Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've been GIVEN an award by a stranger!!!!!

...and I am so *excited*!!!

This award was given to me by...

So, click on her link above and check out her cute blog!!!!


So...the rules are...I am supposed to Award 5 Bloggers with this
Creative Blogger Award!!

So, without further adieu....I award the following 5 Bloggers:

1. Tammy @ MommaSong
(this blog belongs to my good friend, Tam, who is not only funny, but a really talented writer!!! Her blog is barely a month old. So, show her some BLOG LOVE and leave her a comment!!! ALL BLOGGERS LOVE COMMENTS!!)

2. Kerry @ Curly Girl
(I have been a fan of Kerry's blog for about a year now. She is so, so funny! And a good scrapbooker, to boot!! The best of both worlds!!! And she's super sweet!!!! I love her views on things and she tells such good stories!!! rock!!! Go now & check out her blog!!)

3. Hunzer @ Comfortably Numb
(I love this girl!!! She is funny. She is blunt. She tells it like it is w/ colorful words. ---if you dislike profanity you should probably skip this one--- This girl is awesome!!! She is the most honest and unapologetic friends I have made on the net and I wouldn't have her any other way!!!
Keep rockin' it ~S~ you are the bomb!!!! :-)

4. Jamie @ Savannah Scrapbooking
(I am so happy to call this girl my friend! Miss ya, J! So.....whenever I need some inspiration...I go look at Jamie's blog, her archives and her online albums! I just love her work!!!! If she'd submit her stuff she'd be published alot and famous!!!!! And, her blog posts are mixed with scrappy posts and posts about her life. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always in Jamie style. Read her'll love it! And if you go to Savannah, GA....go check out her FABULOUS NEW STORE LOCATION!!!!! J--is your online store up now?)

It's always sooooo hard to fill the last spot, because it's a decision between many........I suppose if I receive the Creative Blogger Award from someone else I'll be able to finish my list, which is definately longer than 5!!!

5. Amber @ Albums by Amber
(this is another fabulous girl I am happy to call my good friend! Amber is funny, kind and talented! She makes LO's that I love. And she has a heart of gold. What's not to like?!?! And did you know she was the winner of the Carolee's Scrapbook Apprentice contest from last year?!? So, she's a published scrapbook designer, as well!!! Like I said, talented!!)

So....thanks again TINA~~ and I love your blog, too!!!


jamietg said...

I'd like to thank the academy...hee hee! Yes the online shop is open, although it's not as stocked as I'd like it to be, but I don't want to get overwhelmed ya know? I've already had enough orders for Savannah stuff to pay the monthly fee...yeah!

Kara said...

damn. no kara blog love.

talk to the hand. hardy har har!!

talk laters.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

oh man, Kara....don't make me feel bad!!! You blog was right up there, except you are so darn only update every once in awhile!!!! kwim?

Besides...I have to wait to nominate you for when you get your "other" blog up!!!!!!!!

You know I love you!

Everyone check out Kara's blog!!!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh, and last time I got an award, I nom-ed Elsie.....don't tell her I skipped it this time! (although I still LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE HER!!!)

Tam said...

Thank you are my biggest fan. lol lol Have I told you lately that you ROCK.

Tam said...


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