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(...the long overdue post for Tammy!)

**DO NOT read this post unless you have seen the movie!! It contains spoilers!!**
Of course, I went to see the movie the day it opened. I COULD NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Big Daddy even came home early to watch the kiddos so I could get there to buy my ticket. And it just so happened that I was able to get a ticked for 4:45pm, which qualified as a Matinee and saved me $2.00 which was good because the giant bucket of popcorn and Diet Coke I splurged on as my "dinner" was $11.00!! And for the was FABULOUS!!!!

Now, I went to the movie alone. Yes, there were groups and groups of girlfriends coming to see the movie together, but that did not happen for me. You see, my one real friend, Kelly, has never seen SATC. So, although she said she would go, I couldn't even ask her to when it's so expensive for tickets, etc. But, once I knew Big Daddy was coming home, I called and left her a message about an hour before and said I was going if she wanted to go. Big Daddy even offered to watch her 6 year old so she could go. So, she decided to meet me. And although I saved her a seat next to me, they told her it was SOLD OUT! (along with all the rest of the showings for the evening - at 4:30 in the afternoon!!) So, I was dissapointed Kelly could not get in. What a bummer!

Well, there was a nice lady sitting next to me. She was a little older than me, probably around 50. And for whatever reason, she decided to tell me she heard someone was going to die in the movie.

At this point, I say...."you are no longer allowed to talk" and I meant it! I was so upset!
(although, she thought I was "kidding," I can assure you I wasn't!!!!)

So then, all I could do is sit there waiting for the movie to start and pray that Samantha didn't die of breast cancer. (which due to losing my mother to breast cancer, I knew would push me over the edge.)

When the movie finally started, the whole movie theater began to cheer. It was so awesome! I actually had tears in my eyes as the theme music began to role! (I know, it seems a little dramatic, but I really love this show.)

I was so happy to see where the romance with Carrie and Big (aka. John James Preston) would be. And I was thrilled to find them still together. And it was just so awesome when she called out to him, "John...." No more "Big." (not that she ever called him that to his face, but you get what I am saying....)

I was so happy to see Charlotte and Harry w/ their daughter, Lily and living happily. What a cute family!

I enjoyed seeing Miranda and Steve still together, although, it didn't take long to see that their marriage was seeing some tests. But, I think as down-to-earth as they are, we assume they will be ok no matter what.

And Samantha. Well, I can say I was surprised to see her to still be with Smith. (since she clearly has commitment issues.) And it wasn't long before you could see that the struggle was becoming too much for her. Poor Smith. He was such a gem during her chemo and everything they had been thru.....

For me the highlights of the movie were these:

Once Carrie sees the Penthouse apartment and says, "Hello, I live here!" (a derivative of "Hello, Lover...." -- one of my personal favorite lines from the series!) And Big declares he will build her a walk-in closet!

After Big buys the apt. Carrie worries she will have no claim to it if she breaks up w/ Big, so she suggests they should get married. Big agrees to this. He says, "should we get you a diamond?" Carrie says no, "Just get me my big closet!"

And boy does he! The biggest, most beautiful closet I have ever seen!

In preparation for the wedding, Carrie finds a "label-less" vintage suit which is declared all wrong by the wedding planner. But, she loves it and says she will wear it, until.......

Carrie goes to see her Editor at Vogue, Enid (played by Candice Bergen -- who I was shocked how old she looked in only 4 years!) Anyway, they wanted her to do a wedding dress spread for Vogue on being the "last" 40 year old bride. Honestly, I thought the article title was ridiculous, but the photos in the movie were breathtaking. Here's one to feast your eyes on!
And of course, as only you could expect as Carrie Bradshaw, the designer of the dress, Vivienne Westwood sees the photos and sends her the dress as a gift.

And with the receipt of "the" dress, all of a sudden the wedding plans turn from "simple" to "complicated" and somewhere in the middle of all of it....Big starts freaking out just a little.

And when they discuss writing their vows, Big's apprehension is obvious. He claims "love letters" are not his style when Carrie asks if he had ever written one about her.

But, plans continue and Carrie sells her apartment, preparing to move into the Penthouse apartment with Big.

