Thursday, May 17, 2007


So, since I am still blogging w/out photos, here are my thoughts for today:

~ Sherry comes in 21 DAYS!!!! I even have a counter on my Google homepage!

~ Logan is almost making a D in MATH and I'm going to ground him for so long he won't even remember what the outdoors looks like. This is lack of effort, not lack of knowledge. The little fart!

~ Marinne is getting up earlier and earlier every day and it's killing me!!!

~ I want to hire a housekeeper and I think I'm going to do it!!!! (if I can afford it!)

~ I have to go to Walmart and I am avoiding it big-time!! (blogging, not shopping!)

~ I spent about 1 1/2 hours organizing photos this morning getting ready to crop this weekend. I'm gonna go and make my *awesome* layouts and make them wish they had me. And hopefully, I'll make a friend or two.

~ Kris, I am dying to hear the proposal me or email me. I know you are super busy, but I reallllly want to hear about it. I've been thinking about you all week. And I want to see the "real" pic of the ring. Oh, and when's the wedding???

~ I have an appt. with the therapist on Tuesday. Yay! Can't wait to start layin' some of this on her!

~ Can you believe the postage went up?! Whatever!!! They suck.

~ And the gas prices are REALLLLLY irking me. They suck even more!!!

So, what's on YOUR mind today.........

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