Friday, June 6, 2008

CKC - Manchester, New Hampshire

I know, I know...... seems a bit silly to be blogging about my last "work trip" when I am currently gone on my next "work trip." But, since I have been so busy, that's exactly what I am doing!

To my delight, as I was flying into Manchester, I much enjoyed the scenery. It was beautiful, and to my surprise, I saw so much color. More like Fall, than like impending Summer. I snapped this at the airport while waiting for Tim to pick me up.
Work was super busy, like always. Set up always takes longer than you wish it would, but it's just part of the gig. Really it's not too bad. It's kinda a challenge and sometimes like completing a giant 3-D puzzle. And it's exhausting.

So, we followed set-up with a bite to eat in the hotel bar and I calmed down w/ this.

A Stoli Vodka Martini. It was so fun. Fruity and it had a lighted ice cube in it!

Speaking of FUN....this is Kim's hubby, Tim. (Yep....Tim and Kim....aren't they just so cute!) Anyways, this is the first time I had met him and he is such a fantastic guy. The most fun about getting to know him was to see how much he loves my good friend (and boss) Kim. I have no doubt, he'd give her the moon! (and does!) He worships the ground she walks on....and it's just so sweet! I really enjoyed seeing them together and how they mesh together.
They brought their cutie-pie daughter Jordan with them on this trip. She's such a sweetie. And, that girl can scrapbook!!! (more on this in a moment!)

Speaking of scrapbooking....I had my weekly WorldWin Papers deadline while I was gone, so on Thursday night....I created this beauty.
It's WorldWin Cascata and Vellum and Zsiage patterned papers. I just loved the funky fold I came up with for this one!

Apparently, so did someone else.

Because I had the card in the booth to show it to Kim and someone STOLE IT!!!!
(I was kinda irritated at first, but have decided to take it as a compliment,
even though it's so frustrating!!)

Oh...and the funnest thing happened on Saturday! I was at my Bind-It-All demo table and a cute lady walked by. She looked familiar, but I don't know anyone up in NH. But, just as I was about to dismiss her as familiar...I saw her name badge.

Mary Frances F.

And then it hit me.....she's the owner of a scrapbooking message board I frequent... !!

And sure enough, it was her!!!

I was so excited! I grabbed her and hugged her! I was so happy!

She was at the show teaching some classes using.....THE BIND-IT-ALL!!!!!
(and lucky for me her class was the "Ultimate Teachers' Gift" so I bought 2 of her
extra kits and took them home to put together for the boys' teachers! ----
look for pics of these in the next post!)

So, that was totally fun!

The rest of the week we were so busy. I didn't take a picture from Thursday night until Saturday. After breaking down the booth, we went to a fantastic Italian place down the street from our hotel. While we were waiting, we took some fun photos.

Jordan wanted to take some pics w/ my camera, so I let her. Here are Kim and I.
Thought this one was a really cute photo! Nice job, Jordan!!

Then, she wanted to take the "silly" pics! So, I played along....

...then, it was my turn to snap one of her! Then, I was telling Jordan about my boys saying "Peace Out Home Dog!" and teaching the saying and the silly motions that go with it to their little sister.

Jordan found this to be hilarious!

So...she took the pics of me doing it.


Home. Dog. And yes, I followed these pics with a fantastic dinner of Veal in a
sherry sauce with Asparagus. It was delicious!!!! (no wonder I came home 5lbs. heavier than when I left Kansas the week before!! Ha ha!)

All in was a fantastic time.

And Jordan and I really bonded.
She shared so many of her purchases with me. (sweet little thing)

And best of all...she made me a scrapbook with the sweetest message ever! rock!!!! :D


Beth said...

Looks like you had another great time. I so wish you were going to CKC - Ft Lauderdale!

Tam said...

OOOO HOW COOL! ME is still sick!

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