Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Lessons!

To make a pumpkin like the one on the are the steps!

First, get your pumpkin colored cardstock:

And grab your Coluzzle knife, mat and oval template.

Cut out 3 ovals, the size you want your pumpkin.
(I used the 2nd groove for these...)
Then, once you have them cut out, grab your
Colorbox Cat's Eye ink in Chestnut Roan (my and Amber's favorite!)

And ink up those edges:

Put 2 of the ovals side by side (or slightly overlapping, depending on how fat your want your resulting pumpkin to be.)

Flip over the 3rd oval and apply adhesive to the back of the oval.
(I used Tombow Mono Adhesive here....)

Then, take that 3rd oval and center it over the 2 bottom ovals.
Press down to stick all 3 ovals together.

To make the vines and stem:

Vines: Cut a very thin piece of dk. brown cardstock with your trimmer.
I just break it into a shorter length and curl the end between my fingertips.
Repeat with 2nd piece, rolling it the opposite way.

Stem: Then cut a small stem from dk. brown and cut it diagonally w/ scissors.

Flip pumpkin over and glue stem in the center and the vines, one to each side.

Flip pumpkin over and admire your work!!!!

(you can also make this pumpkin using an oval punch, which is how I had seen it made before.)

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Tam said...

That is great So now can you make me one...because I suck at that kind of stuff. I really do.


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