Tuesday, October 23, 2007

THE obligatory "CKC Happenin's" POST!!!!

Well, so I set off for Kansas City....

running late (I know, I know big shocker!
Shut up.)
without printing any mapquest directions! (super dumb)

So, you know I left town somewhat frazzled.
Plus, directly before I left....it was POURING DOWN rain and freezing, so I got soaking wet and I had to go attend parent/teacher conferences with 4 of Logan's teachers, Jensen's teacher and the school counselor looking like a drowned rat! Needless to say, it was long and some of what I heard was concerning. (now don't go thinking my kids are terrible, they are not. But one is having some issues with reading and spelling......but more on that in the next post, I hope.....)

So, once I got on the road, I was constantly on edge trying not to get lost. And I did fine, until I took a wrong turn. I figured it out within 5 miles (it was dark....give me a tiny break) and turned back around to head the other way.

When I FINALLY reached Downtown KC, I was so confused.
And of course, it is huge and has roads closed for road work. I seriously wanted to cry I was so lost. Kara was waiting on me and although I met her in Tulsa, we are still in "getting to know you" phase. So, I wasn't sure if her phone calls trying to help me were to help me or because she was irritated I was lost and late. But, in the end, it was her info about a tower very near our hotel, that led me to our hotel! Thanks, Kara!! And thanks for not being upset with me!!!! ;-) AND Ironically, I have figured out the tower I was following was the KCTV news channel tower!!!! Ha! I cannot escape the media wherever I go!!! (in addition, on Friday....I am pretty sure I was on tv somewhere. A camera guy was filming me......) Oops, I skipped ahead. Back to Wednesday night......

So, I finally arrived and Kara and I got into our red Hummer H3 that our boss rented for the weekend! I had to call Ike and tease him not to be jealous if we picked up some guys in out totally *rockin'* Hummer!!! HA HA HA!!! As if.... NoT!

So, the word is, you don't do Kansas City w/out doing the BBQ! So, we went to a little BBQ joint downtown. We got a combo platter and Kara and I shared it. It was a bit of a letdown, because we expected it to be better than it was. You know the BBQ isn't good, if the best thing on the plate was the steak fries!
(on the good side, we had enough food for both of us with leftovers!)

So, we went back to the hotel. Got dressed for bed and we were talking and laughing and hanging out. K and I found out we enjoy the same type of music, so that was fun...sharing our tunes!! (reminiscent of trips in the church van on spring break, where you use a splitter and can listen to the same Walkman at the same time!!) Anyway, one ear bud for Kara....one for me! Both of us getting our groove on and singin' like fools!!

So, at one point, I go to the window to check out the KC skyline and you'll never believe what I saw!! (I screamed and started cracking up......so Kara and I had to run downstairs to take pics of this one..........) THE OSCAR MAYER WEINERMOBILE!!
HEE HEE HEE!!!! I touched the weiner.

So, that led to more goofy photos....and this one of Kara and our RED HUMMER H3 is

So, Thursday was "set up" day. For those that don't know....that means work your booty off to get the booth assembled, set-up and looking perfect!!! And, it's hard work. And I love it!!!

So, we get to the convention center and when we pull in,
I see this:

Just the sight of it, my heart starts racing!!!
If I saw it traveling down the road, I would have to seriously
fight off the urge to beg the driver to pull over and see what goodies were inside!!!! LOL!!! :-)

So, to set up for convention......you start with this:
a concrete floor, some tables and booth supplies (what a mess!!) and when you're done....you have a mobile scrapbook store!! Here's the booth, only partially done..... Amazing!!!!
(in fact, the setting up of the booth brings out the inner "Gap window girl" in me.....did I ever tell you I used to dress the windows at the Gap?) Anyway, I really like it! I like
things to be organized and pleasing to the eye....
so this job is perfect for me!!!!

(and can you believe all that stuff was in these 2 containers... aka the pod and the palatainer??)

So, here I am showing you the Fancy Pants.....
mmmmm...I love me some Fancy Pants, don't you?!?!

And let's hear some ahh's and ohh's for the Junkitz!

And have you seen these yummy Junkitz Halloween papers?!? So stinkin' cute...
and this is only part of them....

On Friday the show starts...... and in my normal fashion...I sold all the purple cow trimmers. Even oversold them.
Yea, I rock.

Unfortunately, I have no pics to share because I took no pics at the show at all. I didn't even take my camera because I knew I wouldn't be able to watch it like I wanted to. And if someone stole my precious Nikon D-SLR camera....I would be soooo upset!!

Here's a pic of me one of the mornings before we left. Don't ask me which day......I have no idea!!!
Can you see my pinkish hair?

After it was all said and done.....Kara and I were exhausted!!
Here's our goofy butt picture of that....

I was feeling reallllllly crappy when we took this pic. I was super nauseated. And it just kept getting worse. By the time Kara and I went to Panera for lunch (I didn't eat) and I got on the road, I was reallllly feeling questionable.

Well, I didn't even make it back into Kansas before I puked all over KC, MO and to my horror, in front of about 15-20 drivers whizzing by on the interstate! HOW EMBARRASSING!!!! But, that just tells you exactly how sick I was!
I booked it home and made it in record time. I had to get home and I had to get home right. now. as. soon. as. possible!!

At first I was unsure, but after a full-day of ugly sickness....and then feeling a bit better, Big Daddy and I are fairly sure I had food poisoning. So, in the interest of learning,
according to the internet

is the germ
for my misery!!

It even looks disgusting!
(no wonder it made me sick!!!!)


Tam said...

OOO I am glad u are feeling better. Stalking your post at 2 am my time...lol

Anonymous said...

Omg! This looks like it was soooo much FUN! Geez, maybe I should sell Savannah Scrapbooking and come work with YOU! :)

Kara said...

awww.....i am a label with ya!! i loves it!! i am SO stealing a couple of your pictures. send me some of the weiner pics with me in it!
and uhhh...NO! i was NOT mad at you, just worried someone was going to kidnap you, and make you eat BBQ with them.
we will so do KC right next year!

Kara said...

oh yea!!
miss you!

EFW said...

Love the Oscar Meyer Wiener photo!
Rock on - Roxie!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OHHHHHHHHH I'm so sorry you got sick.. hope you're feeling better!!!!

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