Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why, yes Kerry....that was a pile of scrapbooks!!!

I've had a question about
<---------THIS flood photo.
(Good eyes, Kerry!!)
Yes, what you are looking at is a pile of 10 Creative Memories scrapbooks, along with 3 packs of page refills and 5 packs of page protectors. These are worth about $500, from my off the cuff estimation!!!
You see, this box is so heavy, that I could not put it up on a shelf, it was sitting on the floor in my "scrapbook storage" closet. When I realized the water had reached the area of the closet, I ran to check....knowing I had 2 large scrapbooking boxes unpacked and sitting on the floor in the closet. These scrapbooks were in one of the boxes.
As I opened the heart was pounding. I knew one of the boxes contained these scrapbooks. And when I looked down to see both boxes obviously soaking wet on bottom, my heart sank. (this just goes to show you how attached to this hobby I really am.) So, I drag the box out and frantically start pulling out albums. And by some miracle, as I reach towards the bottom of the box where the scrapbooks must be ruined....I find the last TWO scrapbooks in a plastic sack....which saved them from the water!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have any idea why just these TWO scrapbooks where in a plastic sack. I wish I could say I pre-thought to pack them this way "just in case we are in another flood." But, truly, I did not. I just got lucky!
On top of the pile is a bunch of photos and memorabilia from early in our marriage that fell out of another box and into a pile of water. I haven't gotten brave enough to see if the pictures are ruined. I'll have to look sometime, but I'm just not ready to do it yet. It makes all this harder. And if they are ruined...I'll be devastated, yet again.
The 2nd scrapbooking box was also sopping wet. But, if you can believe it....there were 2 other scrapbooks in the bottom of the box and they were in plastic, as well. They are dry as a bone.
I didn't lose any scrapbooking supplies. Thank goodness! Thanks to all who expressed concern!!!


Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Whewwwwwwww!! I can sleep easier Girlie!! I really hope you can find a little peace and calm after all this. ((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) least you made me forget all my problemos for awhile!!

Elizabeth said...

That's SOOOOO lucky! Thank goodness!

mandy said...

I'm amazed by your luck. I little light at the end of a tunnel!!

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