Monday, May 28, 2007 I live on the prairie or what?!?!

So, this is the baby Blue Jay bird that we rescued outside our window TWO times today!! You see, when you have a basement, you have these windows that have window wells that lead down to them. (I suppose the windows are so you could escape in case of fire or something....) Anyway, in our front flower bed we have this window well, directly below one of our big trees which has proven very popular for nesting birds. So, this baby must be trying out those new pretty blue wing feathers, but she's not so good yet. And twice, she's fallen/landed down in the well. Then, she just cries her head off (read: slightly annoying bird shrieking) and her mom/dad are at the top of the window well freaking out. So, Big Daddy has opened the window and rescued her. Then, we return her to the tree. But, of course, I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures. (Oh, and L isn't pictured because he was holding back our cat, Christmas, from thinking Big Daddy had gotten him an afternoon snack! Sheez! You shoulda seen that cat switching his tail around after watching these birds up close and personal!)

Jensen is our animal lover. He has a real heart for all things animal. He was very concerned about this baby. He's spent much time watching her after we returned her to the bottom of the tree. He's worried for her safety. He definitely has a soft heart for animals.
Both Griffin and Marinne were just giddy with excitement to see the baby bird up close!

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