Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I never thought 39 was that OLD.....

...UNTIL NOW!!!!

In the less than 2 weeks I've been 39, I've gotten out of bed twice unable to move.

That's right, kids...I COULD NOT MOVE.

Last Saturday I got up and my neck was shot. Serious pain.
I took 4 Advil and a "hot as I could stand it" shower....because I had to go teach a scrapbooking class. No time for an aching neck! Luckily, that worked and all was well.


When I opened my eyes yesterday, it was clear, I was in trouble.

I barely shifted in the bed to get up, and I was rewarded with the HOT FIRE PAIN surging through my neck, back and shoulders. DOUBLE OUCH!!! I had a spot at the base of my neck, top of my shoulder blades and right in the middle that was on FIRE! I about died. I took 4 Advil, hoping for the same luck as on Saturday and left to drive Jensen to Summer school. In the car I learned the hard way....DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT!!! That hurt so bad!!!
(but this restriction doesn't work real well for driving!)

So, I came home in extreme pain and went to bed.
(where I remained for most of the day because it hurt to do anything, including just sitting up!) And this was not good for getting anything done!

Around 1:30, I was really Big Daddy told me to take a Naproxen Sodium, so I did that and laid down with Marinne for her nap. And when I got up, the Advil had worn off and I was very frustrated I wasn't feeling better.

So, I went to sit in our hot tub, which helped a little.

Then, I took another blazing hot shower, which helped more.

And for the rest of the night, I just hurt.

But, I just got up and I'm feeling fine!
(well, a little stiff...but mostly fine....that counts for something!)

Good thing, because I have too many scrappin' deadlines for this!!!!!!



Sherry said...

Ouch! I'm glad you're finally feeling better!

Tam said...

OOOO you poor thing! sorry to hear that!

I was at ST JOES today...uggg! Anyway....I got things going on!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH Goodness.. How are you doing now??????

Matt Warwick said...

You need to get that checked out, rox. Being the "King of Back Surgery," it sounds like you have something badly impinged, probably caused by a bulging or blown disc in the neck. Don't mess around with it.

Also, go to UGA VI died yesterday. Logan will be upset but you probably will want to tell him because he got to play with him a lot back in Savannah.

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