Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've now seen the movie 3 times and I still loved it!!

It's bordering upon an obsession...
(but I'm okay with that.)


Tam said...

HOLY SMOKES! YOU are toooo funny! So with seeing three times what other inspiration have you come up with?

Yeah I got it for Trish....She really liked it! She thought it was cool because all children have always chewed on her necklace that she never takes off!

Yeah when you pull up the SmartMOM Jewerly you always see BIG and his wife....I loved that he had the it in his MOUTH!!! FUNNY

I did not know any of the other stars other than HIM on the Teething BLING site!!!!

Anonymous said...

Three times?? Ha!! I wish I could afford to go back that many times! I seriously could watch it over and fact when it was over I told the girls that I could've sat there for another five hours and never get bored. It rocks for sure.

Tam said...

I am still laughing that you got to see this three are my hero.

HOPE you are having a great weekend!

Stacy said...

3 Times?? Seriously!! Okay...I'll go see it now!! Indiana Jones sucked! It was a summer movie bomb, so I haven't been back!!

Tam said...

Happy happy Monday Roxy!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Well, girls...the thing is...the last time I saw a movie was in Savannah in the June of 2004. It was Logan's birthday and we took him and about 5 of his new friends to see, Garfield. He was turning 8. So, I don't feel guilty at all about seeing this movie a few times!!!!

Plus, it was the matinee twice!

GO SEE IT, STACY!!! Did you watch the show?!? (and don't read my play by play...although, after seeing again on Friday, I realize not everything is 100% correct, but close...)


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