Sunday, May 6, 2007


So, does anyone remember a little story about a flood in a little house that looked like this in GA? Well, we had one, when we lived in the house for less than 6 months. It was caused by a broken hot water pipe and flooded the laundry room, the main bathroom, kitchen and dining room. It sucked. But...that's how we got to redo our whole kitchen, so it turned out great!
So, believe it or not....we've beaten our old record....we are weathering our first flood in this house 2 weeks into our FOURTH month of living here!!!!!
So, here's the site of our most recent flooding....
Can you believe this crap?!? (And yes, we had both houses inspected! We are not idiots, we just apparently have REALLLLLLY BAD LUCK when it comes to floods!)
So, this is what happened. This morning, it's 10am and we are lounging finally relaxing into the day and Ike settling into his birthday, when L and J came running and screaming up the stairs,
"OUR ROOM IS FLOODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT IN THE *&#^%# ?!?!?!?!?!?!
So, we all trip over ourselves to run down the stairs and SURE ENOUGH, Logan and Jensen's room is FLOODED! So, we start grabbing towels and soaking up the water out of the carpet. It was only 15 minutes before every single towel we own is soaked w/ water. So, I start laundry, so we can start the towel soaking again.
The entire length of their room was flooded (about 14 feet long) and in some places the water had already soaked the carpet almost 3 feet into the room.
So, we run outside (where it's still raining cats and dogs...mind you) and the water is pooled outside the house in the flower bed. (ok, ok....yes, it's a weed bed w/ rocks) Anyway, I cannot believe it. I grab the one of the kids' Easter candy bucket and start bailing water. Ike starts digging a ditch to draw the water away from the house. Unfortunately, it isn't helping. It keeps raining harder. We finally decide the only thing we can think of that sand bags. So, Ike goes to Home Depot.
Now...keep in mind....this whole time Ike is getting calls about the severe weather because of his job. Next thing we know....he has to go to work. But, he comes home and throws some sandbags against the house....then runs to work.
So, I come back in and start wet/dry vacuuming the carpet. Oh. my. gosh. Is this a tedious job! I have to be on my hands and knees and suck water out of the carpet with a hose. Over and over and over and over and over and over. It's a killer on the back and the legs! Logan and I took turns doing it. Over and over and over......
So, by now it's a little after noon and all the kids start complaining they are hungry. So, we decide to take a break to eat lunch.
About the time we make sandwiches...Ike shows up at home from work. And he also has a commercial fan to help dry the floor. We pulled up the carpet because the pad is soaking wet and we've have had it running all day and it's still wet down there.
We've called our insurance company and they are supposed to call us back. We have no idea if they will cover this. They may deny it....ya know an "act of God." I'll guess we'll see. I just cannot believe we are doing this AGAIN.
Now, I am in no way comparing ourselves to the victims of the Tornadoes here in Kansas over the weekend. Our hearts go out to them. At least we have a house!!
So, if you know Ike....give him a call tomorrow or drop him an email. He really had a super #$*#(@$ B-day!!!! He could really use a smile!!!
AND is still POURING outside. SEND ME A BOAT!!!!


Karen said...

Poor Ike...what a freak'in crappy birthday! Hope you can salvage another night to do something couple related to make up for it.

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

I don't know if I should find some really sick humor in this or just cry with you. Tell Ike I'm sorry he had a bad B day. I know you know how to make it up to him. (wink). I can't believe you've had 2 floods!!!!Poor thing......wish I was there to help you!!

Elizabeth said...

That sucks! we had lots and lots of rain over the weekend here too, but luckily our house didn't flood. Our upstairs bathroom leaked into our dining room ceiling (we discovered it Sunday night) but that's a whole other story. I'll try to blog it today LOL

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