Thursday, May 31, 2007

Busy.... in-laws are in town. They are on their way thru to Oklahoma. Yep, they are moving back from Georgia to Oklahoma. The renters have to be out of their house Friday and they start cleaning up and wait for the 1st of their 3 moving trucks.

As usual, these visits have drama. Actually, the drama was before they got here. Somehow when I told her of our busy schedule thru June, it turned into "we don't have time for you" in her mind. Geez. I hate that I can't say anything w/out it being turned around against me. So, anyway, she had an attitude, then Ike nailed her about it and now it's over. She was just fine yesterday when they arrived.

Speak of the devil....they just called and they are on the way over from the hotel. (Yep, they refuse to stay in our home. Weird, I know.) Anyway, I'm sitting here blogging and I gotta go get dressed!!

We are supposed to be doing something today....not sure what, though. I hope the day goes ok.......

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mandy said...

I hope the visit goes ok. In-laws are olny tolerable at short intervals. Mine wants us to come for 2 months and I'm looking for a good excuse to make it 2 weeks tops. :) I'm glad Ike put her in her place!!!

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