Monday, March 26, 2007

Lookee what we did yesterday....

What do you get when you take 2 parents, throw them into 80 degree weather w/ 4 kids hovering underfoot, working for almost 11 hours straight on an $750 apperatus that says in the instructions, estimated time for assembly 3-6 hours?

Our rockin' new playset for the kids!!!!

This thing is AWESOME!!! It has 2 swings, a disc swing, a pirate ladder, a sandbox, 2 rock walls, a slide, a periscope, a steering wheel and a clubhouse w/ the sunshade!! It looks so fun, shoot, I wanna play on it!!!!
Griff and Marinne had to try it out!!!
While Ike and I were building, we realized that the entire time we lived in Savannah, we never, ever sat in our back yard. Not once. The mosquitoes are just tooooo bad!!!
(Editor's Note: I think the instructions were meant to say 3-6 days.... 'cause that's how long it felt like it took to built that thing!!!!)

And, while I was taking the pictures....I realized I hadn't really shown much of our new house. So here ya go.....
Here is a shot from out near the swing set.....showing our tri-level deck/patio off the back of the house. The top level has a built-in gas grill and a beautiful view (see later pics...) Then, you go down the stairs to the pool deck, then finally down the stairs to the covered patio.

Looking from the upper deck down to the pool.

Another view off the top deck....beautiful!
Looking from the bottom patio, out to the swingset and to the left, up to the pool. In case you can't tell, our yard is HUGE!!! And, this is only one half of the backyard. (the other side is a little smaller, but still sizable.)


Anonymous said...

Everything looks awesome! That's a great looking backyard, we (my hubby and I) live in a townhouse with a TEESY-TINY backyard, so I'm a little jealous! ;) I'm also jealous of the fact of how nice and warm it looks like it is there. It's supposed to be 4 degrees Celcius today with snow flurries, brr!

The Girl from Canada

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Thanks! We still have sooo much work to do on the yard!!! It was definately warm on Sunday, most of us even got sunburnt! I can't believe how cold it is there, still. How long will that last??
And it's been raining for the past 2 days since we built it, so that has really cooled things off. I can't believe that the kids haven't even been able to try out the swingset because of the rain!!

Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Holy CRAP!! I hope you're buying Big Daddy a riding lawnmower for Father's Day! Go on...get moving lady...June will be here before you know it! Sign up for the Home Depot Card and put a big ass bow on the thing!

Jamie (Savannah Scrapbooking) said...

Oh, I think I may have forgotten to say GREAT job on the playset, aren't ya'll cute?? Oh wait, I wouldn't know b/c there are NO PHOTOS OF YOU!!! I think it's time Logan or Griffin or one of the other Walton children get a camera lesson! Swak!

Beth said...

My hubby and I would not be speaking after 11 hours of putting that together. Big Daddy doesn't look too happy come to think of it. I am sure the kids will love it though! We have a tree house in our yard that was here when we bought the house. The boys are dying to play in it but Jimmy has to modify it to make it safer first (like put on some walls!)

Elizabeth said...

We usually get cold weather until well into April, but the weather here is nuts most of the time, so who knows. Last night we got a few centimitres of snow/slushy crud so our car doors were frozen shut this morning, had to break into those suckers!

The Girl from Canada
PS, I finally signed up for a user account, so no more annonymous for me! hehe

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