Thursday, June 12, 2008

School's OUT, School's OUT!! Teachers let the bulls OUT!!!!!!


Here's the picture of Logan's 6th grade class. Poor guy wasn't even there on picture day due to a fever of 103. But, my point of this picture is....6th grade is over and my eldest child is in JUNIOR HIGH!!!!!!!

Here's Logan and a couple of friends at the "yearbook signing" party on the last day of school. (it cracks me up the variation of their sizes!!)
And here's Logan with his homeroom teacher. He actually has had 4 teachers this year. They each specialize in certain subjects. He really loved them all, but Ms. Fairchild was a very special teacher to him.

While at the signing party, I had Griffin and Marinne with me. After they ate a cookie each, they were sorta bored. But, just then the sweetest little 6th grader named Courtney came and asked Marinne to sign her book. (Now Courtney has Down Syndrome and she was sweet as a peach!) Marinne was overjoyed and I snapped this one of the 2 girls together.
(thanks Courtney, it meant so much to Marinne to get to do it, too!)
After about 30 minutes with Logan at his party, we were off to Jensen's classroom to see Mrs. Bush and give her the calendar.

Mrs. Bush and Jensen had gotten very close this year and she's been a great advocate for him. We appreciate her so much!
So, after we left school for the year, I played the role of "Best Mom in the World" and took them to Cold Stone Creamery for the best ice cream ever! (even though, they had already had a ton of sugar at school!!)(this picture cracks me up.....Griffin giving himself the "bunny ears" and Jensen ignoring me completely! It's so hard to get a picture of 4 kids that is decent!!!)

How do I have a 7th grader, a 4th grader and a boy going into Kindergarten? Doesn't hardly seem possible....

But, at least we get a Summer Break for now!


Grizellie said...

They are all so cute Roxann! I have to say though Logan looks just like you!!! Now the summer begins.

Tam said...

O I missed this post some how.,..LOGAN looks so grown UP! O and his eyes....just like YOU! He is going to be so very handsome and you are going to have your hands so very full!!!! LOL LOVE the bunny ears!!!!! Grif is so so so funny!

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