Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wanna see down my pants?!?!!!

You know you want to!!!!

Check it out.....these are my pants
that I can no longer wear, because they
literally FALL OFF as I walk...
And they aren't the only pair that are like that. If I can keep the weight off, I'll need all new clothes by Spring.

Amazing, isn't it?!?!


Tam said...

You better watch out...all the pervs are going to love these pictures!!!! Way to go Rox!
You persnal Cheerleader is now doing a cheer for you. UM can you image all of me doing that lol lol

Kerry said...


Anonymous said...

Um...what the hell is on your underwear??? Perfume bottles? Hair brushes??? Please solve the mystery, it's killing me! :)

the real ~Roxann~ said...

that would be lipstick, hearts, perfume bottles, hair brushes...ya know all that "girly" stuff!!!

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