Friday, October 5, 2007

sorry, my friend, but I just had to blog it.....

....someone I know is considering getting a breast enlargement. (no smartie pants readers, it's not me... I have to lose a 100lbs first! And then, seriously, I don't need an enlargement. I just need a lift so I can have some good lookin' melons, like I used to have,

instead of these
darn fruit rollups
8 pregnancies and breastfeeding 4 kids

has left me with!!!!!)

Anyway, since she's been thinking about it, she actually took the next step and went to see a doctor about it.

They explained to her about the sizing (which surprisingly is not in cups...such as adding a tiny cup worth or my cup runneth over...just kidding....A, B, C or D size...) They measure them in cc's. Which, if you think about it makes know a medical procedure and all. But, seriously, what does a cc correlate to? I have no idea... Does anybody that's not in the medical field know?

What she learned is the smallest size implant they even make is well, pretty sizable! :-P

Well, already this causes alarm in her because she has a smaller frame and only wants to add a little, not a lot. Ok, she wants to actually feel like she has "something."

So, they give her this "special bra" with the smallest sized boobies to try on.

***now, this is where I'd love to post her pics that they took, to ask for your honest opinions....but she would KILL ME!! So, I will refrain, unless she gives her blessing***
::hint, hint!! wink, wink!!:: ;-)

From the front, it looks nice. Different, but nice. But, she is
seriously scared when she turns to the side. I mean, how does a woman of our age who has never had any sizeable boobies react to going thru puberty now. Well, just like any 14 year is a shocking sight to see. And she is quickly overwhelmed by what she sees.
Oh. My. Gosh.
But, can you really blame her??

Maybe, she should consider re-reading this....

It might make her feel better....

You know, I have often joked about this as a "goal" for me when I lose my weight. And yes, I would love my boobies to come back up where they belong. (again, if you have to roll those babies up to get them in your bra....that's not really a good thing....) But, honestly, I don't know
if I would ever actually do it. I mean, seriously, I even hate IV's and wouldn't I have to do that? Ummm...yep, I would.
So, I just don't know I'd go thru with it.

And, anytime you have surgery, there are risks.
Here are a list of 48 reasons not to get a boob job
that I found. (It does contain lightly censored nudity. After all, we are talking about boobs, here...)
**and I swear, they are looking at me!!!***
Do not read this, my thinking about surgery friend,
unless you are willing to be freaked out.

But, most surgeries come with benefits, as well. Or they wouldn't bother to do them. Some surgeries give you life. Some surgeries give you a second chance at life. Some surgeries give you the chance to have a different life. And breast augmentation surgery is one of those. It gives you the opportunity to live your life and feel different. Feel better about yourself. Gain some confidence. Feel womanly.
(no...I'm not saying that your boobs determine how much of a woman you are....I'm just saying that society causes us to judge ourselves so harshly. Trying always to fit in. To meet the insane standards put out there in the media.)

But the question is, do the benefits outweigh the risks?
I don't know.....

So, in the interest of being a good friend....
I'm doing research. Starting with you, my internet buddies...

Have you ever had a breast enhancing procedure done?
Were you happy with the results? Did you regret it? painful was it?
How long did it take you to recover?
If you had it all to do over again, would you?
Do you know someone who has done this?
What was their experience?

Seriously, everyone tell me what you think.....

Anyone who wishes to respond privately, then I email it to me at and I will repost it for you anonymously.......

(stacy....maybe with your job you could give us all some interesting and informative insight....)

On with the research.........

Next, I hit the internet.
I found this article on and I thought it was
well-rounded and reliable (from Mayo Clinic.)

Obviously there is a lot of info, of every opinion on this subject. I guess the important thing consider the source and only choose reliable sources of information.
Everything else...should be taken with "a grain of salt."

Oh, and beware, there are some frightening pics and info out there.....just remember to weigh both sides and
decide what is right for you......
...nobody can tell you what's right for YOU.
Only YOU can make that choice.....

After hearing those cons, it makes me want to check out
other options rather than surgery.....

Now, if you want to consider less "invasive" methods of are some recommendations of what you might want to try:

First, our "pre-teen" 1980's boobie exercises:

**endorsed in the movie Grease by Marty...

**also by Margaret (see book above)... this must help, right?!

(Well, if not.....doing a billion breast exercises in front of the mirror while flapping your arms and flexing your chest walls has got to be considered as an exercise that raises your heart rate and does something for your body, right?!)

Ok, fine....naysayers.....try these:

The "super-duper push-up bra"
officially known at JCP as
Flirtitude Racerback Push-UP Bra
Obviously, this bra has some major "push-up" power to it.
First, racer back, automatically "lifts the girls up" because of the angles that it is cut in. And it's only $15!

