Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So, I've made a decision about "the job"

Well, after much soul searching, I've decided to "try it out."

I appreciate everyone's opinions and encouragements. I do agree, I'm sure I will make friends there and yes, scrapbooking is my passion and what could be better than a job that give you the opportunity to do what you love.

On Saturday, I am going to an all-day crop at the store (which I had signed up for about 3 weeks ago.) That will help me be able to observe for a full 12 hours how things are done. How crops are run in their store. To get a feel for things. Then, I officially start working the following Saturday.

The worst thing of all, is although I told them Big Daddy would be out of state in Las Vegas at some News Directors conference for a full week in April.....his flight now conflicts with a workday I have been scheduled for and a class I'm supposed to teach as well. Geez....they may want to can me when I tell them I already have to rearrange both of those things.....

Oh well, the lss job is all about ME, but it sure isn't gonna pay the bills!!! Ha ha!

Thanks guys are awesome!!!!

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mandy said...

Good for you!!! And they won't be able to resist don't worry about having to rearange the schedule! Good luck!

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