Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hi...I'm the News Director's Wife.....

Funny thing, this is an actual picture (not staged) of Ike's identification badge for work. It was laying on the edge of our dresser in our room. I have to crack up when you check out the books lying under the i.d. It's kinda funny, but an example of how this job completely encompasses our life. The life of the News Director and his wife and family is definately not for wusses!!!

So, being the New's Directors wife is weird and stressful.
Weird? Yep, weird. It's so strange to walk into a building and get met with the complete respect of total strangers. It's not about me, it's about the fact that I am sleeping with the News Director. After all, I am the new director's wife.....

Stressful? Yep, stressful. I know that I am responsible for keeping everything going, no matter what happens. If there is a news "situation" than Ike goes to work and I deal with things (the kids and house) here. Time after time, I have to deal with last minute changes in plans, Ike working late, Ike leaving early, Ike taking calls no matter what we are doing, Ike constantly on the MacBook managing situations.

I'm the girl he comes home and tells everything to. I'm the one who hears his frustrations. I'm the girl he bounces things off of. I'm the one who hears his stress and tries to help him manage it. I'm the girl who lives vicariously through him. And in some ways, it feels like this is my job, too. You know, the woman behind the man. After all, I am the News Director's wife. (is that a paid position?! because it should be!!!)

When there is breaking news, my husband is with his two mistresses: Blackberry and Mac. And there is not much space for me in that love triangle......I'm ok with it though, because I could kick the other girls a$$es if necessary, although it wouldn't necessarily be a good idea financially, as I'd have to pay to replace them!

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This is how the "news director" spends every morning: checking emails, checking the news, answering phone calls. It can be really nuts. The Blackberry is usually ringing at 7am most mornings. God bless him...sometimes I really don't know how he does it!

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Here is a picture of Ike's 2nd home. I'm so glad it's nice, since he spends so much time there. It is by far the nicest tv news station I have ever been to!
And believe me, I've seen some newsrooms that rival the local dump! Crappy, old cubicals. Dinosaur equipment. Equipment that either doesn't work or only works sporadically. And the coffee, well Ike always called it sludge, because no one would ever clean the coffee pot.....EVER!

Not only that, but the have top of the line everything! One thing that impressed me is that the studio uses completely robotic cameras. No camera operators. How weird is that?

You absolutely have to hear about Ike's office.... it is so freaking cool! He has a glassed in office that looks over the newsroom, so he can see what's going on. He has a wall of LCD flat screen tv's to watch his station and all the competitors stations, as well. And best of all, he has a big black leather couch! Suh-weet!

THIS beast is a fully mobile LIVE weather unit. It's an out of this world, expensive machine filled w/ the latest, greatest weather tracking tools!

(And right now, it's pimpin' up my driveway ...)

Isn't it totally cool? The boys so want to ride around in it, but they aren't allowed in it!!
Anyway, aside from the stress and's a really good job. And it's a GOOD LIFE!!!
(and believe it or not, it could definately be much worse, like when we had been laid off before.....)
For giggles I had to add this picture. If you think it is funny, than you get it. If you don't, never mind. It's kind of an inside news joke that really needs no explanation.....
However, I will tell you that this place is about 1/2 a mile from our house and I just stumbled upon it by driving by. I had to turn around and pull over just to snap this picture. know I love ya!!!!
If you get sick of doin' news and all the fun that comes with being a ND, you could get a job here.....


Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Oh, I'm LOVING your new 'short story' format...hee hee. Really good writing lady, hmmm, sounds like an english major huh? The photos make a lovely addition to the story. Good job! Maybe you should try freelancing for area magazines/papers! Smooches, J

Nikki said...

Thank you so much for giving me a sneak peek inside a news director's life! I started to get a little stressed out even reading it so I can't even imagine what you feel like! You are such a great wife/friend/business associate for a news director! You and Ike make an awesome team!

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