Tuesday, May 1, 2007


~~~Happy Tuesday~~~

~ The closing got pushed from Monday to Tuesday, so I'm still worrying. Let's hope it happens today. ~~ETA...it's done. We no longer own a home in GA. And although they had told us we'd be getting $28 bucks, we got a little MORE! Yea!!

~ WOO HOO!!!! I'm getting another visitor!! Pick your date, Mandy, and let's start planning!!!!

~ I bought my ticket to my 20th class reunion! (Oh my gosh, am I reallllly that old?!)

~ I hate this time of year, where you need winter clothes for the morning and summer clothes by the afternoon. Have you ever had 2 full sets of clothes out for 6 people? Geez.....the clothing messes are making me crazy!!!!

~ A robin built a nest on my back deck. Yep, just sitting on the corner of our back deck. (Why do all the crazy birds follow me?) And now we have 2 pretty blue eggs. Will she lay another today? (they only lay one egg per day) So, it's cool because we can really see what's going on in the nest, but geez....the deck is our space! Go find a tree or something, dumb bird!! (Can you believe this, curly girl?!?! What is it w/ you and me and birds?!)

~ I stamped a teeny bit yesterday. I need to do a bunch more! Why isn't there ever enough time for everything I want to do.

~ Ike's birthday is the weekend. And I do not know what to get him. Seriously, most things he wants....he just buys. Any clever ideas out there??



canary said...

Very interesting blog.

FlipFlop Mom said...

I haven't forgotten about you... !! Just wanted to say that first...

I never ever ever.. put winter clothes away.. bad huh? I live in New England.. you can never be prepared for weather here... Ü

YAY on the closing!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

It's 1 am Wednesday morning, I'm at work goofing off and I'm dyeing to know if you closed on your house. Can I hand deliver the paper work to you in Kansas. Hope all went well today.

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