At some point, we start to see the cracks in Miranda and Steve's marriage. They make love after a very long dry spell....and near the end....Miranda basically asks Steve to just get finished. Well, Steve being the sensitive guy he is gets upset. And Miranda feels bad, but can't help how she feels.... (now, what kills me about this scene is that when they talk about how long it's been since they were together, she has plenty of excuses. I work. Brady to take care of. Blah, blah, blah! Whatever!!! Although, we sometimes have little "breaks," we have 4 kids, Big Daddy's job and all the work/laundry/stuff that comes w/ being a SAH Mother. And I DON'T have a nanny or a housekeeper, so whatever!!)

Anyway, it isn't much longer before Steve comes and confesses to Miranda that he's had an affair and honestly, the scene broke my heart. You know, he finally broke down the cynical Miranda and he screwed her over in the end. How sad! She was devastated. And I would be, too. So, Miranda leaves him. (broke my heart, but like I said, I understand how she felt and didn't blame her one bit, although Steve was remorseful....)

The girls all show up to help Carrie pack. And in one of the funnest scenes in the movie, (set to the kicking version of "Walk this Way" by Run DMC and Aerosmith ...seriously, download the rocks!!) Carrie does a "fashion show" of many of the outfits she wore during the series and the girls "vote" and what gets to stay and what has to go! My favorite is when she puts on the white skirt from the "opening" of the original series where she turns standing in front of the bus...
and the all vote she gets to "TAKE" it with her to the Penthouse. (remember the one?)

Well, the wedding is fast approaching and the stress of it all is building.

And at the rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding, there were several memorable moments.

#1 - the jerk from Big's office harassing him for this being his 3rd marriage, making comments to this end

#2 - Samantha putting the jerk in his place when interrupting her during her "toast" to Big for finally getting "Carried" away! (awwww....)

#3 - Steve showing up at the dinner uninvited and asking to speak to Miranda. He begs Miranda for forgiveness, but in the end only more upsets her. And when she walks in, Big asks if she is ok. She responds, "No. And you are crazy to get married! Marriage ruins everything." (Oh. My. Gosh. You cannot say this to a guy like Big!!)

The next thing you know is Big is in the bar of the restaurant and Carries has to go find him. (this cannot be a good sign)

When they leave the dinner, the girls go to have a "girls night." And during it, Big calls Carrie and confesses he's having trouble with his vows and is freaking a bit.

Carrie reminds him, it's only them. Him and Her. And that seems to calm him down.

But the following morning, Carrie shows up late (due to traffic) at the library to be married. And Big is not there. He was sitting there watching her get out of the car. He had been calling her cell phone, but Lily (Charlotte's 4 year old) has taken Carrie's phone and Carrie had not known he was calling her freaking out.

And in the end....Big freaks and leaves, rather than come in to get married.

I was in shock.

After all this time, how could he does this to Carrie. (although, it's typical Big behavior!)

So, she calls him and Big tells her that he has left, that he couldn't get out of the car. Carrie freaks and shrieks for them to "get me outta here!" The devastation on her face, the betrayal.... It was heart breaking.

So, as big is driving away....he realizes what a huge mistake he has just made and orders Raul (the limo driver) to turn around, although they are on a one-way street. And as the 2 cars come near each other, Carrie jumps out and heads to Bigs car.

Which leads to one of the most emotion filled, moving scenes in the movie. (and one of my favorites)

As Big steps out of his limo, Carrie approaches screaming at him and beating him with her wedding bouquet until it is shreds.
Then Charlotte and Miranda drag her back to the limo. And as Big tried to approach Carrie, he gets this "death glare" from Charlotte, who forcefully tells him "NO!" And from the look on her face, you can see she means it! The "mama bear" in her has definitely surfaced!

