Thursday, June 12, 2008


So, Ike and I celebrated our 16th anniversary on May 23rd.
(yes...I know I'm way behind...thanks for reminding me! HA HA!!)

Anyway, I think I've mentioned I've been teaching Logan to cook and he has great interest in it. Well, Logan made this special dessert for his dad and I for our anniversary and it was DELICIOUS!!!

Thanks, sweetie.....for the sweets! You're a doll! (and a great baker!)


Tam said...

OOOOO love that L made that for you guys!!!!!!! TOOOOOO cute!

16 years wow....well if my first marriage lasted I would be married uhmmmmm 19 years right now...heheheheheheh I am so funny! YOU go girl....16 years ROCKS!

pinktomato said...

mmmm my favorite - powder sugar brownies! at least thats what it looks like to me!

ugh - dont make me look at that. now i think i need to make some.

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