Friday, May 4, 2007

It's FRIDAY....what are YOU doing this weekend??

Well, Ike and I will be going to the Associated Press awards for his station in Kansas City tomorrow. Thank goodness it won't take the 4 hours there and back like it did to go to Atlanta last year. But, they have won some awards so that's great!

For me, the super bummer part is I didn't get to pamper myself like I did last year. (I have no Sherry P. here to watch M and G while I go have a mani/pedi! Boo hoo!) So, I'll be attempting those tonight on my own. I'll be doing my own hair w/out a haircut and hoping for the best!!! I didn't even go shopping...since we moved, I can wear the exact same outfit I wore last year and no one here will know it!! Hee hee! (well, except Nikki and Kevin B....but I know they won't tell.....)

So, my next mission was to find my Barbie shoes that I need to wear with the dress. The shoes I haven't seen since before packing them in Georgia. Well, that my friends required looking in box city a.k.a. the garage. It took about 45 minutes and of course it was in the box in the middle of the pile, on the very bottom. OF COURSE!!! Fun! But I got them and I was happy! I did not want to spend more $$ on shoes that I already have that have only been worn once.

So, Saturday night when we return from KC, I plan to take Ike out for a date for his Birthday, which is actually Sunday! We will have a few more hours w/out kids! So, that should be fun. If you want his email to wish him a HBD...let me know and I'll email it to him. Poor thing has no friends here....all he does is work!!!! (well, and hang w/ his supercool wife and kids!)

Well, I'm off to get the kids dressed and we've got to hit the mall! Got some gifts to buy!

Oh, and the grumpy bird won't let me anywhere near the nest to photograph it. But there are 4 eggs...she did not lay a 5th. So, I'll try to get some photos soon.

Have a great one!!!!!

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Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

What am I doing.....Making myself crazy ( well, make that crazier). Took Lauren, Chandler and one of Lauren's friends to a Sandgnats Baseball game. UGHH....the game was fine (long), but the kids kept running up and down and all around. "momma, momma, all I heard" and if I didn't hear it, I was looking for them in the crowd. Lauren's friend went home this morning, took Chandler to his baseball game, and ended up taking home a little friend who is spending the night for the first time away from home. I'm freakin hear me (read me) I'm freakin NUTSSSS!!!

Oh that felt good to type that......Thanks Rox. You're a good listener (reader)!!

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