Wednesday, May 9, 2007

more loss....

From the moment I looked out the window this morning to check on Mommy Bird and the Eggies, I knew something was terribly wrong. Now, it's not unusual to find MB off the nest and looking for juicy worms in the morning, but it was the nest fluff that was displaced that alarmed me. As you can see, the soft grass lining of the nest was next to the nest and also down on the deck. As I looked around, searching for visual eye catches the beautiful "robin egg blue" egg upon the deck.


So, with my panic setting in, I burst out the back door and run to the nest. Hoping, just hoping that the eggshell belongs to only one of our eggies. But, I know it doesn't look good....

So, as I hold my breath, I peek into the nest. Nothing. Not one eggie. Poor Momma Bird.

I'm sure she's devastated. It happened to her like it could happen to us. Like all accidents happen. We turn our head for one minute, let our guard down. And BAM! Something horrible happens.

I know it's the Circle of Life and all that, but I am shocked by how truly sad I am. I am mad that some "badder than the MB" animal decided that he'd have an omelet for breakfast.
And I'm truly surprised that I even care based on my past feeling regarding birds.
But it turns out, with a different experience, I began to enjoy her. I began to "expect" her babies as much as she did. I enjoyed watching her every move. Marveling on how perfectly circular her nest was. And admiring her dedication to keeping them dry by spreading her wings over the Eggies in the rain. Watching her roll each Eggie several times a day to make sure they are all warmed evenly. I even enjoyed her "dive bombing," although I found it mostly laughable.
On most days, I'd find myself checking on her. Checking the nest to make sure the Eggies were ok. We even put worms that came in with the floodwater in L and J's bedroom right next to her next, so she could get a snack when she wanted it.
I'm so sorry, BM, for your loss. It was our loss, too. We were excitedly anticipating the hatchlings next week. Thanks for the great memories.


karen said...

My condolences MB! (bm is what I call Drew's poopie)
Do you think the hard rains might have collected in the nest and somehow overflowed and carried the eggs to the ground? I know, unlikely...I just hate to think some fat cat or something ate those darlings.

Anonymous said...

Ah, crap! Once again, Mother Nature takes a swing at our Big Dawg! Come the hell on, this is starting to sound like a country song... "I was soppin' out my laundry room, when mama bird's babies bit the dust..." (Something to the tune of oh my darlin') Sorry, you know I've got to be's just who I am. :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so sorry!! :(
I haven't read your blog in awhile.. so I'm terribly sorry about your flood too.... wahhhhhhh.....

trish said...

Well, I just don't want to talk about it! Maybe her next laying will be better and not so excessable(?).

mandy said...

Bummer!! That would have been so much fun to watch hatch and grow.

Nikki said...

I am freaking crying my eyes out! How incredibly sad! The way you wrote the end really got me! I recently felt the same way about a stupid wasp. It built a nest right next to our basement door and it really freaked me out so I asked Andrew to "take care of it." He told me he didn't have to because freezing weather one night froze the nest and the mom. The thought of that made me so sad. Isn't that messed up? I was all ready to kill them with poison but the thought of that mom trying to keep the nest warm through that cold night really hit me hard. I have issues.

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