Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The Real Roxann
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***edited to add new comments***


I am about to get my 5000th visitor to my site
very soon!

**edited to add.....I believe it will occur sometime before
the end of the month of September **


Do you know that over the weekend I had 331 visits to my blog on Saturday and Sunday alone?!! (mostly thanks to J posting my nightmare in my scraproom story on 2Peas!) And out of those 331 visits to that one blog post......only 9 comments were posted.
...can you believe that?!

So, my point is every single day I see people who are visiting my blog, but never, ever commenting! (thanks to my faithful friends who comment all the time!)
Anyway, I wish people would comment and let me know your reading, just say hi, throw in your opinion, anything!!!!!


I'm gonna give a prize to VISITOR 5000 to my Blog.
But, here's the catch. You must be visitor 5000 and you must leave me a comment. In other words, if you visit the blog and you're number 5000, but you don't post a comment.....then, it doesn't count. In that case, the next person after 5000 that leaves a comment will WIN!!!!!
Does that make sense?

(yes, I am bribing you guys to leave comments....what can I say?!?! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!!)

Now....I have no idea what the prize will be yet, but it will
probably be something fun and it will probably also be something
that isn't very expensive. (after all.....I have 4 kids who all need Winter clothes! It got down to the 40's here last weekend!!)

Most likely, it will be scrapbooking related!

Honestly....I just don't know yet! I need to go shopping!!!



Remember to post a comment or you can't win!!!!!!!

**edited to add**
The 5000 comment does not have to be made on THIS post. The 5000th visit & comment can be made on ANY post!!

(my site meter will tell me in most cases...who the person is that was visitor #5000 and then I will go see if this person has indeed left a comment that makes them the CONTEST WINNER. If not, I will defer to the next visitor after #5000 that leaves a comment.)

Clear as mud, right?!?!

I guess my point is.....if you never comment, you definitely
will not win this contest!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

See...I just posted this 14 minutes ago and I've already had 5 more visits to my blog....and NO COMMENTS!!!

angie said...

you have become the hightlight of my day!! this blog makes me smile everyday! sorry i dont always post!

Elizabeth said...

So do YOU get the prize if you're the 5000th visit to post a comment Rox? LOL
I always check your blog every day, even if I don't post a comment! I'll try harder!

Anonymous said...

A stalker isn't supposed to leave comments. Half the time I don't think you'll even remember who I am, (Amber's Mormon friend), and I stalk your blog like 10 times a day. DO all those hits show up as separate hits, or ar they counted together b/c it's from the same computer?

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Hi Catherine!

Of course I remember you, you dork!!!

How are you doing?? Aren't you preggers? (or did I dream that) How's the pregnancy going?

To answer your question....they all register as separate hits/visits.

Post more often....I didn't even know you were reading! (and fyi Amber is like the worst reader who never leaves me a post, ever!)

To Angie....I'm glad you like my blog.....keep posting, it's good to hear from you.... PS...I don't have your email addy

Elizabeth....ha! That would be funny wouldn't it? But, no, I would defer it to the next person who leaves me a comment after #5000, if it happens to be me!!!

Did you finish your interview?

RickertsZoo; Summerfield, NC said...

OMG.....I haven't been to visit in a very long time....I scrolled with trepidation to get to your momma's memory....but have run out of time and have actually breathed a sigh of relief. I just don't know if I am up to a tear jerker tonight.
I have a few comments....
first to my new crammer wearin' friend....have you forgotten to take a crammer out and put a 2nd one in???? Of course, childbearing hips make that feat extra easy!
It's amazing when you pull one out and there is still a string! A double take, a minutia fear of Alzheimers and then a quick prayer to ward off TSS and then you cram away again.

Love the pink monkey pics/story. We have all been there! My favorite is Faith's similar looking happy face when she was 2 on Gracie's wall in lipstick...but mural size. The happy face took up most of the bedroom wall! GORGEOUS and GRANDIOSE!

Congrats on the continued weight loss. Our pastor reminded us that self control doesn't just come from self....God helps! I'm working on that one now.


Stacy Armstrong said...

You will have contest junkies out the wazooknee!! he he he....HEY!! Where's the link to the 2peas nightmare thingy......How did I miss that???

Elizabeth said...

Rox, I tried getting on to blogger, but it's not letting me for some reason. I'll try again tonight! :)

KTluvs2Craft said...

Hi there! You are so awesome to keep up with your blog the way you do and check others too (and comment!) Thanks for all of the comments on mine. The only ones (to this point) that read mine are family and they rarely comment. Mom didn't even know that she could, lol. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement. You are doing great with WW. I need to get back on the wagon!

FlipFlop Mom said...

YOu are so cool!! I love Contests.. but I love reading your blog just about everyday!!!!

You ROCK!! Ü

Karen said...

Ummm, I'm too busy these days to comment on my own blog!!!!haahaa! You remember how much fun moving was, now don't ya? Seriously, I love your blog and I am not surprised to see others do too.

Stacy Armstrong said...

Just posting to increase my odds o winning...........LOL!!

Kerry said...

This is a great idea!
I may have to "borrow" it if I ever get NEAR 5000 visitors, lol.

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