Friday, September 7, 2007

{My Little Student}

So, Griffin started Pre-K this week. Here he is w/ his
backpack in tow, ready to head to the preschool.

Here my big boy is in front of his school. It's a private school. It was the best I could's a NAEYC Accredited school. (this is like Riverfield Country Day School in Tulsa that I used to teach at --and like Savannah Country Day) I was teaching at Riverfield while we were going thru the accreditation process. As a teacher, I remember exactly how strict and stringent the requirements were to receive this accreditation. So, I feel certain that this Pre-K program will be able to provide Griffin with an excellent environment for
his learning and educational and social growth this year.
(I only wish we could afford to send Marinne, as well.
She really wants to go to school, too!!
So much so, she beat Griffin to the door!!!)

Once he was in the door, he headed straight down
the hallway to his classroom.

I was so proud of how "big" he was! He went straight to the door and after a final kiss and a hug from Mommy, he went right in. If he hadn't been to school before, this one final look would have sent me running to this.....

I thought this was a very nice touch! (man, I love this school!)

But, alas, I was too worried about getting home in a hurry to get THIS PRINCESS

home for her nap!! Due to the Pre-K schedule, it's throwing a monkey wrench into Marinne's very long napping schedule. (She's used to taking a 3+ hour nap, from like 1pm till after 4pm every day!) And now we don't get her in bed till about 1:15pm and I have to wake her at 3:15pm to run back to the preschool and pick up Honey. (Have I ever told you that's what she calls Griffin? She almost never calls him Griffin, it's always Honey.)

Poor baby girl is so disoriented when I rush in and wake her, but she actually seems to be taking it all in stride. She will take her paci and throw it in her bed and smile and say,
"Go get Honey now?"

And, we do.

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Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Does it get any cuter than this? Hope he enjoys school!

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