Saturday, June 14, 2008

THIS "Do-Over" Birthday Rocked the Casbah!!!!

So, Jensen went back to work with his daddy after lunch today. He just loves going with him and I think the special time together is good for both of them!

Anyways, they left work early, due to the working 37hours in a row....and came home with these cool balloons...
...and this, a huge ice cream cake! Super yum!
Chocolate w/ vanilla ice cream and that whipped cream icing!

Isn't this cake festive, too! (Jensen picked it out!)
So, while Big Daddy lit the candles...Jensen was taking pictures. I was happy at first, until I realized that the candles must be showing 93....not 39!!!! LOL!! Jensen seemed to find this completely hilarious! Little Stinker!! So, we flipped the cake around and tried that one again! Then, in his quest to get the candle blowing shot...he got this picture. And I think it's pretty darn cool!!!!

Gives new meaning to "make a wish and blow out the candles!"

And all the kids approved of the cake......
Now, if you feel like one is missing, you're right! Logan has been in Oklahoma for 1 1/2 weeks..hanging out with the Grandparents!! (and's his birthday today!)


Tam said...

O YEAH I see that cake rocked the CASBAH!!!!!! It looks too yummy!!!!!

Again Happy Late DO OVER BIRTHDAY!

Happy B DAY to LOGAN tooooooo! OO well heck Happy Fathers DAY to BIG DADDY!!!!

Grizellie said...

Those are great pics! Go Jensen!

Glad you had a good birthday 'do-over.'

Happy Birthday to Logan and Happy Father's Day to the man!

Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like somebody's doing some blog remodeling. :)

Tam said...

YOU changed your do I make it on your friends list YET?

;-) Wink wink?????

btw....I am stilllllllll sick and yes I have seen a DOC!

Tam said...

Ya know I stalk the heck out of YOU! So hello my friend!

Tam said...

I BET YOU ARE OVER IN TULSA! I hope u are having fun!

Tam said...

I forgot to mention I love the MY ART section you have going NOW! LOVE IT

Tam said...

HEY ROXIO.....just wanted to send out some bloggy love

Tam said...

YOU changed your PICTURE!!!! OOO this is the picture that totally ROCKS! I love this so so so need to keep it up and YOUR blog is looking darn good!

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