Then, this bra has "push up padding" to take what
you've got and "bring it to the forefront!!"

Can you say CLEAVAGE, BABY?!?!

I have some similar bras and they work wonders!

The other options I found....I am in love with this companies' cute and clever marketing ideas!
(and apparently Oprah likes their undies!)

The company makes 2 different breast enhancing products with super cute names....

The first is "Takeouts," (get it?)
which are silicone bra inserts that will add a full cup size with out permanent commitment. (this is exactly what I was talking to you about, MY FRIEND, that you should get and wear them around all the time for at least a see how you like the "look" of bigger boobs.) But, you'd have to be committed to the project, wearing them all the time. You won't be able to remove your inplants...ya know! (even sleep in's different to sleep w/ boobs, especially if you are a stomach sleeper.)

The second is "Cleavage Cupcakes."

This is the description from their website:

What is the difference between takeouts and cleavage cupcakes?

Takeouts, our first product, are a bit softer and allow for a variety of useful placements within the bra/bathing suit (below for push up, on the sides for cleavage or just over for volume). Cupcakes are all about PUSH UP POWER, and generally are put below the breasts for oomph! Both are made of medical grade silicone and are great at what they do, with cupcakes feeling noticeably firmer and takeouts a bit closer to real breast cushiness.

Either way, I think either of those products could help you decide if you like the "look" before you take the "next big step!"

And, if she wouldn't kill me.....

I'd buy her this, just because I think it's funny!


Life of an Army wife said...

you are a nut!!!!!!! Ive always wanted a boob job!!!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I'm gonna choose to take that as a compliment!!! You love nuts, right?

KTluvs2Craft said...

I am in the process of getting approval from insurance for a "boob job" only I am not going up, I am going down! And the funny thing is, I actually bought that jar! lol Good luck to your friend. Just tell her to think about it carefully. Sometimes bigguns are not all they are cracked up to be! That being said, my SIL had hers done 6 years ago and loves them!

Anonymous said...

cc=cubic centimeters, I am pretty sure. It's a volumetric measurement.
My friend who is a size 2 went from a small A to a full C. I thought she looked a little lopsided b/c her butt is so small, but they are good boobs. She, however, felt like they were still too small and wants to get bigger ones soon.
her myspace has a good pic of her girls.
I however, love my little girls and was and still am pissed at how big they have gotten since being preggers. To each their own.

Stacy Armstrong said...

Nurse Armstrong reporting for duty! A cc is a very small amount. Go get your kids medicine cup and look to see if it has cc or ml. You know..... The medicine cups that come with the cold medicine .... 15 ml (cc) = 1/2 ounce. or 5 ml (cc) = 1 teaspoon. Your 48 reasons is the most bogus material I've ever read!! The CNN article was well written. I'm getting me a new set and a thigh lift for my 40th BD.... i.e. after I lose my weight and maintain for 2 years!!

And.....I just got Botox stuck in my face! along with some stuff call Sculptra!!

Stacy Armstrong said... more thing. You can tell the Dr. how many cc you want, but he's going to put in whatever looks right. So say you tell him you only want 150 cc, but after putting it can't tell that he's done anything, he's going to add say, another 50cc so you get the look you want. CC us only a small guide line.

And they have the solid silicone ones now too!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

ya know I didn't write that 48 was just something I found about the I said, everyone has an opinion about it!

I was kidding about the cc thing. (anything for a laugh....) Although, I did not know what cc stood for. (thanks, Cat!)


OMG!!! That stuff freaks me out!
I don't even know what the other thing you mentioned is!!!

All I know is....if someone comes near my face w/ a needle....were gonna have problems!!!! EEK!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ok.. I had a "boob job".. I went down 5lbs!!! BEST and I mean BEST thing I ever did.. I'm 35 and my nipples point RIGHT AT YOU instead of the floor now!!! WOO HOO!! I have an 18 year olds boobies!! Now if the rest of the body would follow... lol lol...

I say.. anyone should do what makes them happy and feel good...!!

And not to put anyone down.. cause that's not my intent.. but NO WAY would I put botulism in my face.. hence ( BOTOX) I'm 35 and still look 25.... and I don't use creams.. or anything funny on my skin.. I don't even wear foundation or anything.. but again.. it's all in what make someone happy... Ü

Amber said...

ok- i seriously miss you girl. I need a good laugh and this REALLY did it for me! why is it that you had to move away from me again?
too too funny- thanks for the info though! lol

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