Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Table Retires....

That's right, our Dining Table has just been used for serving it's final dinner.

When we purchased her in early 1998, she was "top of the line." She has a butterfly leaf, hidden inside the center of her that can easily pop up and can seat 8 people. She even came with 6 chairs. (At that time, the only child we had was Logan.....little did we know we would eventually fill up every chair at that little table!)

Over the years, the original chairs (under the use of some rowdy boys) eventually became a little wobbly and all but one eventually broke. Then, when we were in Savannah, I came across some 2nd hand chairs that were nice and sturdy, so I snapped those babies up, even though they didn't match. I got all 4 chairs for $80, which was a steal, since you can pay anywhere from $75 and up per chair, for chairs like these. The drawback, is that they are a light vanilla wood, not dark wood like the table.

I can remember when we got the first marks like

I was so upset. I wanted my beautiful table to be perfect forever. I can remember my MIL telling me a story about Ike's grandpa. It was about when Ike was a baby and his high chair scuffed up his parents table. She was sad, but Ike's grandpa said, "One days, those scuffs will be precious memories." I only met him one time before he died, but what a wise man. My table is filled with VERY PRECIOUS MEMORIES.

Memories of the indentions from writing letters on it and children doing homework on it. See the paint...that's from kids painting projects for school or just painting for fun.

This picture shows a recent memory, it is the new wound the table received during our move from Georgia to Topeka.

This is one of the table legs with our red kitchen paint from Georgia. Somehow, Ike rubbed the paintbrush against the table leg and somehow we never noticed it, until we moved here.

Well, I wasn't really thinking of replacing our dining room table, but the way our house is layed out here, you can see out dining room from the front door. Well, coming thru that door a few times, I realized there was no way that a small table with mismatched chairs was going to give me the "look" I was going for.

Knowing that we were going to buy furniture for our "formal" living room, I asked Ike what he thought about replacing the dining room furniture. At first, he wasn't for it, but once he thought about it, he agreed, it was time to do it.

Well, we ordered our furniture over a month ago. Our furniture should have been here about 2 1/2 weeks ago. So, finally say that they are going to deliver all 17 pieces we have ordered tomorrow. (although, I am sooooo afraid something is going to go wrong tomorrow! Needless to say, they have lost my trust thru the whole ordeal.)

So, what are the tables retirement plans?? Well, she is undergoing a career change from dining table to scrapbook room table. (She has done this job before and she quite liked it, right Sherry?!)

That's right, if any of you ever come see me, we will have a large table to share and spread out all our goodies on! So, come on down and help me make *new* memories on an *old* table!!!!!

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Amber said...

oh memories!!! so sad... but gald you have more work space... make room for the momma.... i'm comin!!!!hehehe- oh... and thanks for the nice "gift" in the mail today! (hahahahahaha) goober.

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