Wednesday, October 31, 2007



kara (intx) said...

1.) lookies:

2.) awesome pics. did you guys have fun tonight?

3.) i miss you!

4.) you suck...i am on the hunt for grungeboard now.

5.) uhhhmmmm...lost my train of thought. i need a diet coke.

talk soon!

karen said...

They look fantastic! Little M is so cute!!! Now are you going to toss the candy miss WW? I am lucky because Drew only got a little and then tired out. I can resist a handful of treats but buckets full get me in trouble.
- Karen

Tam said...

M costume Rocked like you said! All the other guys are such boys. I have that here too. I think maybe next Year I will dress P as a girl. LOL just wishing

OK it is NOV 1st dish it all girl!

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