Monday, April 30, 2007

And he quietly slipped away......

Just Before the Angels Come

Silently, she sits by his bedside
Watching as he sleeps throughout the day
Confused as to whether to be glad he’s still with her
Or pray that the Heavenly Father
Would send His angels to take him home today.
She knows the time is getting shorter
And at each breath she sees him take
She thanks God for this moment with him
And stays close lest he should wake
Are those angel’s wings that flutter:
Is that the sound that she now hears?
Perhaps in their love and mercy
They will brush away each precious tear.
Faith, hope and trust stay with her
She is sad but all hope is not gone
As turning her eyes toward Heaven
She listens for a Heavenly angels song…

She looks up as if to see them
Those the Father sent for this dear son
And although her earthbound eyes don’t see evidence
Her spirit knows there must be at least one.
One angel bending low to kiss the cheek
Of the child of God for whom the Father waits
One angel to bring him to the Father’s arms
Right through Heaven’s majestic Pearly gates.

- poem by Thena

In Memory


Joey G.

April 14, 1994 - April 28, 2007

Layout by his mother, Jen G.

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