Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Weight Loss Challange Card....

This week's Challange:

Card Prompt
: Eating out—do you avoid eating out? Do you pick something healthy on the menu? Or do you indulge and enjoy? Where is your favorite healthy place to go?
How often do you eat out?

Maybe look at the good and the bad when it comes to eating out.

By the time I get down to my desk~~I've usually half forgotten what the card prompt was. I knew this one was about restaurants and eating out.
So, I went with it.

Then, when I came to take pictures, I was surprised how I actually addressed some questions, but left some out. But, that's why they are mine, I guess!

It was hard to "photograph" this card. Since my whole "book" of cards is made of the same line/colors repeating thru the book....I wanted to try something a little different (but the same...) So, I was playing with Modge Podge and Memory Makers white glaze.....

The front of the card has a sheen (well, a glaze) and I had a hard time getting a good picture of it. (where's amber when I need her for camera guidance...she'd probably know how to do it.)

Anyway, here they are!


Patter Cross said...

Oooh, I love how you pick your meal online before you go! What a great tip!!! And Mexican is one of my favorites too! Yum! Your cards are great!! TFS!

Tam said...

Rox your cards are great...want to make me some...I suck at things like that...I can write it down but not make it all pretty like you do.

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