brother, Logan. AND we enrolled her in Ballet, Tap and Tumbling at a dance school in our town. She loves it.

And me….I’m still scrappin’! And I’ve become a busy PTO mom again. And I unpacked my scraproom. It’s basically done, but I’m constantly pulling things out as I use them, so it’s always a work in progress. And over the past few weeks, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. (since Dec. 22nd) I’ve cranked out work for 2 manufacturers and I’ve done 20 cards, 3 projects, 1 2pg. Layout and 2- 1pg. Layouts! No wonder I’m tired!!!!

And add to that, Logan had strep, Griffin had an upper respiratory infection, 2 ear infections and a sinus infection.

Marinne had a birthday on Dec. 23rd and she turned 5. Yep, FIVE!!!! Can you believe it? (especially my Savannah friends….)

Christmas, New Years and the end of Christmas Break….and here we are in 2010 and I've just had my first scrapbooking trip for the year and preparing to go to Portland for Trip 2 this week.

I guess, since I didn’t blog last year and I’m lame and didn’t send out Christmas greetings of any kind….I guess I’ll give you sneak peeks of our life last year.

Any other suggestions of what you’d like to hear about and how I can make up for lost time?

Please…just love me again……


Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm coming back....I really AM!!!!

Last year was so difficult, over-all that I just didn't want to come on here and use my BLOG as a big, fat whine-ville.....so I didn't blog.

Unless it was reallllly important!

But, I've missed you. And I keep getting emails that you miss me. So, I'll be back very soon.

Unfortunately for time sake, I am designing for 2 companies for CHA and I'm swamped right now. I leave on Thursday for California for a Scrapbook Expo. And I'm flying home on a red-eye all night on Monday morning! GAG!!! So, I may not get to it until I return. But, I promise it's coming!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New {HOUSE}

Well, here it is, my friends.....our new HOUSE!!! I'm just so in love with it!

So...come on in and I'll give you a little tour! This is my front door. It's black, just like my shutters. And I have a little peeky window,
so I can see who is out there! (Don't worry, I have an alarm system, too!)

And don't you just *love* my wood floor?! It's real wood, not laminate! (although, I've had laminate before and realllllly like it....this real wood floor is gorgeous!) The wood goes from the front door into the guest bathroom, down the hall, in the kitchen and in the dining space.

When you stand at my front door, you can see down the entry hall to my kitchen! And what a kitchen it is! I love it. White and bright, with LOTS of space and
I'm loving all the brand new appliances! I am SPOILED!!!!!

When you turn the opposite way, you are looking into our big Family Room or Den, as some people would call it. It's a really big room with a marble fireplace with gas logs!
It's so fun to light that baby up while it's still cold outside at night!

(and the little door to the left is my laundry room, which even has a big, deep sink in it! *loves* It's smaller than I would like, but I'm sure I'll live! :) When you walk thru it, it leads to the garage. Nope, no pics of that....it's boring~)

Back inside, standing in the kitchen, you look into my formal Dining Room. Don't you just love that chair rail and the crown molding?!?! Oh darn, now that I have 2 eating spaces, I guess I'll be forced to go out and buy some new dining furniture!!!! (Sorry, Big Daddy....ps. leave the credit card on my bedside table!
Ha Ha Ha!!)

When you stand in the dining room and look towards the front of the house, you will see our Formal Living Room. What a nice space! More crown molding, a patterned wall treatment
and windows with wood blinds....what's not to love?!?

Then, turn your body to the right and your looking back at the front door! (We just made a big tour circle!) There are 2 doors to the right of front door....the first is ::drumroll, please::
MY SCRAPROOM!! And next to it, is the guest bathroom! So, when you come over and we stay up super late scrappin'...we only have to walk a few feet to get to the potty!

Let's check out MY SCRAPROOM!!!!!!

Take a peek into the door! Isn't my window beautiful?!?! And I have a tall, vaulted ceiling! (and a kid in the hall ruining my picture!)

And here's that guest bath and the banister leading up the stairs! And a peeky into the guest bathroom! Up the stairs, we go! (hmm...I'm now thinking I should have videotaped this tour!)

Anyway...look to the right.....3 big bedrooms a full bathroom and a huge linen closet! Then, look to the right at the top of the stairs and you have the master bedroom,
walk-in closet and bathroom! This picture is actually in the room and shows the little cubby corner where our big mirrored dresser and hutch will fit perfectly!

We have a vaulted ceiling and lots of space!!! And now a peeky into the master bathroom.

Luv, luv, luv the tall cabinets and double sinks! Woot Woot!! And when you look at that bathroom window, I have a perfect view of the 614 acre federally protected wildlife preserve!!!! It's marshes and ponds and has birds and animals galore! I haven't seen all of these animals, but from what I hear there are 300+ species of birds over there, deer, raccoon, ducks, geese, brown bats and who knows what else. I'm cool with that, as long as they stay over there! If I came face-to-face with any of those critters...I'll freak!!!
(you must remember, I am a C.I.T.Y. Girl!!!!!!)But, for now, I am enjoying the views! (and sounds!)

SO Peaceful out here!

And I can't wait to get completely unpacked and settled!

So, who's gonna be the first to come visit?!?!

IT'S TIME........

to SHAKE this BLOGGY up!!!!!

As you see...changes are under way!

Too bad I have NO CLUE how to do this stuff~
(anyone want to help me?)

HTML experts...email me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kare Bear

I'm heartbroken to say that Kari passed away today in the arms of her mother. It was peaceful and it was time. She's an angel now.

Thanks sincerely for all the prayers. They were answered. It was time for her to no longer suffer and God took her home.


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