With the wedding cancelled, the girls all end up in Mexico on the honeymoon trip.
(this is when some of the funniest and saddest parts of the movie occur)

#1 - Carrie falls into a deep, deep, dark depression. Holy crap, SJP deserves and emmy for this performance! She made this all so believeable. She looked terrible. Empty eyes. Refused to eat. Slept non-stop and basically looked comatose for days. And in the one of the most touching scenes was Samantha spoon feeding Carrie. Oh. My. Gosh. I bawled like a baby. (It was at this point that the stupid lady next to me's revelation of "someone will die" made me freak out. Was Carrie gonna kill herself? I'm glad to report she didn't!)

#2 - Miranda is laying out w/ the girls and Samantha teases her about her growing a "national forest" in her bikini area. HILARIOUS in the movie, when you actually see it! But, when Samantha claims that "I could be on death row and not have that situation!" I about died laughing!

#3- Carrie finally comes out of the bedroom to join the girls out on the patio. She suggests they go to the hotel restaurant for dinner, saying "I need to get myself out of my Mexi-Coma!"

And Samantha replies, "Oh honey, good for made a little joke!"

#4- Charlotte was paranoid to drink the water/eat the food in Mexico and ate nothing but pudding cups from Poughkeepsie, NY the entire vacation. But, after exercising during her shower, she took in a mouthful of water, before realizing what she had done and spitting it out. And after exercising the next day, she was in intestinal duress and she "poo" keepsied in her pants. I laughed so hard I was crying! (well, my family finds poop humor of course, I did.) But, it was also the "pristine" Charlotte doing something like was priceless!!! And all the girls died laughing...even Carrie. Which causes Carrie to narrate, "when something was really funny, I laughed."

( was at this point when she wasn't eating/drinking the food/water in Mexico and her lack of drinking....I realized she was pregnant. So, I leaned over and told the big mouth next to me! *karma, baby!!*)

So, when they return to New York....Carrie hires and assistant to help her undo all the wedding stuff.

She hires "Louise" from St. Louis. Now, this part was played by Jennifer Hudson.
And although, I knew she was on Am. Idol and eventually got an award for Dreamgirls, which I never saw, I didn't know much about her. But, I thought she was a cute addition and I loved her even though Carrie told her to delete Big's emails, she didn't.
(more on that in a minute!) And I love that she "rents" her designer bags!

So....not long later, Carrie watches Lily for Charlotte who goes to the doctor and finds out that a miracle has occured and she's Pregnant!!! (yes, it does happen in real life, too. Often, you stop the pressure from all the stress of trying and're pregs! Trust me, I know!)

And as Charlotte progresses in her pregnancy, she stops her "running." And Harry calls Carrie about it. And Carrie talks to Charlotte about her fears. Asking if the doctor says it's ok. (and she did) (But, believe me, when you have a's always in your mind) Carrie asks, "What makes you think something bad will happen?"

And Charlotte answers, "Because nobody gets everything they want. Look at you. Look at Miranda. You're both good people but you both got shafted. I'm so happy and something bad's gonna happen."

But, Carrie encourages her to run. Saying, "Sweetie, you shit your pants this year. I think you're done!"

(which may be the single most funny line in the entire movie! Again, I was laughing until I cried!)

The months roll by and Christmas comes. And Carrie gives Louise a Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas! She states it was one of best gifts she has ever bought! Very touching!

Then, there is the scene were Carrie runs over to Miranda's apt. on New Years Eve and the beautiful version on that Auld Lang Syne song. (Download this!!!!!)

And, on Valentines Day....Samantha and Smith have a huge scheduling problem that leads to the beginning of the end of their relationship.

And Carrie and Miranda go to dinner at a restaurant, with Valentines "on steroids" and Miranda confesses to Carrie what she said to Big. And Carrie loses it. (can you blame her?) Telling Miranda...I've been racking my brain for months and you don't tell me this for 6 months?!? And she says she doesn't keep things from Miranda, taking it back to say..."I think you refusing to forgive Steve is a big mistake. There, now I've kept a secret from you, how does it feel?!" Miranda begs her not to go, but she storms out anyway fighting w/ balloons the whole way.

At some point Charlotte confesses to Carrie that she's been fantasizing about what she would say if she ran into Big. And she says her opening line would be "I curse the day you were born."

