Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Can you say JERK????

Some a-hole thought he was funny last night when he was cruising my blog. He left a comment on the post about scrapbooking and missing all of you. (don't run there now...I already deleted it.) He used my sadness as a springboard to be an a$$.

Anyway, I guess this loser has nothing better to do than to jack around and post rude stuff on my blog!(and by the way he didn't even have that cahonies to post under his name, he posted only as anonymous !!! )

Well, anyway, if anyone is gonna make rude comments on my blog and get away with's darn well gonna be me!!!! So, I deleted his remarks.

I changed the settings so I could moderate comments, but I'm not liking the fact it won't post your comment until I approve it. That sucks. So, I removed it. However, if this imbicile comes back, than I may have to password protect my blog. In other words, you will have to email me to get the password to access it. Doesn't is suck that one bone-head can ruin it for everyone!

(Oh, and because I would never deny you and make you wonder.....

only read this if not easily offended and only if you want to know what it said..........

his comments involved a female sex toy and certain illegal drugs. It didn't offend me, but I was worried it would offend you! However, it did make me mad he abused my place...!!)

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