Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The New {HOUSE}

Well, here it is, my friends.....our new HOUSE!!! I'm just so in love with it!

So...come on in and I'll give you a little tour! This is my front door. It's black, just like my shutters. And I have a little peeky window,
so I can see who is out there! (Don't worry, I have an alarm system, too!)

And don't you just *love* my wood floor?! It's real wood, not laminate! (although, I've had laminate before and realllllly like it....this real wood floor is gorgeous!) The wood goes from the front door into the guest bathroom, down the hall, in the kitchen and in the dining space.

When you stand at my front door, you can see down the entry hall to my kitchen! And what a kitchen it is! I love it. White and bright, with LOTS of space and
I'm loving all the brand new appliances! I am SPOILED!!!!!

When you turn the opposite way, you are looking into our big Family Room or Den, as some people would call it. It's a really big room with a marble fireplace with gas logs!
It's so fun to light that baby up while it's still cold outside at night!

(and the little door to the left is my laundry room, which even has a big, deep sink in it! *loves* It's smaller than I would like, but I'm sure I'll live! :) When you walk thru it, it leads to the garage. Nope, no pics of that....it's boring~)

Back inside, standing in the kitchen, you look into my formal Dining Room. Don't you just love that chair rail and the crown molding?!?! Oh darn, now that I have 2 eating spaces, I guess I'll be forced to go out and buy some new dining furniture!!!! (Sorry, Big Daddy....ps. leave the credit card on my bedside table!
Ha Ha Ha!!)

When you stand in the dining room and look towards the front of the house, you will see our Formal Living Room. What a nice space! More crown molding, a patterned wall treatment
and windows with wood blinds....what's not to love?!?

Then, turn your body to the right and your looking back at the front door! (We just made a big tour circle!) There are 2 doors to the right of front door....the first is ::drumroll, please::
MY SCRAPROOM!! And next to it, is the guest bathroom! So, when you come over and we stay up super late scrappin'...we only have to walk a few feet to get to the potty!

Let's check out MY SCRAPROOM!!!!!!

Take a peek into the door! Isn't my window beautiful?!?! And I have a tall, vaulted ceiling! (and a kid in the hall ruining my picture!)

And here's that guest bath and the banister leading up the stairs! And a peeky into the guest bathroom! Up the stairs, we go! (hmm...I'm now thinking I should have videotaped this tour!)

Anyway...look to the right.....3 big bedrooms a full bathroom and a huge linen closet! Then, look to the right at the top of the stairs and you have the master bedroom,
walk-in closet and bathroom! This picture is actually in the room and shows the little cubby corner where our big mirrored dresser and hutch will fit perfectly!

We have a vaulted ceiling and lots of space!!! And now a peeky into the master bathroom.

Luv, luv, luv the tall cabinets and double sinks! Woot Woot!! And when you look at that bathroom window, I have a perfect view of the 614 acre federally protected wildlife preserve!!!! It's marshes and ponds and has birds and animals galore! I haven't seen all of these animals, but from what I hear there are 300+ species of birds over there, deer, raccoon, ducks, geese, brown bats and who knows what else. I'm cool with that, as long as they stay over there! If I came face-to-face with any of those critters...I'll freak!!!
(you must remember, I am a C.I.T.Y. Girl!!!!!!)But, for now, I am enjoying the views! (and sounds!)

SO Peaceful out here!

And I can't wait to get completely unpacked and settled!

So, who's gonna be the first to come visit?!?!

IT'S TIME........

to SHAKE this BLOGGY up!!!!!

As you see...changes are under way!

Too bad I have NO CLUE how to do this stuff~
(anyone want to help me?)

HTML experts...email me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kare Bear

I'm heartbroken to say that Kari passed away today in the arms of her mother. It was peaceful and it was time. She's an angel now.

Thanks sincerely for all the prayers. They were answered. It was time for her to no longer suffer and God took her home.


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