And after Carrie tells Miranda it's a big mistake not to forgive Steve, they go to marriage counseling together. And the therapist tells them they can't see each other for 2 weeks. And at the end of 2 weeks, they must meet at an agreed upon location at a certain time. By meeting there, they both agree they are willing to forgive the past and move on.

Of course, Miranda the lawyer, argues both sides of her case, but realizes that the list Steve is making about her has more Cons than Pros on it......and runs to meet him in time. And when they meet on the bridge halfway between the two houses.... well, I cried again. Because I really love them together.

And near the end of the movie, she gets her chance. She sees Big at a restaurant and runs to avoid him. But, he follows her. And outside the restaurant, she tells him "I curse the day you were born!" and she gets so upset her water breaks!
She yells for a cab, but of course, Big's Car is right there and he insists on taking her to the hospital. And he does and he waits for the baby to be born. (but mostly waiting for Carrie to show up at the hospital)

And sometime during that waiting time, he asks Harry to ask Carrie to call him. She hadn't responded to any of his "letters."

When Carrie hears this, she insists to Harry there are no letters. And Harry asks, "Why would he say that, then?"
And all of a sudden, Carrie remembers the emails she told Louise to delete.

She figures out they are in a locked file on her laptop and discovers the password is LOVE. And she reads the retyped love letters from all the famous authors from Carrie's love book.

And finally, one from John, himself. Even though, he claims love letters are "not his style." (watch the movie, if you wanna know what it says!)

And in the end, Carrie goes to the Pe
nthouse, which is now sold, to pick up the one pair of shoes she left in the fantastic closet and Mr. Big is there. And there, they reconcile and he asks her to marry him on bended the closet he built for her....using the diamonds on the Manolo Blahnik shoe as his engagement diamond.

And they do. In a simple wedding at the courthouse. Alone. Just them Him and Her.
And she wears the "label-less" suit.

But, John James Preston knows what Carrie needs.......her girlfriends. And he has them waiting in the hall as soon as they come out of City Hall.'s proof I watched all the way thru the credits. Just soaking it all in. I absolutely LOVED it!!!

Now, when I got home, I was inspired by these belts Carrie is wearing in the movie. They are edgy.
But, of course, Carrie Bradshaw can pull them off w/ girly outfits.

So, here's the card I made. I used WorldWin Silver and Black gloss papers.
Pretty cool, huh?


Sherry said...

Believe it or not I have NEVER seen any of the SATC episodes, but I very much enjoyed hearing about the movie. It almost makes me want to go see it!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, wish I was there to see it with you!!

Grizellie said...

I never saw any of the episodes but I went and saw the movie. It was SOOO good! I am thinking about buying the season so the movie would make more sense. Glad you enjoyed it!

jamietg said...

Well aren't you the cat's meow little miss narrator!?!?! And that're adorable!

Tam said...

OK first O yeah that card is great! Got inspiration for SATC....HOW cool is that!

NOW on to the MOVIE.....I so wish we could have went TOGETHER!

I love the Sushi Part! Funny and O the National Forest Part I think was the funniest ever and yes The part where Carrie Tells Charlotte to Run....the s**T pants soo funny!

Now I will have to say the part Where Carrie Hires her assitant....I think the assistant was to WHOLESOME! I know I know but Carrie would hire someone more edgy and I don't know...just different. I do however love the fact they had the Character RENT her purses!!!!!

HMM what else....OO yeah I want to know where BIG and CARRIE went to lol lol I think she kept her apartment to write in and moved in with BIG but WHERE....OK so now WE so need MORE....they need to give us more SATC!!!!!


When it comes out on DVD I will buy and when and where EVER we meet up.....we will so so so What it together!

Mandy said...

Wow! I just got caught up with your blog and I'm so glad I did. Happy Birthday to start! I hope it was a good one. I can't believe how long Mirine's hair is now. She is stunning! And now that she is potty trained, I'm officialy jealous! As for all time favorite show and movie. I can't believe how hard it was for me to find someone to go with, I thought everyone was a die hard fan. How horrible to hear that someone was going to die, I would have been pissed off at that lady!!!

The card is awesome, your eye for detail is awesome.

Tam said...

Happy Happy Happy Friday!

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