Wednesday, June 25, 2008


See this beautiful girl, my dear friend Amber? Well, she had her little bundle of sweetness and here he is!
(it's a camera phone pic, so bear with me!)

Little cutie......Jayce Richard
Weighing in at 7lbs., 2ozs.
(3 weeks early, I might add!)

He was born on Monday at around 11am.
Amber called me not long after to deliver the news. (no pun intended)
And this little punkin' just makes the sweetest little squeeks
while he is sleeping. It's the cutest ever!

I only wish I was there to cuddle him myself!

Congratulations Amber and Rick!
He's beautiful!


Tam said...

OOOOO what a sweet sweet POST!

I heard yesterday while I was in the Scrapbook store that she had had HIM!!!!!!! Cat told me!

OOOO we is tooooo cute!

debevans said...

So cute!

Cecile said...

Congrats to Amber and her family .What a beautiful baby:))

FlipFlop Mom said...

He is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! and your friend Amber is adorable!!! CONGRATS on being.. a "auntie".... Ü

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