Monday, May 7, 2007

the latest as the flood waters recend....

Well, we are better off than many, but it's still not good.

I am exhausted. I have done about 20 loads of laundry today. Seriously.

I have ripped up carpet. I have moved furniture. I have wet/dry vacuumed GALLONS and GALLONS of water. I have squeeged water up. I have wiped up water with towels. My 2 oldest boys are living in the family room. The family room and my scrap room are filled with all the things from the other half of the house that's flooded.

Logan has been a HUGE help. He's been by my side all day. Even comforting me when I cried. Days like today make me very proud of him.

We learned that our homeowners insurance WON'T pay for any of the damage. So, we are on our own to fix it. So, that sucks. But, it wasn't too unexpected. Who knew we'd need flood insurance.

Thanks for all your kind wishes and notes. I appreciate them all. I'm very blessed to call all of you my friends.



Elizabeth said...

why do insurance companies always seem to NOT cover whatever happens???

That sucks!

trish said...

Well,thank goodness you guys are on the better end! I was very concerned when I saw all the people being plucked off the roofs! How's the bird? Did they make it through? Well, just think of us as this "non" tropical, sure does look like a huricane, storm hits tonight or tomorrow. Love ya- Trish

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