Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anyone seen a LEPRECHAN?!?!

If so, let him know that we have *rainbows* and *gold* at our house....and send him our way!!!

(you know, leprechans love rainbows, glitter and gold!!!!)

My sweet boy, Jensen, still believes... He believes in Santa, he believes in the tooth fairy and he BELIEVES IN LEPRECHANS!!!

(I love this about him!!!! His childlike innocence!!!!)

Well, with St. Patty's Day approaching, his 2nd grade class is building Leprechan traps. The day the teacher announced the project, Jensen came home with an entire plan sketched out on paper. He had his idea and he built it that afternoon.

After working a few bugs out in the design with daddy, it was working great! (part of the assignment is, that the trap must actually work....however, I personally believe that because he thought of it himself and built it himself, it's okay if it didn't work completely. After all, if the leprechans are "make believe" can't the actual working of the trap be "make believe," too?)

Here's a close up of the "bait" which is some play money from Jensen's pirate dress up set.

Keep believing, my darling! As long as you do, magic and rainbows, unicorns and leprechans will follow you everyday!

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Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

wowsers you have a very smart young man there!!!! Awesome job on the "Parent Project"

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